Expedition 44 -- Friends of the Fela
You got Sharroshed!

Mander gets 597 xp, 300 gp, and donated to the LMF
Oscar gets 597 xp, 360 gp
Brier gets 597 xp, 300 gp, donated to the LMF
Amara gets 597 xp, 360 gp
Pierre-Lee gets 597 xp, 300 gp

The Leshanna Memorial Fund loses 170 gp.

Mander levels to 3!

Loot to be claimed:

Warded Studded Leather Armor of Invisibility (0 charges) → 800 gp. (CLAIMED BY _____)
This studded leather armor absorbs up to 5 points of elemental (fire, cold, electric, acid, thunder) damage from an attack. Absorbs up to 10 points per day. Has a slot for invisibility, which can be recharged at an arcane forge.

Trident of Sharrosh, 20 gp. (CLAIMED BY ______)

440 gp of agricultural samples. There were 4 copies each of 11 different cultivars, each valued at 10 gp. If you want a copy of them for your garden, feel free to claim, one, but be sure that at least 1 cultivar gets back to the mainland or the gp value of said cultivar glitches.
Silverleaf has bought one of each – unless there aren’t enough after expedition members dibs them, in which case she didn’t (message me if they’re all being claimed so I know, please)
Green carrots (1/4 claimed)
Green and white carrots (1/4 claimed)
Purple and red carrots (1/4 claimed)
Orange potatoes (1/4 claimed)
Unusually sweet radishes (1/4 claimed)
Unusually bitter radishes (1/4 claimed)
Unusually bland radishes (1/4 claimed)
Knobbly tomatoes (1/4 claimed)
Purple tomatoes (1/4 claimed)
Bellpepper-squash hybrid (1/4 claimed)
Cucumber-banana hybrid (1/4 claimed)

Expedition 43 -- Nightmares of Quicklings

August 12th, 2017

Raevori +1154 xp, +152 gp, +gorgon petrification organ (250 gp), donated to LMF
Ezra +1049 xp, +292 gp, +silvered battleaxe (110 gp), donated to LMF
Ent +1049 xp, +176 gp, +10 silvered arrows (101 gp), +silvered rapier (125 gp), donated to LMF
Rock +1049 xp, +282 gp, +silvered glaive (120 gp), donated to LMF
Samuel +1049 xp, +402 gp
Valerian +1049 xp, +81gp, +10 silvered arrows (101 gp), +2 silvered shortswords (220 gp), donated to LMF

600 gp worth of special metal ingots (kinetic absorbing) claimed by JP (with the last of his GP)
110 gp canister filled with weird magic-reacting breaks-conservation-of-energy gas claimed by Sovan (unless someone else wants it)
350 gp head of the Megamonitor that killed Fær claimed by Sovan

LMF +208 gp, +4 doses of antitoxin (200 gp)

Samuel’s Log

I apologize if I write with too much or little detail.

days one and two

We spent the first few days on foot in known territory. This land’s geography still escapes me, but we traveled through savanna, north of the fortress of some “abyssal guard,” and followed the edge of the dark forest. En route we were beset by lurkers and a behemoth bird. The first threw their lives at our feet (though an unlucky blow knocked Valerian unconscious), sacrificing themselves to the Sunfish’s wide maw. The bird was disadvantaged by the trees and had the sense to leave us be. Compared to my other traveling parties, this lot was particularly blood-thirsty and I fear they would even find a way to kill such a fearsome flier.

We also spied a massive lizard about two hundred feet from our vanguard, as it passed through rolling hills. First, we planned to hide and let it pass. Then Ezra recognized the creature as a known quarry: it had murdered a previous guild-mate, Fær. We dispatched it as it closed the distance between us, and spent the second day burying and freezing its head. I do not know Ezra, but I hope he feels redeemed. There will always be room for mourning in my church. We had quick words with some curious creature who lived in a hut, before finishing our journey to the blasted jungle’s edge.

day three

The jungle reminds me of home: squelching mud, sinkholes, and in the dampness truly remarkable flora. Unlike home, this jungle’s inhabitants are twisted and sick. Amidst the quicksand two humanoids attempted to ambush us. One looked remarkably humanoid, while the other was part snake. We now know they call themselves Wardens, but at the time the encounter was disorienting. They shot at us with something I can only call a magical canon. It was about the size of a crossbow: a long, dull grey tube that launched iron balls that exploded in a shower of arrowheads. I wanted to interrogate the foul beasts but my compatriots slaughtered them. We took their wondrous equipment, though we could not decipher how to work them. We moved on.

Deeper in the jungle, we were assaulted by another party of land-crawlers. I think the first pair was their scouts. This full party had five humanoids, a man with the head of a cobra, and a disturbing creature whose arms gave way to writhing piles of snakes instead of hands. They fell upon us. We retaliated with purpose. The land joined the fight against us, despite my attempts to warn my allies: quicksand and dense foliage thwarted pursuit and navigation. Rock and Raevori nearly succumbed to sloppy muck. Furthermore, the creatures have a fondness for suggestive magics: sly words, laced with magic, tricked our minds. Some of us fled, others interceded against their own allies. Snakes-for-Arms left the battlefield almost immediately, spooked by our prowess. After we dispatched who we could, Cobra-for-Head had the good sense to submit to our interrogation. My allies questioned him and I probed his mind, looking for signs of lies. We learned much from the brief repartee: these Wardens of the Jungle hate the Civilized — those creatures the guild calls LUA – as much as we do. He told us of his kind’s great city and outposts, but warned us that some of the snake-beings within the jungle do not belong to his civilization. He named these outsiders Apostates and told us that nothing will keep the Apostates from assaulting us. He also mentioned that the “red wing” of the cubed warriors—kill bots?—work for the Wardens. We convinced him that we might be a perfect ally, at least temporarily, in the fight against the LUA. Cobra-for-Head took us to one of the Wardens’ outposts. We agreed to return after four nights to meet with Cobra-for-Head’s superiors, and it seems like the Wardens should not assault us as he travel the land (at least until after this meeting). Then, we may be hired to help them destroy the LUA. In a gesture that some may mistake for honor, Cobra-for-Heads gave Valerian his decorative scimitar before we departed. He also mapped out a path through the quicksand to aid navigation, though Ent and Rock were navigating these obstacles fine on their own.

ASIDE: His mind betrayed disturbing images that I will share in kind with interested parties at this weekend’s sermon, but I do not wish to dirty the log with such asides.

After a short rest at the outpost, we returned to a ruined church for further investigations. We found a small panel that required a piece of complex machinery to function. We could not find the parts (nor, I confess, make sense of the apparatus!) and quickly left. We made plans to come back and steal a gnome-sized statue at the altar, but these plans never came to fruition. Soon after we found a ruined amphitheater, from which we pilfered some gorgeous seating. An hour later we had our first run-in with the Apostates: snake-folk who lacked the technology of the other group. Raevori softened them with fireballs and the rest of the party swiftly fell upon them with sword and bow. Soon after, we found a place to rest.

That night, during the third watch, a giant toad swallowed Ent whole. Saving him proved incredibly difficult. It was dark, and difficult to make out, but my allies assure me that this giant toad was unusually aggressive: nearly 50-feet tall (I do confess, it looked 15-feet tall through my bleary eyes), its mouth pulsed with fifty writhing, barbed tongues (I never saw the creature from the front). Raevori caught the leaping foe and ripped a partially-digested Ent from its thoughtless belly. We nearly lost our friend to this horrid creature, and I pray we never run into another in the jungle.

day four

We continued our journey. Early in the day, we found an abandoned star-metal mine, down old wooden stairs hugging a crevasse. We noted it for later. Soon after Rock noticed a small, checkered flag in the deep jungle underbrush. Truly a remarkable perception! The flag marked a buried treasure—a fine obsidian dagger and a scale glove—though none of us could make sense of the flag. Later that day we found more empty ruins to the east, before a large troop of kill-bots intercepted us. We noticed them far enough in advance that we could flee, luckily! There was a pyramidal construct barking orders, and some dozen spherical and cuboidal automatons scattered into the underbrush. We lost our pursuers, but ran into another ambush: three more Apostates shot at our party with poisoned arrows. Rock fell to their masterful salvo, though she was quickly saved. We managed to fight back and killed five of the land-crawlers. The rest fled. They carried a magical gem, which we recovered. As we continued the day, we saw the glint of the Wardens’ city through the jungle, and eventually camped nearby.

day five

Early in the day we discovered another mine, like the other. This mine was peopled by two Apostates. They seemed to be preparing the mine for operation. Valerian sneaked in, invisible, and examined their work before slipping out. We continued south and found a patch of seed-pods just outside the Wardens’ city. We navigated it without difficulty, and later learned that the seed-pods act as something of a “land-moat” for the city’s fortifications.

Here things went weird. If you’re scanning the log for the quickling incident, look no further.

The party approached a cylindrical tower, with a slightly ajar door and long trails of greenish slime. Raevori and Valerian decided to inch forward and peek into the dark opening. Here, the account diverges. From our perspective without, Valerian screamed for their life: it was as if thousands of daggers stabbed them at once, puncturing their sides, their front, their back and tendons. We saw no wounds, but they stumbled backwards and nearly collapsed in the entrance way. Raevori—ten whole feet away—was soon taken by the same violent movement. She lurched back as if daggers plunged into her chest and she nearly lost balance. The rest of the party stood there, stunned into silence. Raevori’s magic eyes and my own familiarity with minor divinities should have warned us. This was a very bizarre, very hateful magic(?). Soon our compatriots were released from their torments. Visions of deaths lingered like vapour trails. Valerian in particular remembers dying: pernicious, unbelievably fast and relentless creatures crawled on them and stabbed with hateful purpose. The memory of this death clouded the rest of their journey with us. I pray to the Sunfish that they find solace.

In the building, we found several star-metal ingots. The building itself had strange mechanical apparatuses, similar (I’m told) to the “pumping house” previously discovered by the party. We filled a canister with some sort of magical vapour, and left.

Later that day we were ambushed by tattooed stalkers. I attempted to speak to them. I think I was drained by the previous experience and Valerian’s continued pain. I wanted to know why they throw their lives away on our swords, over and over, when they know they have no chance. They did not respond. That night, we were attacked by more Apostates as we slept but we made quick work of them.

day six

We kept moving, the previous day’s horrors always in mind. We found another Warden outpost early in the day, near a large crevasse. On a slight incline near the crevasse we spied an Apostate conversing with a well-dressed half-elf: he wore a suit and a cravat, and as we approached he asked us to wait our turn. We sat with him afterwards and learned that he works for the Ebon Bank, located “where the action is hot, across from Xan.” His people seem to deal in dark trades and magical items, and by my intuition he was far from trustworthy. However, his people seemed to take similar issue with the “big and furries,” or LUA. Our most hated foe seems widely disliked in this land! He also told us to avoid the “stripey” ones—their cousins—because the Ebon Bank has dealings with them. He was cordial but insincere, and asked us to meet his people again, albeit in a less public setting. Apparently, our guild is fast becoming unliked in certain circles, much like the LUA themselves. I must confess most of this conversation flew over my head.

Exhausted and wracked by remnants of day five’s dangers, we decided to hole up for the day, dress our wounds. Then we would go meet the Wardens and head home.

That night, some Apostates again tried to assault us, and we dispatched them swiftly. Soon after, however, a truly vicious beast wandered upon our camp. It looked like a giant, metallic bull that breathed out plumes of green gas instead of oxygen. Luckily, we coordinated our attacks well and took the beast down before it could do real damage.

Days seven, eight

We went to meet the Wardens. The outpost had a small army waiting for us: humanoids with their strange hand-canons, vicious Cobra-for-Heads and a collection of Snakes-for-Arms. We tried to have an invisible contingent in case things went poorly, but the Wardens quickly sussed out this plan. They ordered us to present ourselves fairly or we would die as trespassers (at least, this is how I interpreted it). Cooler heads prevailed: we met on fair terms, fully in the open, and took great risk. Their leader goes by the name Asheltakov (Derek note: probably misspelled). The Wardens are interested in hiring us to help maintain some internal balance in the Jungle, which they see as their lawful lands upon which we trespass. They do not trust us enough at this juncture to trade secrets. We offered them some proof that we have infiltrated the city of the LUA before—a map, for example, or bringing along some armour we pilfered from their storehouses. They want this and more such proofs, but warned us that evidence that we are “sneak-thieves” does not prove that we can help manage and protect their region from the LUA in a serious way. However, the meeting went well all things considered. The next time we pass through these lands, we are to return to this outpost and collection something of a job-sheet: a list of tasks that, if we complete, we will be paid and we will be trusted with further information and maybe even an alliance against the LUA. Furthermore, they will pay us for the heads of Apostates, though I do not know how to feel about such dirty work.

A distressing side note: they call their city The Oubliette, and I fear that means it is largely underground. These creatures truly have strayed far from the light and water, and any bargain we make with them is a devilish one.

After the meeting, we traveled back to Sila, stopping en route to collect the head of the giant lizard. We ran into minor problems en route—more toads, these ones of a more manageable size, another behemoth bird, and some stalkers—but the journey home was comparatively peaceful.

Expedition 42 - Got Milk?

August 6, 2017

[[Submitted on time — all attendees get +0.1 HP]]

Brier: 1342 xp, 650 gp
Lee-Jean: 1342 xp, 164 gp, kept 6 100 gp sasquatch pelts
Bugle 1342 xp, 759 gp
Linna: 1342 xp, 50 gp, kept 6 100 gp sasquatch pelts
Tabitha Loress: 1342 xp, 650 gp
Tabitha Errsule: 1342 xp, 615 gp, is now the proud mama of a 30 gp bossy blind belligerent beautiful bawling baby badger

Tabitha Loress levels to 2, becoming the 3rd abjurer of Sila.
Brier levels to 2!
Lee-Jean levels to 3!
Linna levels to 4!

(LJ won a 5gp bet with Tabitha Errsule)

LMFfAG: 236 gp

Weather: Sunny, but that won’t be relevant for long
- New adventures: Tabitha (Beth) the wizard and Brier the Bodyguard
-LJ gives Beth a scarf and she spends the entire rest of the mission learning to rock it adequately
- Circle of boulders outside webtown: we can’t discover anything special about them.
- See people trying to stealth around with a light in the dark, but not doing so great. Linna and LJ sneak up on them (the dream stealth party for now) It’s a search party of LUA and we run away because we don;t want to get captured.
- Arrive at no spider den, Tabby hugging and high fiving everyone. People also thank Linna for the javelin trap upgrade and are treated to an inescapable hour long discussion about optimizing trap setup.
- Tabby convinces Fela to practice evacuation procedures but they aren’t enthused.
- Bugle spends the entire time trying to nap but everyone else is too loud
- Tabby convinces Fela friend (Vliblin) to wait around for us so they can escort us through dangerous spider terrain in a few days.

- Head out, and Brier senses an ambush of 6 lurkers
- Tabby starts off with a burning hands and Beth casts light for those of us who can’t see very well.
- Brier gets KO’d and takes 3 temp int damage
- Linna and Bugle rain arrows down on remaining foes. Tabby also takes one out. Victory.
- Take a short rest and arrive in hex 6.15

- Attacked by party of 4 lurkers (2 berserkers)
- LJ and Brier hammer one quickly
- Tabby fwooshes, double crits, and destroys a berzerker completely unassisted
- Bugle kills one and Linna shoots the other, it tries to run away but Tabby picks it off
- At one point LJ dropped their crossbow in order to switch weapons, Beth picked it up for them. Was very courteous, that’s all.

- Find poison tree, Linna retrieves 2 doses of poison
- See an odd mound of dirt on the ground. It’s obviously a trap but Linna is confident about disarming it.
- There is a sasquatch pelt underground, and upon Linna grabbing it, a cavernous 60 ft wide, 120ft deep pit trap opens up, revealing a network of lurker tunnels. Everyone avoids it okay, except for Linna and LJ who avoid it so well they’re able to grab some other sasquatch pelts that were tied to the trap.

- Ran into Fela hunting party. High fives etc.

- Find glowing purple mushrooms
- Arcana check form Beth, pick 110gp worth of vaguely magical shrooms.
- Buzzing, stirges, cowardly retreat where shrooms are dropped on the ground in favour of survival.
- Sneak party Linna and LJ go back to try and retrieve the shrooms, but the stirges are all perched in the trees around them so they leave.
- Settle in for night, come back next day and only half of the mushrooms remain (rest were drained of magical energy)

- Stumble upon home of blind dire badgers
- Steal a baby badger for Tabby and temporarily quiet it down. Badger will need milk to survive. Milk is now top priority for the expedition.

- LJ runs into a poison trap, goes down but gets up okay.

-Find a poison tree near a Fela residence. Can;t loot it because a dinosaur-like creature is nearby.
- Keep on exploring until bedtime. Find a place to rest.
- Run into a couple Fela rangers at night. They’re total goofballs and just seem to wander the woods a lot for fun.
- Tabby talks to them and learns of plentiful milk in webtown.

- Begin exploring, find an odd stationary tornado that is clearly magic but we don’t want to spend time on it so we just mark it.
- Hear foe approaching and duck into cover. It’s an 100ft long snake.

- Ambushed by Stalkers (2 regular, 2 berserker)
- Flame on.
- Berserkers run at Tabby like moths to a light.
- Beth hits one with a shocking grasp
- As is tradition, Linna hurts herself
- Tabby and Bugle deal hefty hefty damage
- Brier grapples a berserker and everyone hits them super hard (32 dmg from Linna lol)
- Victory

- Climb a tree to rest
- Some lurkers walk by and we pepper them with arrows like assholes
- Linna and Bugle kill one but the rest burrow away

- Continue on, and see the light of a K’shaan party toting a wagon full of stuff, which we decide would be better in our posession
- Sneak ahead of them and set up an ambush. See two priests who we immediately focus fire and defeat
- K’shaan run up to us with javelins and Bugle follows Linna tradition by shooting birdself.
- LJ gets taken down
- Linna blinds two with colour spray
- They all miss Brier and Beth revives LJ with a potion
- Linna closes with rapier to draw fire, but gets hit through shield anyway.
- Fire goes back and forth until Fela get in range of Beth who decides to burning hands a large group
- Finish off rest quickly
- Wagon full of gold-plated copper, which we are barely able to carry

- Find somewhat secure sleeping area
- Not secure enough, stirges approach and we have to leave all our tents behind to get away, (conveniently freeing up lots of room for treasure)
- Push a 2 hour walk to sleep with Fela

- Find area full of deep leaves with a trail
- Send owl to see where trail leads but it never comes back

- Ambushed by 7 stalkers in the treetops
- Tabby goes down and takes 1 temp CHA damage
- LJ spends fight chasing stalkers with dancing lights as we take potshots
- Tabby takes out stalker wizard after being brought back up
- Beth heals Tabby and goes down, losing the memory of this mission
- Brier heals Beth with a potion, and we manage to take out enough stalkers to get the rest to retreat

- LJ and Linna hear a commotion, and sneak up on it. It is a bunch of Fela being taken as slaves by K’shaan

Author’s note: Linna has omitted a lot of this from the log, but Tabby knows so everyone will find out anyway. LJ wanted to leave it alone, but Linna called for backup giving away our position, and igniting a huge argument between characters about tactical options, what is right to do, and who should make decisions in the group that came out. Punches were thrown and everyone got pretty mad

- Take out K’shaan until the few remaining stand with Fela in a hostage position. Bugle breaks the tension and a few fela are killed off. The rest are saved.

- Finally meet up with Vliblin (a few days late but we had a rough go of it)
- Get that hex 6.15 star baby

“it’s not about the stars on the map, but the friends you lose along the way.”

- Attacked by 9 spiders, finish them off pretty easily
- Find some rocks with minerals but we don;t investigate them much

- Find a lumber mill, decide to go inside and investigate
- While investigationg, a lit rock is thrown through the window and a K’shaan champion enters the fray with a henchman friend tthat gives it advantage.
- Linna abuses colour spray to blind the big guy for 3 straight turns, making him miss his attacks, not pick up extra hp, and not tpking the party. We finish it off.

- See large group of lurkers laying a new sasquatch pelt pit trap

- Find an elder webspinner web which we are told to avoid
- Owl explores and finds a library
- LJ and Linna sneak in anyway; steal 15 books then book it (heheh)

- Attacked by more spiders later, but they are dispatched quickly

- Find the ruins of an empire, with a dilapitated mansion
- Beth searches and finds a secret compartment, but also senses that there is something more she can’t see. Need to bring a skilled investigation party later.
- Get some treasure and more books

- Get Fela to summon an elder webspinner to where the stalkers were settign their traps. We make away with a bunch of free pelts like bandits.
-Also find a bunch of lurker treasure

- We decide to head home, and the Fela help us carry all our treasure because it’s soooooo much and soooooo heavy

Expedition 41

August 5, 2017

[[Submitted on time — all attendees get +0.1 HP]]

Ezra Argent (Paladin 4)
Pierre Lee (Cleric 4)
Sovan Dareshin (Bard 5)
Ent Springvine (Ranger 2)
JP (Cleric 5)
Kalandria (Sorcerer 1)

Character Changes
Ezra gains Winter Wolf blessing: his cold breath does an extra d8 of damage, and uses Cha instead of Con for the save DC
Sovan gains Winter Wolf blessing: Vicious Mockery also slows enemies by 10’ (like Ray of Frost)
JP gains Winter Wolf blessing: can project Shield spells onto other people 1/expedition

Ent levels to 3!
Kalandria levels to 2!

Gold and Treasure
Sovan and JP earned 374 gp, lost their horses and gear
Ezra, Pierre and Kalandria earned -102 gp
Ent earned -702 gp, bought Exhausting Longbow

LMF earned 483 gp, lost 3 horses and their gear

Each character earned 624 xp (687 xp with sheet update)

Treasure Found
Magic Items:
Exhausting Longbow (600 gp) – claimed by Ent
-1/day use action to spend a hit die to give +1 for a minute

Nonmagical Items:
Silver Bracelt (60 gp)
-From the BB
Precious ores (230 gp)
-from the grosQua
Demon ichor x2 (200 gp total) (bought by Sovan on behalf of the guild)

Potions x18 (900 gp total)
Rations x27 (13.5 gp total)
Ritual Components x2 (10 gp total)
Horse x5 (750 gp total)
-3 killed by ghouls, 2 fell down a hole
Horse gear (685 gp)
Door (30 gp)
-made by JP for dug out tunnel
Holy water x3 x3 (75 gp total)
-for the Abyssal Guard

Points of Interest
GrosQua Fort, in hex 7.10 (200 gp)
BB diplomacy, in hex 7.13 (175 xp, no gold)
GrosQua diplomacy, in hex 7.10 (200 xp, no gold)

Minor Points of Interest
Millitaur camp, in hex 6.11
Hob Camp, in hex 5.12
Hob Fortress, in hex 6.11
Ant nest, in hex 6.11
GrosQua Fort, in hex 6.11
Militaur camp, in hex 7.10
Earthenworks and GrosQua fort, in hex 7.11
- w ballistae and a massive siege weapon sized slingshot
Crested Skull diplomacy, in hex 6.12 (50 xp, no gold)

New Hexes
Hex 6.11 (75 gp)
Hex 7.10 (100 gp)

Ghouls, 5 killed
Flame skull (regional power but we already got 1/4 xp for it so we only get 1/4 xp this time), 1 killed
Killer birds, 12 killed
Zombies, 17 killed
GrosQua, 10 fled/bypassed
Better GrosQua, 1 fled/bypassed
Earthbender GrosQua, 1 killed
Winter Wolf, 1 killed
Vrock, 1 killed (half xp due to Abyssal Guard helping us)


Day 1
Wall slides up party rides out, wall slams shut
We start in 4:13, and travel along the road to 5:12

Hobgoblin Camp
Northeast along road, in northern part of 5:12 near edge of grey hills we see small military encampment with armored patrol. New camp contains tattered looking hide tents, looks thrown together around a building in the middle.

JP says they’re hobgoblins and reassures us we’d be able to handle them, we decide to approach on horseback. We are greeted by a volley of arrows, we de-escalate, getting off our horses and waving

Two of the creatures move towards us and ask us what we’re doing, Pierre tries casting a spell and gets owned by an arrow. Sovan calms them down, asks them about Banded, they said the Banded attacked and raided a settlement they had been planning to attack, Sovan tries to entice them to join our efforts against the Banded by convincing the hobgoblins are facing a real threat to their “business”

Hobgoblins want magic weapons and armor as an exchange, saying that they’ll send 15 – 20 hobgoblins to fight in exchange for a magic weapon. As we leave, we successfully intimidate them to refrain from shooting us on sight next time

Ambush and Fireball in the Necrozone
We enter necrozone, there are corpses littered all over the place

Horses suddenly spooked, they were attacked by ghouls. They’re crowding around Sovan and focus firing, killing his horse, Sovan takes quite a bit of damage

A Skull floats up from the ground 20 ft behind ghouls and starts burning with fire, it spits a bead of fire that grows into a fireball towards our rear, Pierre and my horses die, Pierre drops (permanent injury – disadv on athletics and strength saves)

Ent rides off in a random direction and fires one arrow on skull, arrow punctures magical screen around skull and hits for 3 dmg

JP attempts to hit skull with spiritual hammer, but attack is repelled by magical screen. JP kills one ghoul with spirit guardian

Remaining ghouls attack Pierre’s prone form, I attempt to protect him, Sovan healing words Pierre back up. Another ghoul misses Pierre, a fourth ghoul hits him, a fifth ghoul lunging for Pierre, but gets intercepted by Kalandria, who kills it with a swing of her quarterstaff

Flaming skull goes for Pierre, dropping him a second time, (severe temporary injury – 7 points of charisma damage, 1 additional dmg every time he takes dmg for rest of session)
JP’s spirit guardian damages flaming skull, making it retreat slightly

I lay on hands Pierre for 15hp, Sovan heals Pierre for another 9 hp.

Kalandria casts magic missile on ghouls – she kills two of them with a flash of magic. Then her hair falls out and immediately starts growing back at a rapid pace. Ent fires another arrow, hitting skull for 6 dmg

JP rides towards skull, spiritual hammer bashes its skull, JP sends a guiding bolt that is blocked by the skull’s magical barrier. Pierre gets up, casts magic weapon, lifts his hammer and bashes the last ghoul, killing it

Flame skull takes damage from JP’s spirit guardian. Skull uses flaming sphere on Pierre, who gets slightly charred for 5hp. Then the skull gets blurry and attempts to escape by flying straight up into the sky, it’s 35ft in the air

I throw a javelin that bounces off the flame skull’s shield. Sovan casts shatter on skull for some damage, Kalandria rides out to avoid AoE, and Ent shoots an arrow, hitting skull for 5 dmg.

JP spiritual hammers skull, smashing through its shield and sending it reeling, it flies 40 ft up and is 80ft in the air. None of us can reach it, JP fires at it and misses, Kalandria takes a moment to examine her reflection and her new coiffe

Skull keeps flying farther up into the air – it is now 200ft up. As the skull makes its escape, Ent makes a final effort to shoot it, inspired and blessed by Sovan and Pierre, and shoots the skull out of the sky – taking it out.

JP remembers that some undead can only be permanently destroyed through consecration, so he walks up to it and burns it with his holy flame, then pours holy water on it. This destroys it permanently

End of Day 1 – Ent finds us a very very secure place to take a short rest. I pass out sandwiches and juice bottles and everyone feels a bit more refreshed (extra 8 temp hp)

Day 2
Now we’re moving into 7-13, we see a walled town ahead of us on the bottom part of a lake

The Blazing Banner Town
Blazing banner town, large group of them are exciting the city and they’re going east around the lake towards the top of the lake.

Because Pierre is worried that the BB might also have instructions to party takes time to disguise Pierre and JP, Kalandria – assisted by Sovan – makes them entirely unrecognizable

We all dismount before approaching the walled city, the gate opens and a group of cavalry rides towards us

I walk 5 meters in front of group, keeping eye contact with captain, holding my stance like I’m not going to budge, as the cavalry approaches it splits and rides around me
They’re very intimidated, Sovan speaks on behalf of an inflated representation of me and asks about collaborating against the Banded, they reveal the cavalry was getting ready to attack the Banded, and suggest we join them. They take us to their leader to discuss

We pass camps of GrosQua (running a forge) and loafing ogres, and are brought into city centre

Their leader is a huge burly BB, sitting on a heavily gilded throne in a room full of treasures, he punches the knight who was announcing our arrival. I pretend punch Sovan into the ground for “speaking too slowly”, earning the hulk’s respect. One of the low level BBs approaches me and offers a silver bracelet as tribute, Sovan takes it and puts it on my wrist

We discuss a mutual solution for combining our forces against the “tar people”, they agree to this if we prove our worth. We have to get them demon ichor for their shamans. They agree to “ride with us” if we deliver. We swagger our way out of the camp. They say that we still have to decide who will lead when we come back.

We find a very safe place to sleep, and pass the night undisturbed.

Day 3
Next day, we are travelling through the necrozone, a dust storm kicks up, visibility severely compromised

We come across a group of zombies swatting at a flock of birds that is eating them
Sovan shatters birds, killing a third of them. JP snaps his fingers turning all 7 zombies into ash. Sovan shatters the rest of the birds again (all 12 are dead).
We take a short rest to wait out the sandstorm. Once it’s over, we exit 6-13 and travel into 6-12

Crested Skull Fort
We see crested skull’s fort in the northern section of this hex

We approach the crested skull dismounted, leading our horses. They send a hail of arrows to intimidate us, arrows land around us in a circle, we indicate that we want to talk and are coming in peace.

They allow us to approach. They also point out specific locations to avoid by shooting arrows where traps are. We learn this by trying to follow the arrows and being hit by a trap.

Guard uses a rope and slides down the wall, making a soft landing

We make the same proposal to this guard, who indicates that the Banded are not a big problem for them, but they’re concerned that they have become more of an issue, they are more concerned with evil things and ghosts

They really hate the flaming skull thing and they’re extremely relieved that we were able to kill it for good – after we revealed that we are very good at dealing with ghosts, spirits, etc they expressed their willingness to help us out with the Banded if we helped get rid of the wraith, which once killed an entire battalion of theirs

They remarked that they saw someone who looked like Sovan working with the wraith. (party is pretty sure it’s the black magic user) Managed to convince them that we have nothing to do with that “degenerate”

We made an arrangement with the crested skull that we would come back in a couple of days and kill the wraith, they’re going to send two guys to “observe” that we truly killed the wraith. They want proof that we are strong before they would send two guys to accompany us on our wraith killing expedition. Sovan suggests them fire at a JP standing still against a wall as a test of strength, wall guards shoot 20 times and the arrows all fall off him

The rope-climbing guy requests to shoot JP 2 more times and wagers his fancy bow, we wager 7 health potions. We win the bow (minor magic item, 600gp). He climbs back up the fortress wall on the rope, whacks another guard on the head and takes his bow – other guy protests “I didn’t make you lose your bow man” – and rope guy says something to the effect of “when you can shoot better than me you can have your bow back”

The Crumbly Hills
We enter 6-11, walking northwards through the hills, as we are walking, we see holes in the ground and feel the hills crumble slightly under our feet. Motion to rename hex to “crumbly hills” unanimously passed at this point – justification: texture like a ravaged box of biscuits

Ent casts speak with animals and lures huge ant to the surface with offering of rations

Ant shares knowledge about the area: “Food along 221A, danger along X41C, and others are encountered when you follow M7”. We eventually work out that food is northwest, enemies are close and directly north, enemies northeast are farther, other ants are mostly east a teeny bit north (but there’s a break, you have to keep following when it breaks, and find it again to otherside), more southeast past the things that are kinda like you

2341F, directly west, also contains food “easier to catch, don’t have to chase it so much”
When asked what we could do that would provoke the ants to attack us, ant says “Don’t go to where you find X22 or X1” (basically, don’t go into our holes bc those are only accessible from within)

Ant asks for more rations before it leaves (-2 boxes in total), then leaves for “L14”

Party goes north to scope out the “enemies” – they’re giant centipedes that move like cobras, with the top half of their lengths standing up 90 degrees from the ground – they also have arms that are holding axes and weapons. We observe them cooking and eating a giant ant corpse. Party decides to approach

They make clicky bubbly sounds and weave in and out of the ground, as we approach they communicate to Sovan “What are you doing here, prey?” Sovan tries to speak to the centipedes in their own tongue, and does not succeed.

JP casts tongues on Sovan, centipede tell us that no one talks to them except a group of other “diggers” (GrosQua) who they can understand, but who don’t understand them. But they’re a quite isolated species and they say they’re glad to meet other species that are able to talk and understand them

Sovan tells them that instead of calling us prey, maybe they should refer to us as friends. They’re a little confused but they seem to be on board with the idea, they agree that if we can understand them and talk to them, maybe we’re not prey. We convince them that even if we are prey, it is not in their best interest to eat the only other people who can understand and talk to them

At this point, JP suggests that he has magic that can help the centipedes be able to talk to more people, they kinda freak out bc they don’t want to be able to not eat anybody, Sovan just reiterates that we are not prey, and that they just have to worry about not eating us
They said they would spread the world about us not being “prey”.

Sovan suggests that we trade them for bits of creatures they hunt that seem special, and warns them against hunting ‘prey’ like us, e.g. other guild members, because “prey” like us will put up a massive fight and cause trouble, they agree to avoid attacking guild members, which they decide to call “confusing people”. They disappear into the ground

We see a hobgoblin fortress, we avoid it

Ent tries to find us shelter by luring out another ant, and asking where ‘good shelter’ might be. Ant tells us to shelter in our own tunnel, we tell them we don’t have tunnels, it’s disturbed that we don’t have a tunnel and we leave it alone

Ent finds us really good shelter anyways – a large hole in a hill that someone dug out at some pt, north centre of 6-11. JP builds a door for it, writes on door “Our Tunnel”

Day 4
Next day, still sunny, we make our way east
We encounter a small, well repaired fort NE section of hex

GQ attack
Something pops out of the ground and walks into the fort, like weird whack-a-moles – looks like the GrosQua

We approach, a couple of them are halfway dug into the stone in the fort (Diglett?), one of them hops out of the stone, leaps and pounds on the ground. The ground cracks in a line that spreads and runs beneath the party’s feet. The top layer of earth crumbles and falls into a 30 by 30 pit, 30 ft deep – mad earthbending skillz.

Ent and I manage to avoid falling in, but the rest of the party falls in – JP’s horse dies from falling – JP’s distraught and swears to avenge his lost pony. The pit is full of these creatures, 11 of them are in the pit with Pierre, JP, Kal and Sovan. Sovan shouts in Qua “WTF is wrong with you why would you attack your friends?!” They said in a different variant of Qua “They’re with them!” and they keep attacking

Pit: A GrosQua hits Pierre and makes him more vulnerable to future hits

Topside: Ent roots – seeing this, the creature who created the pit kicks a boulder at Ent, I protect Ent

Pit: GrosQua shoot 5 Crossbow bolts at Pierre, two hits for 5 and 4 dmg. JP spirit guardians, Kal makes herself small and ducks between armored people, fires one firebolt that missed. 5 of the GrosQua say fuck this and burrow away. Pierre does some damage to the remaining GrosQua, Sovan heals Pierre for 6

Topside: A few more whack-a-moles pop up on the wall, and shoot at me, hitting for 12. Ent attempts to hit earth bending whack-a-mole but misses.Big earthbender kicks a huge rock that smashed me in the face for 12

Pit: another 5 digletts fuck off, leaving one poor sod behind, everyone takes a swing at the guy but they miss and he fucks off. JP ties a rope to his spiritual hammer and around Kal, starts levitating hammer out of the pit, letting Kal try to get out. Pierre is like that’s a sweet idea and tries the same thing to get Sovan out of the pit
Topside: I am is still charging towards earthbender, lay on hands myself for 17. Sovan dissonant whispers – 5 dmg on the earthbender

Topside: Ent crit shoots earthbender Diglett for 14 dmg. Earthbender Diglett tries to slam me with a spear of rock but misses. Archers ping me for 3 pts

Kal manages to climb out of the hole and unties spirit hammer

Sovan dissonant whispers the earthbender, who runs. I make an attack of opportunity and smite the shit out of earthbender, killing him

There are still 5 more archers up on the wall – they are shooting at us. JP tries to climb out, gets 20ft us. Sovan uses Pierre’s Hammer Rope contraption to get 20 ft up, then clambers up the rest of the way on his own

Topside: Sovan heals me for 4 pts. I haul Pierre halfway up pit. Archers hit me and Sovan for a lil bit of dmg. Ent shoots and misses. JP makes it topside, scorching rays the wall Digletts, they duck out of way and JP moves hammer slowly towards them. I lift Pierre out of hole, archer focus fire me, JP and Sovan protect him. We flip them off as we ride off into the sunset with our one remaining horse (we leave Kal’s horse in the pit).

We head north and east into 7-10

In 7-10, we see another millipede camp, this is where the ant said the “other enemies” were
We see a fort by a river about 3 miles off roughly centre of the hex – looks like it’s more of the GrosQua. We remember that millipedes said that the bulk of the east of the river is filled with “diggers” (GrosQua)

We head north, countryside becomes mountainous, more solid, less crumbly

Meeting the GrosQua (the nice ones)
We take short rest – 20 min into rest period a pair of the GrosQua pop up into our hole
Sovan speaks with them in dwarven this time, and they’re open to talking. They agree with Sovan that the Banded are the worst, Sovan proposes collaborating to take down the tower and get rid of them once and for all. They said that if we could get through the magic part of the tower, they can make the ground collapse under the tower.

They said before we launch the offensive against the Banded, they want us to recover a thing “that makes the mushrooms grow” that “some of them” stole when they broke off the main herd and moved away (the assholes we fought in the west are the same group)
If we bring back the mushroom grower, they will fight with us. Another request from the GrosQua: They said the millipedes keep eating them, so they’d be willing to send more guys with us if we helped get rid of them

Also, they have nothing against the Qua, the group of GrosQua that attacked us seem to be a group with a weird and specific set of beliefs.

We negotiate a trade – our food for their metals – future longer term arrangement. JP creates food and water for an initial offering/trade – 45lb of food, 30 gallons of water

Sovan says we could do that a couple more times if they want to trade now, they tell us to follow them. They take us through a bubble of moving earth that shapes as they move through it (srsly earthbending Diglets), leading us into the fort

They give us a pouch of silver, platinum, gold worth 100g. They said if we stay another day, we’ll get another pouch.

Nothing happens overnight and when we wake up, it’s really uncommonly cold for the summer.

The Winter Wolf
I use my divine senses – I detect a thing some distance to the west – we offer the GrosQua one food to fulfill our promise and then we go and check out the source of the cold fae energy. The snow swirls around us and we hear a distant howl, which spreads all around – we feel like we’re being watched from all sides in the snow

Sovan and I start jammin and playing music for the fae, it’s really good. Huge white wolf walks out the swirling snow – walks towards us and shrinks to husky size as it approaches Sovan and me, looks up and blows a swirl of cold air at them.

I breathe back cold breath – my cold breath is perm enhanced (DC 14 instead of 10, extra d8 dmg) and Sovan gets to add ice effect on a spell (his vicious mockery gets an additional slow 10ft)

JP challenges wolf to a duel, wolf grows into size of bear and starts whaling on JP

JP TAKES DOWN THE WOLF in a lengthy battle.

As it collapses, bear sized wolf shrinks down to normal wolf – human spirit in wolfs garb made of spirit of icy wind – a cold breeze flows over JP and he gains the ability to project shield spells onto other people once per expedition. He tells the spirit he’s much nicer than grandmother dryad, spirit laughs and says he’ll “tell her you said that” before disappearing

Back to the GQ
We go back to GrosQua and tell them we need to wait an extra day before we can give them more food. We stay an extra night with the GrosQua, JP conjures them more food. They give us another pouch worth 130g

Day 5
Next day, we head south along the river, planned path: 7-10 to 7-11, then 7-12, and 7-13, then 6-13, 5-13, then 4-14, 4-15, 4-16. Day is largely uneventful.
On west side of bridge in 7-11 we see big dirt fort made by the GrosQua
We pass through necrozone and JP dusts 10 zombies bc no big deal right
In middle of 5-13 we slept in abandoned manor

Day 6
The ice region is spreading, three chilly fela are scrambling to evacuate home, poor things
150ft a month expansion

Battle with a Demon
The AG’s fort is being attacked by a huge demon – it’s raining disgusting demon spores down onto the AG, and they’re responding by firing a ballista with silver tipped bolts, and some silver crossbow bolts at it.

We toss them 15 healing potions, telling them to evacuate and just man the ballistas while the party takes out the demon (turns out this demon can regenerate health by eating the life energy from sentients it kills) I climb up the fort wall to help shield and heal people who are running the ballista.

Demon swoops down to try to pick up an AG, I whack it with a shield – “BAD!”, the demon crit fumbles and crashes into a wall before getting back in the air, taking 5 dmg

We fire another volley – the Ballista misses.

Demon descends and sprays disgusting black dandruff everywhere, I pass con save but AG start coughing and choking

Everyone fires another volley. I ready a smite to hit demon as it swoops down Demon descends, I do not succeed at smiting, Demon eats another healthy AG. The cluster of AG still does some damage to the demon.

Sovan casts vicious mockery. Coughing AG retreat and are replaced by fresh ones

JP does 43 dmg with a combination Lv. 3 guiding bolt and spiritual hammer. Pierre hits for 21 with the same spells. Ent hits 11 with an arrow. The demon dives down into AG hedgehog, 2 AG manage to catch it. My axe shines brilliantly as it swings towards demon, smites it for 22, destroys it.

We heal all the AG back to full. We chat for a bit and the AG tell us the reason they were so unprepared because it came in the heels of them having to lead horrible two battles against something that was contaminating the region. They’re not doing super hot right now. They say they remember another time that was really bad about 20 years ago and they almost got wiped out.

We take 2 barrels of demon ichor worth 100 g each – apparently demon ichor can be used to make weapons that are better at hitting demons temporarily – we are going to see if we can manufacture weapons that are more effective against demons long-term with it.
We spend the night and make them 3 holy waters before we leave.

The trip home is uneventful.

Expedition 40: Escape From Xan
"We're naturally selecting the LUA to be less observant."

July 30th, 2017

Raevori (wizard 5)
Sovan Dareshin (bard 5)
Quincy (fighter 5)
Finnigan Hillbyrne (rogue 4)
Linna Aurae (rogue 3)
Valerian Primrose (rogue 4)(log-writer)

Experience and Changes
Raevori earned 1110 xp, 55 gp, donated to LMF
Sovan earned 1110 xp, 55 gp, donated to LMF
Quincy earned 1110 xp, 64 gp
Finnigan earned 1110 xp, 55 gp, donated to LMF
Linna earned 1110 xp, 55 gp, donated to LMF
Valerian earned 1110 xp, 55 gp, donated to LMF

Melora earned 192 xp
Samantha earned 192 xp
Sarene earned 192 xp
Pierre earned 192 xp

The LMFfAG earned 49.5 gp

Main Log

My name is Valerian Primrose. Being of sound mind, I do hereby affirm that the following constitutes a true log of the events of Expedition 40. I do not normally undertake my scribe’s duties with this level of formality; however, given that we may all perish on this mission, I feel it appropriate.

(Of course, if no one ever retrieves this log, the point is moot. However, I cannot operate with the preconception of failure hanging over me like an ominous thundercloud, pregnant with unspilled rain. I must soldier on. In any case, I am reasonably confident that with Grandmother Dryad’s blessings, we stand as good a chance as possible of rescuing our comrades.)

Day 1

Shockingly, no one attacks us as we visited Grandmother Dryad and obtain her blessings.

Day 2

We see a large number of Blazing Banner patrols across the plains. There are a surprising number of them out today. They are not very interested in us – to a notable degree, considering their normal aggressiveness. The majority of their flow was in a northern direction. The Severed Hand fortress near Spiderden is torched and burned to the ground. Yet another reminder of the damage done by the Ifrit.

We see a large group of snake people near 9.15 but they do not see us, given Grandmother’s blessings on our stealth. What a joy it is to be able to share my everyday gift with my friends, so they may also experience the glory of being a stealthy rogue!

We then rest for the night in 9.15, in preparation for the difficult mission to come.

Day 3

We have been resting in shifts all day to prepare to attack at night. I have used my time (given that I do not sleep; I trance) to meditate on the nature of the combat to come. I feel the fire in my blood rising, but I bank it for the moment. There will be time yet, for sweet release.

Lucens sends his familiar, Forcas (Raevori insists on calling him “Dorkins”, for some unknown reason) to scout the LUA city, Xan. He successfully locates the compound in which the captives are being held! Oh, beautiful day!

I make four doses of tea, which I share with Raevori and Sovan. Despite knowing that I have made close to my best possible tea, nothing seems to come of it. A side effect of my gift to Grandmother, I am sure. (AN: IT WOULD HAVE GIVEN US +1 AC, BUT WHATEVER.)

Night 3

We begin.

The section of the wall behind which our friends are being held is manned by two LUA. After some discussion, we decide to enter from the north wall. Operating incredibly stealthily (34 group stealth!!), we approach. However, we notice that the LUA seem to have fairly sophisticated lighting systems – wall-mounted floodlight lanterns for catching escaping slaves, I gather.

There are two guards to be taken out. We fell both of them with impressive haste. (We dispatch them with dispatch. I should have said that the first time!)

I vault up the wall using the patented “Quincealine” technique (aka Quincy throwing me up the wall and then me dancing up and over, with a rope) and the rest of the party climbs up.

No one is on the other side of the wall. We drop the bodies into the vegetation and climb down quickly. There are a couple of searchlights within the city as well, but thankfully not near where we are going.

We slip into the city and find ourselves in an area with small, poorly-built buildings. Some are dilapidated, some are patched-up. Most are made of wood. We hear the snores of sleeping LUA (how un-genteel) and we hear a few walking around as well. Although we bypass all of them without incident, one almost seems to notice us (AN: she rolled a nat20, lol), throwing up a hand to her companions to stop. We get the sense that she was a fearsomely skilled ranger, with a series of kickass facial scars, an eyepatch, and a massive bow topped with a quiver of black-feathered arrows. Thank goodness we managed to evade her. Sovan tells us later that she said “There’s something here. I can feel it.” Her companions replied, “There’s nothing here, great one.” They looked around for a while. “Strange,” she said at last. “My instincts have never failed me before.” And they moved on.

As we edge along further, the shanty-type houses give way to larger structures and a marketplace. The cover is limited. We feel as though perhaps people may now be able to spot us, were they to actively scout for our presence. In fact, one LUA has noticed something and is moving over to us; they are part of a two-scout group.

Anyhow. We drop them. (AN: Raevori – “We are naturally selecting the LUA to be less observant.”) We barely manage to hide their bodies in time before another patrol of three comes by; again, we feel as though one of them has noticed something. (AN: We’re all just going to go around killing the LUA in a chain reaction until the last, least perceptive LUA gets up to go to the market tomorrow morning and finds everyone DEAD AS FUCK.)

We kill the LUA in plate mail, leaving an injured LUA in splint mail and another uninjured one. Raevori and I tag-team kill the uninjured one while Linna targets the other one, unfortunately not killing it quite yet. He yells for help and starts running; Finnigan misses; Quincy strikes with his chain, and kills. We pile the three bodies in a stall and run, cutting through the rest of the marketplace.

We pass safely through a park, approaching the walled compound where our friends are held. This compound is fairly heavily guarded. Its walls are about ten feet tall and the main gates are reinforced metal.

Dorkins – sorry, Forcas – does a head count. There are six guards on the walls and an additional ten guards inside. Of those, only three are in the same building as our friends. Some of the guards are pikers; some are soldiers; some look like less-skilled conscripts; and there is an authority figure as well as a scout.

We decide to take turns vaulting the wall. I begin, flipping and landing neatly in a roll; Linna follows; Finnigan is incredibly stylish about it; my dear friend Sovan barely manages to scramble over; Raevori and Quincy bring up the invisible rear. We are in! Happy, glorious day!

(Nervewracking, dangerous night.)

We get to the building where the Commander is. Raevori sheds her invisibility and Mindcrushes her (using the Single Use Powerful Thought Raevori got from the weird blue people for teaching them how to add +Int to their AC).

“All right maggots, time for a midnight drill!” Raevori makes the Commander order all the non-conscripts to jog to the eastern wall and back. The pikers start jogging; however, a couple of others begin to question her. Although it takes a few more rounds of commanding – during which I do declare my heart is verily hovering within my throat cavity – Raevori’s bluff, through the Commander, works for most of the soldiers. There are now four conscripts, a scout, an unknown LUA, and the Commander remaining within the compound; as well as two conscripts on the walls. The Mindcrush sent 7 of the more powerful LUA types away, reducing this coming fight by 7 CR 2s.

Continuing the Mindcrush, Raevori asks the Commander various questions about LUA culture and this city in general. We find out that she does not know where the magic items in the city are, but we do find out that the LUA are mostly nonmagical, and where the generals live.
mPOI — Location of a General
mPOI — Location of a General
mPOI — Slave pen
mPOI — Slave pen

In the final moments of Mindcrush, the Commander opens the door to her office. We follow in. She closes the door.

We kill her and take back Pierre’s hammer.

We then slip up near the walls to kill the two conscripts. Sovan is very put out at my having killed the conscript before he could reach it. I attempt to mollify him with a marshmallow. He does not accept my marshmallow! Oh Sovan. You have other strengths. I promise.

Quincy kicks down the door of the building where our friends are… and takes a load of crossbow bolts.

Sovan and Raevori both cast Hypnotic Pattern on the crossbow wielders, catching all but two and the scout is not in the room. I dash in, poke one with a shortsword, and disengage back. (AN: 5 damage. Val can’t be incredible ALL the time, I GUESS. [Secondary AN: They WERE averaging 32+ damage per turn up till now.])

We attack; Sovan and Raevori plunge into melee; Linna hits the leader with an impressive shot. The scout shows up, having leapt out of a window and currently going for the wall. Quincy does a stunning amount of damage to one enemy, knocking him prone. Raevori jets after the scout and Webs her.

I release the prone enemy from the struggle of this mortal coil (36 damage).

Finnigan goes after the webbed scout but misses; Linna hits one of the soldiers within. Quincy ravages them both, yet one somehow bravely stays up. Raevori misses that one. I kill him.

Linna and I bond over the mechanisms of the locks for a lovely minute of Friendship.

We go to the armoury to get protection for our friends, and then we set them free. I pass Sarene the notebook so that she may continue the log; poor lady, she looks as though she is in dire need of a distraction.


I’m loaded in Melora’s invisible backpack. This wasn’t really the way I thought I’d get out of here, but hey, I’ll take it. And I’ll take my bells. Thank the gods they didn’t confiscate them. (I won’t thank Yamaa. She still stands at “shit-all” in terms of what she’s done for me.)

Anyway, Pierre, Sam, Raevori, and I are sharing the backpack with a bunch of armour, and I manage to peep out of a buckle hole to chronicle this. Valerian Primrose tossed me the notebook with a “my lady, please relieve me of my scribe duties, as you appear as though you would greatly desire a distractful activity to take your mind from your recent travails”. What a weirdo.

A nice weirdo, though.

I can’t even see this notebook. I’m writing with an invisible pen on an invisible book with an invisible hand in an invisible backpack worn by an invisible paladin. Not my strangest day in this fucking place, SOMEHOW.

We head to the west wall of the compound and clear it pretty easily, making our way to the road where we’ll wait for a patrol gap (AN: “Two people could be a patrol gap. It just depends on what we could murder.”)


Anyway, two dudes come by with bolas, accompanied by a third guy in full plate. We kill them dead. It’s so weird to say, but – I actually missed the feeling of ringing my bells. It feels good to finally do something against these assholes. I’ve felt so fucking powerless this whole time.

We try to strip one of the dead guys of their plate armour, but a patrol of fourteen come around the corner and notice something. Melora – a super badass, really, she’s great, but – anyway – one of the LUA bumps into her. She starts running. I’m now being jostled around in an invisible backpack writing in an invisible book and my writing is going to be shitty as fuck sorry

They’re all yelling

What if I die. What if I die now. You know what Yamaa you can eat my ass

Melora’s clanking

We’re on a roof now

Know that I loved Naveed of the South Shores

Know that I love Saoirse and Saddle

We’re JUMP


They’ve lost us???

We’re getting away???

OK we’re running back to the wall at another angle now. We’re going to try and pick off the last four before they can set up wall alarms.

We manage to, with Sovan Calming Emotions of the last one so that he wanders around for a second before we pounce and kill him dead too.

Now we have to cross a main road before we get to the wall. There are patrols, but they’re not super frequent. Come on, guys. Let’s stop giving me heart attacks. Let’s just go.

There are three LUA crossing the road – one is wearing a Commander’s insignia – OK, we’re waiting for the next group. Fair enough.

Now there are two that look like slavers. All right. Our friends get the drop on them like champs, killing one.

Val lands a couple of terrifying slashes on the remaining one, which still somehow don’t kill it. Finally Quincy kills it and we keep going toward the wall. We’re so close…

The searchlights on the wall have turned inward and are sweeping. There are people on the wall now. We head north – there are alarm bells clanging – they’ve found out we’re gone.

Shit, shit, shit.

They’re patrolling in twos, every hundred feet. There’s a set of steps nearby. Sovan Calms Emotions of the two on top right now and we SPRINT

We’re falling

Melora’s running

The rogues are dashing and dodging (so many arrows fired at us…Sovan is a boar, then not a boar, then we are FINALLY out of range of their stupid lights).

We’re free! WE’RE FREE!!!!!!!!!

We murder the last two scouts on the road.

We’re back with the support group!

I need a fucking nap.

Day 4-6:

We return to town, uneventfully, but they make us walk all day Day 4 to avoid pursuit. I’m so tired. Fortunately I could sort of nap in Mel’s bag.

4 prisoners rescued
27 LUA killed
0 fireballs used
~120d6 of Sneak Attack damage dealt

Expedition 39: Ambush on the Bridge
Yes, Melora did have 500' of rope

July 23rd, 2017

Melora Blackfingers (paladin 4)
Robert Cinnis of County Ignis (sorcerer 1)
Samantha Cartwright (fighter 1)
Sarene of the South Shores (cleric 3)
Pierre Lee (cleric 3)
Linna (rogue 3)
Log writer: Raevori (log reassembled from the testimony of Linna and Robert)

Experience and Changes
Linna suffered two permanent injuries. -1 Cha and disadvantage to Investigation.

Linna earned 347 xp and 167 gp, and donated to the LMF
Robert Cinis earned 347 xp and 195 gp

The following characters will earn these things when they make it home:
Samantha earned 347 xp and 167 gp, and donated to the LMF
Melora earned 347 xp and 167 gp, and donated to the LMF
Sarene earned 347 xp and 195 gp
Pierre Lee earned 347 xp and 167 gp, and donated to the LMF

The LMFfAG lost 1283 gp, due to antitoxin and potions lost in the ambush.

Full Points of Interest
Snakepeople Mines in 9.16
Modron March Rift in 9.16
Snail Hanging Garden Complex in 8.16

Minor Points of Interest
Pumping Station in 8.16
Tiger Skull Steps in 8.16
Shrine of She That Increases in 8.16

Main Log

Day 1
This was the first expedition of Samantha Cartwright (a no nonsense human crossbow wielder, age 25) and Robert Cinis, self-proclaimed Most Powerful Coruscat on this continent (by dint of being the only practitioner of the art of Coruscare on this continent). His nicknames include Bob, Robert, Poncy-Pants, and Fuckboi (note spelling). Age 17, he claims.

The party received the standard first day Aid from Jean-Pierre, who created the new adventurers (Samantha and Robert) cordially with a “Hello! Good luck! I try not to get too attached to new ones until they have survived an expedition these days!” Melora was setting out on the expedition heavily bandaged, having just received a quartet of exciting new permanent injuries just two days ago during the events of expedition 38.

The expedition also packed 2 vials of antitoxin (they are going to the poison jungle, after all) and 3 healing potions each, purchased by the Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness.

Their voyage through the Felar Wood was uneventful, apart from a brief encounter with a troop of despondent Fela (sad due to the loss of the village of Spiderden after the events of expedition 37).

Shortly after leaving the Felar Wood to move into the Southern Plains, the party was accosted by a pair of human-sized rainbow-feathered stag-headed birds, who dive-bombed the party. They were able to incapacitate Robert Cinis, but the party was able to prevent them from flying off with his unconscious body, thanks in no small part to a part of well-timed wing-crippling shots from new recruit Samantha Cartwright. Their horns seem like a promising bow material, and so were recovered and placed in Melora’s trademark “Bonjour Pussy” megabackpack.

As they proceeded through the plains, Linna was fortunately watching the sky (perhaps concerned for future threats to Robert, see below), when she spots an incoming large bird. No, a huge bird. No, bigger.

The party evades this aerial titan (wingspan at least 100’, but honestly I was trying to guesstimate this from talking to Robert and Linna, so your guess is as good as mine) by ducking into the Dark Forest. The bird’s beak obliterated a small tree with a single peak. While in the Dark Forest, the party heard strange sounds and wisely decided not to investigate. **** that place, seriously.

At the end of the day, the party decides to rest for the night in the plains in a place that’s surprisingly secluded…a perfect place for teenagers to make out (not that Linna and Robert have anything to say about that), which explains why the party had to kick a pair of teenaged Abyssal Guard trainees (who were making out) out of it.

Mid-way through the night, the party is challenged by a pair of red-feathered [less hostile] Stalkers. Robert, being fluent in elven and less socially inept than Linna, is selected to attempt to converse with them. They say something about ‘Stop coming into the forest. Wanh.’ He agrees suavely (Linna insisted that this was the correct word to use. Having spent more than 5 minutes speaking with Robert, I’m certain this isn’t right, but I have to put it in the log), and they leave.

Day 2

The party starts the day with rousing calisthenics, a joint blessing from the two clerics (Aid for all!) and a truly inspiring oration from Robert on their budding friendship (again, Linna’s words).

The party reaches the Poison Jungle without any further incident. The Poison Jungle is a thick, claustrophobic environment (very limited visibility) of lush dripping vegetation where most water is poisonous in some way, and poison rain falls from the sky periodically. Robert naturally responds to his steamy environ by stripping off his shirt, only to be countermanded to put it back on because Jean-Pierre blessed it to be a +1 shirt of protection for the first three days of the expedition. He insists he definitely wasn’t showing off for anyone. Nope.

NOTE: For some reason all languages seem to be understandable in the jungle. Reasons unknown. Tigers and clockwork things definitely not speaking normal languages but understood nonetheless.

Shortly into the jungle, Melora just barely avoids toppling into a pit of lightning sand (implausibly fast acting quicksand). Seeing as Melora is the best person in the party to haul other people OUT of quicksand, the party reconsiders its marching order, placing Sarene at the front with Linna and Melora at the back with Pierre. Honestly, I’m amazed the rest of the guild manages to take dumps without me or Finn sometimes.

Continuing into hex 8.16, they shortly reach a pentagonal structure, 60’ sides, 20’ walls. Melora climbs up first then Melor-a-vates everyone else up. Exploring the structure, it has the remains of steam-based weaponry at the five corners, and the center structure has a statue to the Godess She That Increases, a winged gnomish goddess of fertility and harvest. It is said that anything given to her is returned tenfold, so the party naturally leaves a pile of valuables there and moves on. Y’know, like any normal person who is totally thinking smartly would do.
This is an mPOI, because the people who fund us are also insane, apparently.

Reaching a river, they start looking for a way to cross. Some logs in the river are actually crocodiles. No, really? They holding position against the current wasn’t a clue? Honestly. They use Linna’s mage hand ability to take a water sample.

The river being about 60’ wide, they can’t chop down a tree that would be tall enough. So they decide to chop down two trees and lash them together, because, apparently, Melora had 500’ (100 pounds!) of rope in her megabackpack. Linna takes point on this and does a terrible job (which Robert insists is somehow endearing?).

Pushing the makeshift bridge across, Linna and Robert walk across without incident. As Samantha attempts to cross, however, the bridge snaps in the middle (because of the poor lashing job) and Samantha falls in the river. After several fraught moments of struggle, Samantha makes it to the other side. Such poison damage. As she makes it across, Robert and Linna leap into action as her personal glamor squad, prestidigitating dry her clothing and adding ‘awesome’ (unnecessary) highlights to her hair (this was something that both insisted I note in the log).

The party is now split, with 3 on each bank. Honestly. Can people be let out without adult supervision? I thought Sarene and Pierre were supposed to be the sensible ones.

They look for a better way to cross, hoping one half of the party doesn’t get accosted by some foe. They find a narrower bit with a pair of trees where they can swing across the river, sort of, by running a rope across to begin with and having Samantha shoot it back using her large crossbow.

Melora goes first and lands waist deep in the muck. Sarene goes second and makes an excellent landing. Pierre goes third and lands averagely. Dave the Nameless (his god) says Meh.

There is a rumble in the sky. The poison rain is coming soon. The party pitches the tents that Melora was carrying (3) just in time. The party makes it through the night with minimal poison damage, as Linna and Robert use prestidigitation to keep their tents dry.

Day 3

What a beautiful morning! Perfect time for a trio of tigers to attack.

Robert and Samantha and Linna get leapt on. Robert drops AGAIN (such might, such power), which he neglected to mention somehow but Linna was swooning with worry when they told this bit so I caught it. Linna also got hurt. Samantha dodged it easily, with the sort of excellent economy of motion that all competent adventurers SHOULD exhibit.

Samantha’s crossbow volley bounced off the tiger’s hide, so it was concluded that all 3 were weretigers. Samantha as a reason used the rest of the fight to solo-distract a tiger without weapons. Linna was also soloing a tiger. Robert activated ‘firebending mode’ and stood at a distance lobbing firebolts in.

Pierre attracted the attention of the biggest tiger (who was definitely a weretiger) and engaged it in solo combat. Something something weird sex stuff? Both of them were mumbling too much for me to make sense of it, and honestly, I don’t want to. Melora took a while to turn on her magic weapon of hot sauce, but once it was on she basically couldn’t miss (hit on a 2).

Anyways, upshot: Linna took a permanent injury (-1 to Cha, just what she needed), the other two tigers were normal tigers not weretigers, so the party should have been focusing on them first and Samantha could have done more stuff, and Sarene had to save Sam then sprint and save Linna. Other upshot: were tiger labelled Pierre a ‘contender’, invited him to become a were tiger at their village [directions: his instructions are to walk to where the sun rises until the camp of exiles, then North at the Great Bridge, cross the river, go north and then everyone will know where they are apparently. They aren’t the BEST at directions, but that’s cool. He also advised them to avoid the camp of metal death, because it would be problems. They are south of the bridge], was defeated, let party slit his throat (weird).

After taking a short rest, the party moves on into 9.16. From here, they can see that 9.17 and 10.17 are like 10.16 (hilly jungle), which means the 4 hexes of 8.15, 8.16, 9.15, and 9.16 are a low-land jungle basin enclosed by hills to the east. Interesting. Right near the boundary there is a large 1 mile square hanging gardens city-like area controlled by snail-people with bright shells. This is a FULL POI.

The party dodges a group of snakepeople (10-15).

There’s a blue glow at the center of the hex.

There’s also a place with tiger heads mounted on spikes on a staircase leading down a cliff. That’s an mPOI. Moving on.

The blue glow at the center of the hex is a massive rift in the sky. Pouring out of it are extra dimensional clockwork things: Modrons, almost certainly, spheres, cubes, pyramids, etc with arms and legs. Some are heading north. Some are heading west. Some are heading northwest. On checking the compass, these headings are PRECISE. This is a FULL POI. The Modrons are speaking in 0s and 1s but the party could still understand them.

Heading north from the Modron Source, they find a Snakepeople Mine (also a FULL POI). The mine has at least 30-40 snake people hanging around at ground-level, next to a massive pit that’s 300’ deep and 400’ across. The snake people are wearing weird, metallic torn clothing.

The party has a brief encounter with 8 sphere-modrons and 4 rectangular modrons, defeating them easily, but using up Melora’s lay on hands ability to heal people after the fight. Notes on the fight: something phallic to do with Robert? Linna and Robert were blushing too hard for me to make sense of what they were saying. Also, the Modrons have hammers that can degrade armor, and those hammers turn into weird little men and burrow into the ground when their owners are killed. Modrons turn to dust when they die. Lastly, if you kill a rectangular modron when there are still spherical modrons around, one gets promoted. Kill them weakest to strongest, not the other way around.

Afterwards the party heads north (new hex!, 9.15), reaching a large steel plated bridge over a river. Linna assumes a position 60’ ahead of the party to stealth forward and feel out the location of the Tiger Village.

At this point, as they are crossing the 60’ long, 15’ wide bridge, the party gets ambushed.

A pair of black-feathered arrows do 42 damage to Linna, dropping her (permanent disadvantage on investigation checks, because she definitely needed more reasons to not notice things), and some Lua emerge from the underbrush. Raising their weapons, they point at Pierre and Melora and shout that they will pay for what they have down (and somehow we can understand them, because the Jungle is weird). The blood drains from Melora’s face and she grabs Robert by the shoulder. “Run. Just run. Do not look back.”

One Lua tends to Linna’s wounds, stabilizing her, and reaching to get out shackles. This one has fancy armor.

The lead Lua, a heavily armored dude with a pair of scimitars and a flaming tattoo, teleports thought the party, doing 3 fire damage in the line of his teleport, ending up next to Pierre and Melora. His pair of attacks drop Pierre, and two hooded archers emerge, dropping Sarene with a pair of black-feathered arrows. Two more Lua emerge with bolas, throwing them. One tangles Robert, the other misses Melora.

The flaming tattoo guy gets to go again (surprise round / first round tricky to narrate here; their initiative rolls were INSANE), teleporting through Melora to damage Pierre and Melora, and dropping Samantha with another pair of attacks.

To recap: at this point, Pierre, Sarene, Linna, and Samantha are unconscious.

Robert untangles himself from the bola, casts expeditious retreat, and sprints 60’ into the underbrush away from the Lua. Since the bridge is 15’ wide, he avoids the scimitar wielder facing Melora by running on the railing of the bridge on the opposite side. He took an arrow sometime and is at 3/18 HP.

Another Lua moves up, flanking Melora.

Melora, on her turn, makes every second count. She uses a Healing Word in her axe to revive Linna. She shakes a page out of her book, forming a treehouse behind her on the bridge to slow down any Lua chasing after Robert. Then she dives into the river.

Linna on her turn activates her Cloak’s Pass Without Trace charge and turns into a being of shadow before the eyes of the fancily armored Lua, vanishing into the underbrush (after taking 3 points of damage from a manacles attack of opportunity). She is at 4 HP.

Melora’s treehouse + being in the river (the Lua are more interested in her than Robert) allow Robert to get away, and her reviving Linna allows Linna’s awesome stealth to get her away.

Now, to try to save herself, or at least buy time, Melora burns two more charges of Healing Word from her axe, trying to stay ahead of the poison damage of the river. She also shakes out the last major page of her book, summoning a rowboat upside down. This fills with air, carrying her (minus her “Bonjour Pussy” megabackpack, which had to be left at the bottom of the river) to the surface, and protecting her from arrow shots. Unfortunately, this doesn’t suffice to get her out of the poisoned water, so she keeps taking damage.

With the current not moving fast enough to carry her away from her pursuers, and out of healing resources, Melora goes to the bank to surrender.

Now, Robert and Linna were on opposite sides of the river, alone in a hostile environment, at 3 and 4 HP, respectively. How on earth did they get home?

Well, fortunately, they had healing potions. Both were able to almost full heal using their remaining LMFfAG potions, and ever since the events of Exp. 17b, parties always set a ‘if separated, fall back to here’ point. That point was where they crossed the river yesterday. With night falling, both sleep. Bereft of tents (they were in Melora’s bag), they make do as best they can. Linna huddles under some vines, taking some damage, and Robert finds a sturdy branch to shelter under, taking no damage.

Day 4
Linna makes good time through the forest, arriving at the rendezvous point in the late afternoon, passing another pumping station (mPOI on the river in 8.16). Robert moves slower (he didn’t have a Pass Without Trace head start), and he doesn’t have a rogue’s knack for speed. Both are creeping through the underbrush, meaning moving at half speed. In a jungle, it would take a full day to cross a single hex, so Linna resolves to wait one more day, hoping against hope that she isn’t all alone out here. Robert, meanwhile, has to push his way through a poisonous vine section, and so removes his shirt after it becomes too tattered.

Day 5
In the early morning, Robert staggers into view! Both are overwhelmingly happy to see the other, both for survival reasons, to share this trauma with, and because both are united in knowing that Melora saved them (both say her dive into the river). With Linna’s help (and the standard 50’ of rope that they both still have, because Melora had so much extra rope), they rig the rope swing again. However, swinging back across is more difficult, which fortunately Robert realizes. He shortens up on his grip as he swings, pulling up hand over hand, his flexing arms glistening in the sunlight…and lands perfectly, his bare, muscled chest glistening in the sunlight. He was immediately greeted by Linna, who slid down the tree in one lithe movement, her long elven limbs smoothly carrying her to his side.

[tedious log break where Robert and Linna literally take half an hour blushing and stop-starting sentences when recounting…avoiding recounting? what happened next]

Suffice it to say, they were very happy to see one another.

They set off, creeping slowly through the underbrush together, their hopes for survival now more than doubled because they have each other. Their last night in the poison jungle, near its western edge, was """"unmemorable"""".

Day 6
They start the day…well, again, hard to get exact details out of them, but they’re finally out of the poison jungle and creeping along the edge of the Broken Forest. They see a megamonitor in the distance (one of the oversized lizards that ate Fær), and it charges them. They escape into the Dark Forest, where they are confronted by possibly the most Dark Forest scene imaginable: A trio of sasquatch battling a dozen lurkers, all lit by the light of a kilomonitor’s glowing sailback. What is wrong with that place? Anyways, they avoid them, and when they return to the sunlight lands the megamonitor has moved on. Not finding a secure place to sleep, they pass the night sleeplessly, but only encounter a trio of Eastern Abyssal Guard, who pass on without comment.

Day 7
Pushing to reach home, exhausted from a night of little rest and a multi-day ordeal, the pair stagger into the Felar Wood, where they meet a Fela Patrol who escort them to the Wall. They did it. Together, they made it home.


Expedition 38: Spiderden (The Crown of Solid Light)
Fireballs Hurt. Remind Us To Never Piss Off Raevori.

July 22, 2017

Sovan Dareshin (bard [lore], 5)
Silverleaf Moonshadow (druid [moon], 4)
Tabitha Errsule (sorcerer [phoenix], 4)
Melora Blackfingers (paladin [devotion], 4)
Marc Cooperson (sorcerer [draconic], 3)
Syathir Kendaeshi (fighter, 2)
Hank (paladin, 1)
Mander Sheev (rogue, 1)

Melora took 4 permanent injuries. A new guild record!

  • -2 Int
  • -3 Dex
  • Disadvantage History
  • Disadvantage Perception

Silverleaf levels to 5, gets epiphany: When she is knocked out of wildshape for the second time in a fight, she can dodge as a reaction.
Syathir levels to 3.
Hank levels to 2.
Mander levels to 2.

Mander absorbed the powers of two Eyeless rock hearts. He got +1 Str and +1 Con, but he now has disadvantage on all visual perception rolls.

Experience and Earnings

Melora earned 919 xp, 197 gp, and is owed 800 gp from the LMFfAG.
Marc earned 919 xp, 197 gp, and is owed 800 gp from the LMFfAG.
Tabby earned 1190 xp, 301 gp, and is owed 800 gp from the LMFfAG
Syathir earned 1190 xp, 301 gp, and is owed 800 gp from the LMFfAG
Sovan earned 1190 xp, 301 gp, and is owed 800 gp from the LMFfAG
Mander Sheev earned 1190 xp, 1 gp, received two Eyeless stones worth 300 gp each, and is owed 500 gp from the LMFfAG
Hank earned 1190 xp, 139 gp, and is owed 1100 gp by the LMFfAG.
Silverleaf Moonshadow earned 1190 xp, 139 gp, and is owed 1100 gp by the LMFfAG.

The LMFfAG ‘earned’ 653.5 gp in donations (credit on the magic item in this case) and purchased the Crown of Solid Light for 10,000 gp, owing 6,700 gp to the expedition members as noted above, and paying out 2796.5 gp, 1025.5 to cover expedition expenses as part of assuming control of the Crown [20 non-LMFfAG expensed potions were used], 150 gp for LMFfAG potions used on level 1 characters to the party members above, and the remaining 2121 gp to the expedition members above (all expedition members except for Marc and Melora earned a further 117 gp on the second half of the expedition, so the total gp value above is slightly more than 2121 if you count the Eyeless rocks).


The Ifrit released last week burned down Spiderden. The fela asked us to look for survivors. We went to Spiderden with the fela chosen Zara, Fuk, and Xan. We killed the mushroom hive that had moved in and found five surviving fela: Roen, Xat, Timo, Lir, and Mas.

We explored some of Hex 7.14. Sovan discussed trading and the need for an evacuation plan with the fala at Undertree. We found some abandoned rifts, some Elder webs, and one place with unique spider webbing. There was spiders, ks’shan, phase spiders, lurkers, sasquatches, an Elder Web Spinner, and three eyeless.


Play-by-play session notes (Sil-ized log incoming shortly!):

JP gives aid to everyone, blesses Sovan’s armour
We walk through forest – see some bears but we ignore them because we have a mission
We get to Stone – the mood is very sombre, there are a few fela chosen hanging out that we go talk to.
Zara is here, she says that the Masters of Webtown won’t give us any extra help. But Zara agrees to come anyway because she’s punk af. Fuk and Xan tell her that she can’t because of their orders – she slaps them – Sovan persuades Fuk and Xan to also come, then we all leave before any authority can see what we’re doing.
We get near the entrance to Spiderden. There is ash floating around – so much ash everywhere that inside we could get some cover by hiding in the giant piles of it.
Sil, sovan, and syathir sneak ahead (tabby keeps in touch with message)
We’re not very sneaky at all – Syathir crit fails.
In the antechamber, we see a trio of mushroom folk shambling around, they are sifting through the ash looking for something.
We sneak away again to rejoin the main group.
We decide to just talk to them – it’s not like we can sneak past them and we need to get inside to do our search, so if we’re going to fight them might as well get it over with, and they might be friendly anyway.
Sovan and Melora go up to talk to them. Sovan purposefully fails his con save (breathes in spores, allowing him to understand them – they can understand him anyway). Melora stands outside the cloud.
M: “Who are you?”
S: We’re here on behalf of the rightful owners
M: ‘We are the rightful owner now’
S: What makes you say that?
M: ‘We resisted flame, the agile strange ones fell, so this is our place now’
S: You can have it, after we’ve gone through it to make sure there are no living agile ones
M: ‘All living ones are under our control’
Sovan immediately says that we are killing them. Everyone goes with it.
Sovan thought they meant that they had living fela as drones – they actually meant they had used fela corpses for drones, so all living things were mushroomy. Ooooops.
We attack and take them down
We decide to move on quickly before the spores can reach the rest of the hive to warn them, we don’t have time to burn the spores or anything.
We go through the next door, look really fast – see more than five enemies in next room, it’s the largest room in the upper area (we saw a map back in Stone while planning this)
Sil perception 19 – see 3 more mushrooms in the room and corpses of fela (which have been infused with spores and are also surrounded in a bunch of glowy lights which give disadvantage to hit them), there are 8 of those, 5 more mushrooms
8 wolves come in, in the colours of the rainbow + fuchsia (the fuchsia one has a patch over its eye like the wolf that was ‘stalking’ Tabby – now it’s ‘haunting’ her)
Shiitake King comes in – a 10 foot mushroom wearing a crown of light and covered in 2 light effects – one is the same as the fela-corpse-drones and causes disadvantage to hit it, and one is related to the crown and it’s conjuring little bits of light in the air, it spawned the wolves.
We are all crowded in doorway – sovan, sil, melora in front forming a solid wall to protect the others behind. At one point, sil lets fela squeeze past her to get into the room.
King Fireballs all of us (JM: would you say that you are clustered? Group: …..yes…)
Melora drops, she takes 2 perm int damage (4 temp)
Sil knocked out of spider form but passes dex save because of inspiration so doesn’t drop.
Sovan dives in front of Hank and takes extra damage but protects him a bit.
Tabby casts scorching ray at the King – the flames sort of bend around it and reflect it back at her – 2 beams hit and she drops and takes 4 temp str damage.
Sil is a tiger now
We separate into different areas so we can’t all be fireballed again – sovan and marc end up in one corner, sil and tabby in another area, melora up in the front, hank/mander/syathir in the antechamber.
Marc hits the King with some magic missiles and scorching rays – he’s going to Hunt it.
Sil gets hit a bunch by mushrooms and drops out of tiger, gets hit more and drops – epiphany! (Second time dropped out of wildshape in a fight, she gets to dodge as a reaction.)
Melora drops again – disadvantage on history checks (permanent)
Mander tears a chunk off injured mushroom with rapier.
Marc feeds healing potion to melora, 8 hp, she gets up
Sovan heals melora (
Melora springs up, does smite attack, drops a mushroom.
Sovan dodges – he has cast hypnotic pattern on the King, so he can’t risk losing concentration.
Melora drops from another mushroom, stunned from spores – then she gets critted and drops, disadvantage to perception
The wolves and spore-fela aren’t too bad to fight (the wolves disappear into pretty light when they are killed) but the mushrooms put out spores that make you do a con save – if you fail, you are stunned until you pass a con save, which you can attempt at the end of your next turn.
Sil does 11 damage w/ quarterstaff
Melora goes down to mushrooms – 3 points permanent dex damage
Fela: 2 miss, one hits and does only a little damage
Mushroom attacks sovan and hits – 14 points of damage
Sovan loses concentration on hypnotic pattern – king is free now.
King charges forward and uses spores on marc. Marc passes save.
Marc does down – temp -2 penalty to initiative (King mushroom punched him ouuuut).
Marc gets to keep doing the Hunt when he gets back up, though.

Hank kills mushroom near him
Mander carves chunk of mushroom.
Syathir – 2 arrows @ king, 13 damage
Those three were mostly separated in the antechamber (they had backed up a little after the fireball – since we didn’t know if King could do another one and didn’t want to stay clustered.) one mushroom at a time would stumble in and they’d kill it – later they rejoined main fight because it was Getting Really Rough in there.

Marc passes death save, tabby potions him (10 hp)
Marc gets up – still hunting king. 13 damage to him with magic missile
Sovan heals melora, then uses pearl of power
Melora attacks king with axe, 12 damage
Sil 10 damage to king, BA to dodge (from armour)
Some mushrooms miss Sil
Sovan does con save against spores, nat 20 – immune for them for the rest of the fight
Fela take down mushroom near sil
Melora passes con save, gets attacked and it misses
Marc failed con save, but mushroom still misses him even though he’s stunned.
Syathir misses king
Hank javelins mushrooms near sovan, 4 damage
Mander sneaks behind king, goes for a slash at its legs – very heroic.
Marc passes his con save and becomes unstunned
Tabby mirror images (4 of her now) and runs over to sovan’s clump of fighting to distract them from him so he can do another concentration spell.
Melora hits for 6 damage
Sovan and tabby high five while he yells showtime and does hypnotic pattern – but it doesn’t work on King this time.
Mushroom gets lucky and attacks the real tabby
Fela do their attacks, took down a lot of the fela-corpse-spore-guys.
Mushroom misses a tabby image, another mushroom pops one, the king misses an image
Mirror image is super useful!!
Syathir does 11 damage to little mushroom, it dies
Hank tries to hit little mushroom but misses
Mander misses king (tried to leg-slash again)
Marc magic missiles 16 to king
Tabby firebolts little one, misses
Sil misses with staff at little one
Melora does an attack
Fela try to kill little one and manage
King dies under moonbeam! Finally!
The crown is a major magic item – perfect for Danger Room.
There is 1 survivor fela who was hiding in the ashes

We hear sounds from down the tunnel (where the lurkers live). We think it’s probably lurkers but Sovan wants to check for survivors there.

Everyone drinks a fuckton of potions, we divy up the remainder of the potions so that everyone has two (the fund set us up with a bunch of extra ones before the trip – thanks, fund!)

We sneak down tunnels. Marc does dancing lights to illuminate and we also have a lantern

We barely manage to see: 4 fela tied up on a platform in the middle of the cavern
A bunch of lurkers around it, at least 15 of them, some are berserkers
The tunnel opens out onto a narrow ledge – about even with fela platform, lurkers are lower down.

(heather: has thought that lurkers are mole people this entire time.)

They are chanting
They are psyching themselves up for something (sil 17 insight)
There are 4 berserkers and 18 normal ones. They are prepping for battle
They heard the noise of us fighting and are going to come up and kill us
We discuss via message.
Super dangerous to get to fela, how will we do it? Melora wants to make noise, attract them to the bottlenecked tunnel and fight them one by one, using potions to stay up for an attrition fight – we consider but very dangerous, then we remember that there’s a bridge in Melora’s magic book.

Tabby convinces the fela to fidget (they didn’t want to at first because too scared, but she convinced them because very persuasive) – that makes enough noise to cover the sound of their ropes being untied (lurkers are blind but great hearing)
Marc climbs over and unties them (has cool mage hand-esque thing) then climbs back (we thought at the time that he had spiderclimb but actually he didn’t, so……there was totally an overhang the whole time)
Hank and syathir will each pick up two fela and run with them (because fela are slow)
The rest of the fela will go in melora’s backpack

Mander and the fela sneak back up the tunnel to make sure we don’t run into anyone where and get flanked

Melora assumes sprint position
Tabby will drop a bridge (from the magic book) to connect our ledge to the fela platform
Fela will run on it towards her, they will meet in the middle
Then they will get in the backpack and Melora will run
Tabby will be in the back with Shield (go, go, off-tank tabby!)
Sovan will shatter the bridge, hank and syathir will each make an attack on it to help destroy it.
Sil ready to healing word tabby if necessary
Tabby could also do mirror image to block tunnel, or we could drop Mander’s vial of oil and burn it to block tunnel as well, if necessary.

Tabby makes a bridge with a page from the book – does it really well – Sovan remembers a famous bridge disaster, so we make that bridge – it has a very obvious flaw and is really easy to destroy. Sovan 20 to remember terrible bridge, tabby 18 cha to make that bridge.

Melora and fela do the running thing
A handful of lurkers react fast (bridge took a little bit of time to extend from our feet to the platform, they heard/felt displaced air) and run up onto the bridge – AOO on fela, who get to disengage for free, so it’s fine
Syathir 8 damage to bridge, hank 7
Bridge pretty weakened
Two lurkers swing clubs at syathir and both miss
20 shatter damage on bridge
It falls, crushes 3 normal lurkers
We run for it.
We make it out okay!

Sil and sovan do 22 survival, safe place to sleep for the night – with 5 fela survivors (Roen, Xat, Timo, Lir, and Mas) – we chose not to push to make it to Stone, because out of resources and large party.

We take the survivors home, drop off the three chosen as well.

We decide to keep exploring, but mel needs rest and wants to go to second expedition, so she and marc just go home right away.

“As you leave the Felar Wood, you step into a strange new world. The Pillar Trees, hundreds of feet tall, rise before you. Their leaves, layer on layer, bloat out the sun completely, so you pass into shadow. A true night, darker than a moonless fog, descends on you. In the gray tones of your dark vision, the forest floor is coated in a layer of wet, decaying leaves, always at least six inches thick, and the roots of trees run like ridges along the ground. You are in a new world now, a strange one with the muffled sounds of eyeless birds chirping through the gloom.”

We are heading for the NE corner
Tons of spiders, everything covered in webs – sil is just a spider all the time for better perception.
We find three spiders, they attack, sovan takes some damage
He tries humming once, doesn’t work, tries again and it works that time. They leave.
5 more spiders, which sovan hums away
We make it to Undertree

Vliblin is out, but they’ll get a message to him and he’ll come back and chill with us.
The elder is totally rocking her new leg – are you friends with that smith dude?

Sovan (throws his arms up): I’M BANGING THAT SMITH DUDE!
High fives the fela, tabby gets a nat 20 to join in by highfiving the side of that highfive and makes it work

We spend the night in Undertree
Sovan commissions harnesses and asks about the magic surfboard metal for JP, warns them about need for an evacuation plan, sets up some trade agreements (all this to be worked out with JM post-session).

Tabby: any hot goss?
Young fela: Undertree is great but there’s some new prune juice bar at Rift that’s lit, 3 types of prune juice!

We start exploring fresh the next morning.

Sovan drums some spiders away

We spot some fela – for the first time, they have armour and weapons, which makes us sad.

They say there are chewy blind guys around, they are NOT chill (lurkers?)
Any sasquatches? says sovan. ‘Not really around here’

We are exploring the NE triangle (of 6 triangular pizza slices of hex)

We avoid the weird plants and glittering boulder that people saw before

Sovan hums away more spiders

We take a short rest – basically, he has to use an inspiration once per hour and never wants to be without one, so we rest every two hours (so he can use his 3rd inspiration during the rest)

Sovan hums away spiders

We find an abandoned lurker rift. Really close to the clearing with the wobbly dudes
The rift is totally covered in spider webs – maybe lurkers got pushed out by spiders

In the next hour, we find an area with unusually thin webbing that really carries vibrations a long way, 10 spiders this time! but sovan still manages to hum them away.

We keep wading through all of this

Sovan keeps humming about every hour

Short rest, hums spiders away during it

Hour 5: reach section of webbing that’s so thick that here’s clear earth under it, because all the falling leaves got caught in the web – we go through that easily, no spiders.

We are sneaking all this time.

We see a giant ape – 40 ft tall, 4 arms, it swings through the lower branches
We also remember hearing that people saw a giant ape fighting a giant spider in this area

We move on

Hour 7: spider check, sovan hums it away

We hear clattering/clashing
There are a group of ks’shan beset on all sides by spiders
A very high priest with a red feathered headdress, 10 K and 10 spiders

Mander: should we help them?
Sil: we kill ks’shan
Mander: good to know

We continue but check back later for headdress – it’s not there

Short rest

Sovan fails a spider hum check! 2 big spiders, 3 small.
It’s late in the day, so sovan just uses hypnotic pattern and we leave while they are stunned.

Last hour (on our way back to Undertree for the night)
Find the web of an Elder Webspinner. Huge. dangerous. On map.

We see lurkers fighting phase spiders and keep going.

We make it back to Undertree.

Hex is ⅙ explored.

T: Is vliblin back? Hot goss?
But he only has warm goss.

But he has a surprise for tabby. He’s making her a magic tree surfboard – it has a portrait of her on it – actually really good – sovan gives him inspiration for it – her hair looks fiery and she has extra eyes like a fala. He just needs permission to add the magic metal.

Tabby hugs/high5s him (15 T / 19 V)

Sovan inspires a bunch of stuff while we’re there – a lot of sick, sweet slips, LITERALLY the sweetest flip that they have ever seen.

We continue in the SE triangle next time. Vliblin comes with us! He assists sovan on spider humming checks. At first V wanted to drum constantly but So and T convinced him not to so we could stealth – just chillll bro

Keep humming away spiders very regularly.

Don’t find much.

Find another Elder Web (on map)

We keep humming at spiders and short resting.

Reeeeally thick section of webs that we have to laboriously push our way through for an hour.

Sovan just keeps passing spider checks.

Abandoned rift to add to map.

We are heading toward Rift.

We hear a mournful sasquatch wail – not the paralysing kind fortunately, they are grieving. Sovan wants those vocal chords, sil wants pelts.
T: they are in mourning! We can’t hunt them!
S: they are evil, they really really are, they waited until zombies were attacking us and tried to carry us off.
T: to try to help you?
S: they were talking the people in the trees to eat them, I’M VERY SURE THEY ARE BULLIES

We are totally fresh, have just set out and have only done one spider hum

We stealth towards sasquatches

We get 60 ft away

There are a bunch of lurkers on the ground, crouching in the leaves, at least 3 berserkers, the sasquatches are probably directly above them, 30-40 ft up in trees

Lurkers have seen us, they have fresh blood on them

We don’t want to risk vliblin in a fight, who doesn’t have a lot of HP so we move on

Three more spider humming successes

We see an Elder Web Spinner descending! Size of aragog from Harry potter

Sovan assists V in drumming, since V has more practice/knowledge

The giant spider – head is the size of V – boops its head on V’s then majestically ascends back into the canopy

T: what’s that about?
V: same things you gotta just let go

Two more spider checks, both pass

Second segment has 3rd elder web in it and two abandoned rifts – looks like lurkers largely pushed out of this area by spiders.

“The forest floor gives way to a vast expanse of sagging web, with a hole at one end. Approaching this entrance, you see DOWN. Down through layers of web, and homes, and walkways, and jump lanes, and silk swings, and Fala. This is Rift. The second largest Fala settlement, built out of webbing crossing a hole in the group 100’ across and at least 200’ deep (narrowing to a point at its base).”

Tabby gets a prune juice for each of us and one to go in a travel mug for Valerian. Payment? For the mug and the juice (since there’s a lot of it). She gives them some dank weed and sovan inspires some more sick flips. One is pretty amazing.

Prune juice tastes greaaaat, clears out system pretty well (good after a couple of days of adventuring….)

We keep adventuring, Sovan passes three more spider humming checks

Hank 25, Mander 23, to become friends with V while we’re walking – ‘tabby is bff but y’all are already bfs’. Hank and mander get advantage on learning Fala.

Syathir 14 to befriend him – she’s up front with sil and v is scared to talk to her because sil keeps hissing at him

We see a trip wire – 10 ft wide / 30 ft long log set up to fall – it said says LOGGGGEDD!!! on it even though no written language

Sovan passes 3 more spider checks

At hour 4: we find a Fala residence, 2 hours west of rift. They know about the log trap but didn’t build it.
6 pretty chill dudes and dudettes, they bew a pretty sick cup of prune juice. Nicknames: tim, glim, bim, sim, trim, and wowzah.
Tabby wants recipe but they are too vague to give it properly – they just go with it and it comes to them. But they can give prune tree cuttings.

3 more good spider checks

Sil spots 3 eyeless – a ksshan, a fala, and a stalker.

Do we want to fight or run? We are ¾ of way through the day, Let’s take them.

One eerily floats real fast right up to Syathir

Mander throws a dagger (sneak attack because Syathir is flanking) but misses
The other two zoom up to Syathir also
Tabby does fwoosh and scorching ray – 21 damage
Hank throws javelin, 9 damage
They have AC 15
Syathir misses with rapier
V tries to pull hank and mander away, readied action to run if they do – ‘these guys are tough, what are you doing?’ But impressed when we do fight them.

Sil moonbeams – but REALLY not effective on them, because they passed save and healed some.

Sovan shatters – he catches all 3 – 10 damage

The shattered one heals itself from the shatter and the moonbeam and is pretty much healed
It grapples syathir
Mander attacks injured one with sword, does 12 damage
It collapses into bubbling mess but then reforms and springs back up – still injured but doing way better

The one that reformed itself didn’t heal any of the fire damage, just the rest.
Tabby does scorching ray at the super injured one and does 16 damage, it’s form collapses and leaves a little stone on the ground behind
Hank grabs a stick, tries to do a really cool move where he slides past tabby, lights it off her fire, and then attacks with it – but he goes too fast, it was damp on the forest floor, so it doesn’t light properly and he has to backtrack to get it burning.

Syathir breaks out of the grapple
V says – ‘oh hey, you seem to be doing okay’
Sovan asks him to scoot back a little to safety – he does.

Sil misses with produce flame
Sovan vicious mockeries the one on syathir but it passes save
It tries to grapple syathir again and does
Moonbeam does no damage
Mander sneaks behind the one on syathir and literally stabs in the back, 12 damage
It flickers/collapses but then wisps itself very slowly back into shape – healed pretty much everything except the fire damage.

Two things are now grappling syathir, another has joined
Tabby wants to burning hands – she holds off until sovan’s turn so he can healing word at the same time (don’t want to drop syathir)
Hank swings burning stick but misses – stick passes through one of the holes tabby blasted in them.

Syathir breaks one of the grapples but not the second

Sil does 5 fire damage to most injured

T does 15 damage on eyeless/syathir, sov does 6 healing so she stays up.

Super injured one is just a rock now.

Mander stabs one grappling syathir, 12 damage
Syathir does 13 damage – it’s a rock now!

Sovan does vicious mockery on the last one but it passes. It turns into mist and oozes into the group (btw, they are always in groups of three that we’ve seen)

They heal all non-fire damage really fast.

Mander wants to dibs one rock. Ends up using both (a mistake, because it fucks up his eyes – disadvantage to visual perception checks)
We scoop the rocks carefully into bottles
V is impressed

We do a short rest
Sovan hums spiders away
Syathir heals herself

We pick up the prune tree cuttings on our way back from the brewery

Sovan hums away four more groups of spiders on the way home

We dodge a ksshan lightmarch on the way home

Sovan will (if he spends a week of downtime) learn a way to hum without inspiration (harder DC but not impossible, still can do with inspiration for a lower DC)

Expedition 37: Fresh Princes of Hot Air
Fior's really kicking herself now.

July 16, 2017

Pierre – Level 4 Dwarven Cleric “Me”
Melora -Level 4 Human Paladin “the muscle”
Beau – Level 2 Dwarven Ranger “the spirit”
Jean-Pierre – Level 5 Dwarven Cleric “the infantry”
Lee-Jean – Level 1 Drow Paladin “the sass”
Samuel – Level 1 Half-Elf Warlock “the one who wants to flood the earth apparently”

Experience and Changes
Pierre, Melora, Beau and JP gain 769 XP each
Beau levels to 3.
Lee-Jean gains 1869 XP and levels to 2. She also permanently gets +10’ movement speed and +1d4 fire damage to all attacks + spells.
Samuel gains 2969 XP and levels to 3. He also gets +10’ movement speed.
Melora lost a point of Charisma to mauling from a lurker berserker.

Pierre, Melora, Beau, JP and Samuel gain 132 GP
Lee-Jean gains 154 GP because donating is for suckers

Mindful Half-plate of Spiked Growth (0 charges remaining). +prof bonus to maintain concentration.- 1050 GP [Sovan would like to buy this if no one objects]
Tough chain shirt of pass without trace. +con mod to HP. 1 charge of pass without trace. – 600 GP

Day one
We set off to explore the dark forest, as suggested by Fior to investigate the crack in the wall. Aside from JP, the team seems like a rag-tag group of unfamillairs. But I’m not one to shy away from new blood to the guild.
We’re walking for an hour or so and find a party of celebrating Fela dancing and chanting about. We make our presence known and linger for a little bit, taking it all in. We strike a deal to set up a trading relationship with them. Not a bad first stop.
Continuing through the edge of the fire swamp, we stash our belongings in a hidden alcove while we don these ridiculous suits of snow. When they told me we would be bringing snowsuits to the fire swamp I looked at them a bit funny, but this was a literal suit of snow. Now, I normally have a bit of bulk on me, but these suits… Dave must be laughing his ass off. However, I did find the fireproof gel to be quite moisturizing.
We venture forth into the swamp and Samuel falls flat into the lava, but luckily Beau was close enough to pull him in, because I’d feel bad laughing if he got hurt. We encounter a fleet of around eleven Sturges but JP calls on his ancestral army and makes short work of all of them. Jean-lee made a cool quip (I will note in the log but redact because I’m still upset at her). In the distance we spot a tower on a hill, but despite approaching cautiously, we are jumped by a fire snake and 2 goblins. JP collapses the fire snake and goblin quickly. Melora grabs the final goblin and heaves it against a wall, and as it thrashes I throw my hand axe into its chest to finish it off, causing it to explode into a fiery mess.
We repack out suits with the excess snow Melora is carrying. We gather everyone around the entrance of the door, and Melora and I burst it open with two very well placed boots. At first glance, we see two more fire snakes and what appears to be a goblin on a horse. JP wastes no time and rushes in to kill the goblin. We each took a few swings at the horse, but it was Samuel’s “sunfish spears” that finally did it in. I whack (mercilessly, might I add) one of the fire snakes, finishing it off. Beau took the other one. With the area cleared we load more snow into our suits and Lee-Jean takes this time to throw insults around the table.
Climbing up the stairs, we find the burnt remains of what seems to be an alchemy lab, and while we’re still investigating, we hear a large group of monsters conjugating at the top of the stairwell. After mulling it over with the group we figured it would be dangerous, but it was unlikely we would come back. We venture onwards, with our usual style of kicking down the door and JP rushing into the heat of it. As I consider the room, I am taken aback by a massive figure in the middle of the room made completely out of fire. Only afterwards do I notice the sea of fire snakes at its feet. Oh dear.
Melora pulls out this magical book, a very special magical book apparently, because out from its pages popped a huge barrel of water. I thought about how useful it would be against that flame thing in the middle, and I guess Melora thought the same, because she heaved the whole barrel right at it. With the fire elemental weekend significantly, the surrounding snakes were no match for our party. the elemental did manage to give Samuel a spot of trouble however. After the elemental was beaten and bruised, a thin stream of fire came down from a crack in the ceiling and seemed to restore the living flame. Even seeming fully restored, I guess it figured it was no match for us, and it skulked away into a crack in the floor.
We continue up the stairs after clearing the room, and two Ifrit fire princes (it was pretty much understood that these guys were bad news) were bound in the top tower room next to an arcane forge. We take some time here searching for loot and ignoring Jean-Lee’s attempts to insult us. We get bored of the room and take off. Descending the corridor, Melora gets alerted, and demands we turn back immediately. I burst down the door to the room to find goddamn Samuel, using his goddamn sunfish spears to break the goddamn chains.. I charge in and grab Samuel restraining him from doing any further damage. Beau tries to help but jean-lee intervened. Samuel puts up a good fight though, that is before Melora intervened and picked up both of us.
We leave the tower and set up camp for the night. JP gave the two guilty parties a very stern talking to, as I looked on with a disapproving glare. Regrettably I should have had the foresight not to leave the two rascals on the same night watch. But we were fools that trusted other fools. And right as I closed my eyes for the night I hear a ruckus, and I’m darted awake. I check outside to see the Jean-Lee and Samuel rushing off to the fire tower. Shit. I let the rest of the group decide what to do but I’m tired and going back to bed.
[From what I heard, or at least from what they relayed back to me, Jean-Lee and Samuel set off to free the fire princes under the promise of gifts, and their promise to clear the fire off this land. After freeing the princes, they were each gifted a fire gem (Samuel- + 10 movement & + 2000 xp, Lee-Jean- + 1D4 fire damage, + 10 movement). They agree to safely export them back to the wall, and upon their departure the temperature of the area surrounding the tower fell. Lee-Jean, as wily and self-centered as she may be, started worrying about what would happen if the Ifrit came across their friends. Thinking quickly, she recalled the Ifrits’ promise about delivering them safely. Taking her blade and slashing open the palm of her hand, she says, “There, now your promise is broken, you owe us nothing. Leave us.”
The Ifrit were taken aback by such grit. They look at each other, nod, and grant Jean-Lee one final boon before departing (+ 1000xp).]

Day two
The two betrayers return to a party that is very, very disappointed in them. But there is work to be done and we carry on with our mission. We explore the top half of the swamp and see nothing much more interesting than a flock of very nice-looking birds. That is, until Lee-Jean sees a temple upon the horizon. After some investigation, we conclude it’s the temple of Graaz’t, heavily guarded by half lion, half woman creatures. We do not bother too much with it.
Enduring on, we come across a burned tower, with a basement full of weird and wild tentacle snake creatures. We take them out without too much trouble, save for the tentacle scars that befell Lee-Jean after taking a massive hit. After looting the area, (Beau spent a considerably long time trying to get the teeth off these dudes) we manage to find some chainmail in fairly good shape.
Off in the distance the party sees a glowing tree, Lee-jean meanders up to collect the sap but sets off a trap launching 6 javelins in her direction. We decide not to get the sap.

Expedition 36 - Vinering
We destroyed Vinering.

July 15, 2017

Sovan Dareshin (bard [lore], 5)
Raevori (wizard [raevori], 5)
Silverleaf Moonshadow (druid [moon], 4) Log-writer.
Finnigan Hillbyrne (rogue [inquisitive], 4)
Lucens Princeps (warlock [fiend/fae], 4)
Tabitha Errsule (sorcerer [phoenix], 4)
Ezra Argent (paladin [ancients], 3)


Ezra Argent levels to 4 and took 5 points of permanent wisdom damage.


1926 XP/person [includes sheet update]


Silverleaf Moonshadow: 13 GP, Reflective Leather Armor of Evasion
Ezra Argent: 211 GP, Mindful Splint Mail of Magic Missile
All others: 711 GP
Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness: 612.5 GP


  • Quickening Glaive of Shadow (1000 GP) [Bought by Rock]
    • + prof to dex, +1 weapon in dim light
  • Mindful Splint Mail of Magic Missile – two charges (500 GP) [Bought by Ezra Argent]
    • + prof to concentration checks
  • Reflective Leather Armour of Evasion (800 GP) [Bought by Silverleaf Moonshadow]
    • +1 AC v ranged attacks, 1 / expedition dodge as bonus action
  • Reflective Splint Mail of Misty Step – no charges (800 GP)
    • splint v melee weapons, plate v ranged weapons
  • Ksshan jewelry (1500 GP)
  • High priest headdress (400 GP)
  • Scroll (350 GP)
  • Wood (400 GP)
  • Jade statuette (400 GP)
  • Weapons (200 GP)
  • Snake skins (100 GP)
  • Head priest’s cache (??? GP)


The fela had been asking for concealable weapons for months. They claimed they wanted them for a rescue mission for fela enslaved in ks’shan settlements. I think they have an ulterior purpose. A couple of weeks ago they confronted Sovan about it and he ended up promising to do the rescue mission himself.

We attacked Vinering and destroyed it. The captured fela are free.


[Play-by-play session notes.]

We went to the Dark Forest and met up with some fela. Sovan gave a speech. He told them everything would become better. They believed him. There was a stealth group of three named Zara, Fuk, and Xan. They planned to sneak around freeing captives during the fight. There was another group of eight on riding spiders. They planned to goad ks’shan into chasing them. Both succeeded.

We found some jewelry and other shit the ks’shan had buried. Sovan, Ezra Argent, and Tabitha Errsule put on a lot of it. They said it would insult the ks’shan. The rest of us did not do that.

Forcans scouted Vinering. He reported: a church at the centre near the light pillar, a large ks’shan and a large snake near that, other ks’shan spread out around the clearing, a large stone building at the edge of the circle of bright light. We used that building during the fight. Ezra Argent and I agreed to hold the door while the others fought from inside. Raevori and Finnigan Hillbyrne snuck off to prepare an ambush. I shifted into a bear and Sovan dressed me in barding and Almace.

A ks’shan patrol of fifteen came down from the canopy and chased the fela decoys. We snuck toward the building under a Silent Image. There were ten ks’shan and two lizards around the front and more ks’shan inside. There was a ks’shan leaning in the doorway. I charged into him and Lucens Princeps blasted him. He died. The fight started.

We killed many ks’shan. Ezra Argent wielded an axe, Sovan used vicious mockery, Tabitha Errsule her firebolts, the fela crossbows, and Lucens Princeps his eldritch blasts. A ks’shan shaman in the building cast Flaming Sphere at the fela so we killed it. The fela found and freed the captives. One of them grabbed a crossbow and joined us. Her name is Rei. She fought well.

Some ks’shan attacked me and destroyed my bear form. I cast Moonbeam in the doorway and shifted back into a bear. Ezra Argent hit them with his axe and shielded me from an attack. Most ks’shan were burnt by the moonbeam and left to try other entrances. One stayed behind and shot me with a crossbow. I lost control of the moonbeam and it ended.

The large ks’shan near the church began to rally the others.

Zara dodged past some ks’shan to melee with a shaman. She got hurt but killed it. She is more competent than people say.

Meanwhile a group of seven ks’shan approached the building. Raevori jumped out from hiding, cast Blur, and meleed with the shaman in that group. Finnigan Hillbyrne shot from cover and killed the shaman. Then he hid again. Six ks’shan attacked Raevori. All missed.

A snake carrying a ks’shan champion in heavy armour swung down from the canopy right over Raevori. He attacked her twice and the snake once. They missed. Finnigan Hillbyrne killed another ks’shan and hid again.

Lucens Princeps killed the last ks’shan on the ground floor and went upstairs to kill people from a window. Tabitha Errsule went up in flames. She used Burning Hands against ks’shan trying to get in the windows. Sovan blocked them and used Vicious Mockery. They killed three and three more ran. Sovan mocked and disoriented the snake in the canopy.

Raevori took some damage from a bunch of attacks. She disengaged and moved toward the other group of ks’shan. Finnigan Hillbyrne made two more shots from hiding. He is sneaky and would be very frustrating to fight.

The ks’shan had gotten their shit together and charged toward the building.

The fela made more crossbow shots. They also took control of several spiders who were in the building and commanded them to attack. They are really fucked up when it comes to spiders.

Lucens Princeps attacked the snake with scorching ray [67 damage!!!] and fucking destroyed it. Tabitha Errsule used scorching ray against the ks’shan champion.

Sovan healed Fuk and mocked one of the ks’shan near him. Ezra Argent and I ran towards the ks’shan attacking Sovan. One of them hit him. We killed it.

Raevori disengaged and headed back toward the building. Finnigan Hillbyrne killed a ks’shan and two more ran.

Sovan and Tabitha Errsule went upstairs. She scorching rayed the champion again. He inspired and healed Raevori. They barricaded the stairs.

Ezra Argent and I ran toward Raevori to join that fight. The champion attacked me. Finnigan Hillbyrne, Lucens Princeps,and Tabitha Errsule killed the champion.

Raevori began to cast Fireball. Many ks’shan attacked her but she Shielded and kept casting. The group that she targeted spread out a little but didn’t flat out run. They should have. One of them cast Entangle on me and Ezra Argent. The fireball exploded and killed many. The Entangle stopped. Sovan cast hypnotic pattern on the survivors.

Finnigan Hillbyrne killed the ks’shan’s priest. Six more ks’shan came out of the canopy on lizards. One dropped him with a crossbow bolt to the leg [5 temp dex damage].

Ezra Argent and I retreated to the building. The champion followed and attacked me twice with his glaive and then the snake took me down [4 temp int damage]. Ezra Argent used lay on hands on me. The high priest had shifted into a giant lizard and was running toward the building. I cast Moonbeam over him.

A snake wrapped itself around Ezra Argent to crush him. A shaman created a Fog Cloud to block sightlines from the windows but Tabitha Errsule remembered where the snake was. She scorching rayed it. She is fierce when she burns. Ezra Argent burst out from the snake’s hold and cast Shield of Faith.

Finnigan Hillbyrne and I both drank potions and retreated into the building.

Raevori firebolted the shaman to disrupt the fog. Lucens Princeps and Tabitha Errsule were shooting out the windows. Ks’shan were shooting in at them.

Three crossbolt bolts bounced off Ezra Argent’s armour and he shouted: “I am unfuckable! I cannot be fucked!” The champion hurried to strike him and tripped. He drove his glaive right into his snake’s head and killed it. Then it fell onto him and hurt him. He tried to rebalance and swung at Ezra Argent but missed. Ezra Argent has style. The high priest interrupted the fight between Ezra Argent and the champion. He hit Ezra Argent and dropped him [1 temp cha damage]. I cast healing word on him. He got up and backed into the building.

Tabitha Errsule, Raevori, and Finnigan Hillbyrne all missed shots at the champion. Only one spider managed to bite him. His armour was very good.

Sovan and Tabitha Errsule reached over the barrier on the stairs and called Ezra Argent over. He climbed up and touched their hands to be healed. Tabitha Errsule’s fire went out right before he touched her.

The shaman lizard stuck its head in the upper window. I moved the moonbeam onto him. He lost control of his shape and shifted back. He could not cling to the wall anymore so he fell. Then he ran away.

Raevori hit the shaman and he lost concentration on the fog cloud. It dissipated. Lucens Princeps, Sovan, and Tabitha Errsule all cast spells and killed the shaman. Raevori firebolted the high priest and killed him.

The champion attacked me and missed. I hit its eye with my quarterstaff but didn’t hurt it [rolled a critical hit, but didn’t have time to Shillelagh and so was using her terrible str mod and did exactly 1 damage]. Ezra Argent swung at the champion. I cast healing word on him. The champion hit him in the head and took him down [5 permanent wis damage]. He was in a coma after that.

Lucens Princeps and Tabitha Errsule attacked the champion. I tried to climb up over the barricade. I fell to the floor right next to the champion. Sovan used the Confusion thought he’d gotten from the blobs in Antorum. The champion stalled out for a few seconds. Sovan saved my life.

The hypnotic pattern ended. The ks’shan were released but disoriented. Sovan yelled to them that we’d killed everyone else. They ran.

Raevori meleed with the champion. She and Finnigan Hillbyrne managed to hit him. Lucens Princeps finally killed him. He was annoying to fight because he healed whenever he hurt someone.

Twelve ks’shan who had been out chasing fela came back. Sovan and I stayed with Ezra Argent in the building because I was out of magic. The rest dealt with them. Raevori used a fireball and killed ten. The others killed the last two.

We looted Vinering.

Zara, Fuk, and Xan rescued eleven fela. No fela died but at least two spiders did.

Expedition 35 - The Hag, Rovagga
We hunted and killed the hag, Rovagga.

July 9, 2017

Silverleaf Moonshadow (druid [moon], 4) Log-writer.
{Bugle Reveille} (fighter [arcane archer], 4)
Marc Cooperson (sorcerer [draconic], 3)
Valerian Primrose (rogue [assassin], 4)
Garibaldi (bard, 1)
Samuel Fehler (warlock [great old one], 1)


Valerian Primrose retained one vision from the divination pool [one additional use of session inspiration].


301 XP/person [includes sheet update]


Silverleaf Moonshadow, [Bugle Reveille]: 175 GP
Marc Cooperson, Valerian Primrose, Garibaldi, Samuel Fehler: 150 GP
Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness: 100 GP


  • chocolate coins covered in golden foil (100 GP)
  • mushrooms with medicinal properties (40 GP) [Bought by Silverleaf Moonshadow for the Reagents Marketplace ]
  • valuables from Rovagga’s lair (190 GP)
  • cleaving healing club of blur (800 GP)
    • cleaving – when you drop an opponent, you can deal proficiency bonus damage to another enemy within reach
    • healing – any time you are affected by healing, get +1 point per die
    • blur – has a reservoir of Blur with one charge in it
    • damage 1d6 (not 1d4)

Point of Interest

  • divination pool


Rovagga is dead.

Hex 2.11 is fully explored.

The divination pool’s water grants useful visions [an extra use of session inspiration, which lasts until you use two inspirations in a single session], if you can remember them on waking [WIS save]. Bardic inspiration helps.


[AN: I’m putting some stuff in meta brackets because I thought it was worthy of inclusion but Sil definitely wouldn’t, so please read it as bonus info. Session notes.]

The Guild decided to hunt Rovagga down. The week before the hunt, Marc Cooperson, Lucens Princeps, and Melora Blackfingers visited Grandmother Dryad to learn about her. She is stronger in her lair but would not run from a fight there. Pinning her to the ground with iron would also stop her from running. She wields electricity. Dealing with her would be ‘interesting’ for [Bugle Reveille] but no specifics how.

In the south-western corner of Hex 2.11 is a house built from food – brownie walls, a door made from a cookie, and moss-like green frosting. They are not poisonous [AN: We know this because Val immediately went up and started tasting everything]. The door is too tough to break down or carve through [AN: which we are quite sure of, because Bugle spent way too much effort trying] but the walls can be breached. They regenerate. Cauterizing the cut edges slows the regrowth. Pieces that are cut off and let fall to the ground return to the wall and rebuild it. The pull on them toward the wall weakens further from the house. [AN: Samuel was collecting pieces of wall in a blanket and at one very excellent point had a large blanketed bundle of brownie bits pulling to get back to the house]. The interior and furniture were made of peppermint and candy, there was a large oven in the corner, and there was a hidden compartment with chocolate coins covered in golden foil. There was nothing of note.

[AN: There are squirrels that “fly” by levitating periodically. Val tried to pet them and failed, Bugle tried to kill them and also failed. Squirrels: 2, us: 0]

The glade with the divination pool felt approximately 15 degrees as before. Likely no seasonal change.

Marc Cooperson drank the pool’s water and fell asleep. Samuel Fehler spoke to him with telepathy and received figurative images in return. Marc Cooperson said that he understood normally and replied as clearly as possible.

Are you safe? Sila on a sunny day.
What’s happening? A shattered vase being rebuilt piecemeal.
Can we take you away from the pool? Darkness and, on asking the same question again, a completely shattered vase.

There was strong enchantment magic around Marc Cooperson’s heart to keep him sleeping and divination magic over all him. This magic also filled the glade. People who sleep felt somewhat drowsy but not dangerously. The following failed to effect Marc Cooperson or the magical energies in the glade: playing music, throwing a coin into the pool, kissing him [AN: very chastely done by Val, who also poured honey/sugar water down his throat to keep him a little less hungry]. We didn’t know how to wake him. We decided to try Lesser Restoration in the morning.

During the night, several stately deer with silver antlers came to the pool to drink. I believe they may be connected to the pool in some way or might be a source of information. [Bugle Reveille] honoured my request to not kill them. Thank you.

Samuel Fehler asked Marc Cooperson about the deer and received an image of them.

In the morning [Bugle Reveille] and I tried to adapt Lesser Restoration. It didn’t work.

Further discussions between Samuel Fehler and Marc Cooperson:

How can we wake you? Sovan playing music while others cross a river. Then the image of Garibaldi repeatedly.

Garibaldi played more music but nothing happened. We did not understand that he needed to Inspire the music. It felt obvious later. Sovan, you would have helped, I know.

Should someone else drink from the pool? A man alone in a field.
Should Valerian Primrose drink? Them petting a deer.

Valerian Primrose drank from the pool and chose to remain awake. Nothing. Then Valerian Primrose drank from the pool and deliberately fell asleep.

How can we wake you? The dark forest canopy and a poem that Valerian Primrose thought was good.
Can we take you away from the pool? An address book whose writing was unreadable.

Samuel Fehler stayed close to Marc Cooperson and Valerian Primrose and spoke to them constantly. Garibaldi experimented to try to wake them up. [Bugle Reveille] built a sniper’s nest in the trees and stood guard. He saw a wyvern approaching which hunts near the pool for vulnerable prey. We dragged Marc Cooperson and Valerian Primrose into the treeline and covered them with leaves. I shifted into a dire wolf and led it away. It can fly swiftly but can’t navigate the trees well.

Marc Cooperson sent the image of a dagger piercing his hand. Samuel Fehler cut him and he woke up. When the wyvern had left, Marc Cooperson told Garibaldi to Inspire Valerian Primrose. He did and they woke up.

Marc Cooperson explained that he could not remember the visions on waking but knew that they were important. Valerian Primrose did remember two visions. One they did not understand the importance of yet but expect to use later [received one banked additional session inspiration]. The other was:

“The two of you are back to back in the Stalker Village. The Council of Clans is surrounding you.
And they are explaining…something…the basis of stalker culture. They are judging you. And attempting to see if you are worthy. And there’s an argument you can make based on Stalker Deep History. History written clearly on your foreheads, here in dream time, but incomprehensible in the real world. That will sway their decision.”

The magic aura of the pool was weakened. It is useful but needs to recharge. We left.

We heard tinkling laughter from the fairy ring and did not approach.

We explored the mushroom caves for several hours. They are self-enclosed and 100 feet at their deepest. At the bottom is a warm spring. There are mushrooms everywhere inside – some edible, some with dangerous spores, several unknown types with clear medicinal properties. We were not in danger because Sovan lent us a sachet that destroys airborne poison. Samuel Fehler collected the medicinal mushrooms using a dampened blanket to protect against the spores. These mushrooms could be harvested regularly.

We went to the dragonkin outpost. Empty this time. The fireplace had a beaten magma elemental corpse in it.

There were trees with fruit like windchimes. There were more of the sonic boom butterflies, the non-flying squirrels, and the blue rabbits. This area is vibrant. There was an ovoid clearing in the unforested part of the hex – very large, filled with knee-high prairie grass, many white and pink butterflies. There was a structure of obsidian rocks in the centre.

We had finished exploring and found her lair so we began the hunt. I became a wolf to track her but couldn’t catch her scent.

We happened on her near the riverbank, shaped like an old goblin. Too far away to attack. She told us that she had warned us not to come here.

[Bugle Reveille], Valerian Primrose, and Samuel Fehler stayed in the open to speak with her. She did not see Marc Cooperson, Garibaldi, or I, so we snuck into the forest. The plan was to get as close as possible and launch a two-pronged attack. They approached openly until she threatened aggression if they continued. They stopped. The three of us sneaking in the woods continued, according to plan. They stalled.

She asked if it was only the three of them. They said yes. She did not believe them so Samuel Fehler told her there were four counting his host. He talked about his vision of the future — a flooded world, home to swimming creatures and those who live deep in the darkness. She liked his preaching and said that she might want to become more watery in the future and asked how to contact Samuel Fehler’s host. She will never have that chance now.

She also solicited their names. Do not tell a hag your name. It gives them power against you [+2 AC against your attacks if she knows your name].

She said that [Bugle Reveille] was forfeit for our trespassing. She asked if we would let her take him or fight. Marc Cooperson, Garibaldi, and I were in position. We attacked.

I cast Faerie Fire. Marc Cooperson torched her with Scorching Rays [40 damage]. Garibaldi used Vicious Mockery. Valerian Primrose and [Bugle Reveille] shot her [15 and 20 damage, respectively]. She cast Obscuring Mist. Marc Cooperson ran into the mist. His hunting senses alerted him that she was not there. He found her in the forest and attacked with Magic Missiles [12 damage] and killed her. He is an accomplished hunter.

We mutilated her body with iron to ensure death. We looted her corpse but the bone charms she wore disintegrated when she died.

We went to the clearing to loot her lair. The obsidian mound is jagged and cuts you when you climb it. Garibaldi cast Heroism on [Bugle Reveille] and he climbed it to reach the opening on the top. He triggered a lightning bolt but dodged it. She had been building a winged harness made of many pixie wings for him. The wings crumbled in the wind.

Her death also freed her vassals – a werewolf that ran to freedom and three goblins that bowed and scraped to [Bugle Reveille] and did not know where to go when we told them to leave. We told them that there is one goblin clan in the Grey Hills that we do not kill. We gave them directions to the druidic goblins’ cave. We finished looting her lair. There was a magic club and gold and valuables.

That is all.


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