y - Amara Invictus (deceased)

Lv5 Tiefling Wizard


Updated as of session 78

Corruption research – 10 points

Lv5 Tiefling Wizard

HP – 19
AC – 13

Stats: STR 11, DEX 7, CON 8, INT 17, WIZ 14, CHA 14

215 lbs

Winter Gear
Regular stuff nothing else of note

Magic Missile
False Life
Mage Armour
Burning Hands
Feather fall
Find Familiar- Mushroom Sprout only
Detect Magic
Disguise Self
Mirror image
Alter Self
Knock – DM changes – 1) now a touch spell that can be cast from familiar 2) supresses minor wards on the door if it is warded rather than arcane locked 3)more effective against major wards than a normal spell of its level
Animate Dead
Vampiric Touch

Fire Bolt
Poison Spray
Hellish rebuke (1x per day)
Darkness (1x per day)

signature Spell – Animate Dead
Major Effect – [condition] blur
Major Defect – Final – Cannot cast any non-cantrip spells until a short rest

Con, Int and Wis saving throw proficiency
INT: arcana, Investigation
WIS: Animal Handling, Survival

Rations: 2
Healing Potion: 1
Alchemist’s Supplies

Major Magic Item
Bone Bracelet
- Touch spells more powerful (+1d4 dmg and +1 on DC checks )
- +1 spell slot per day for necromancy (highest level)
- When creature dies within 30ft gain temp health equal to creature’s CR
- Healing only 50% effective
- After temp hitpoints dissipate, they become banked points that last until a long rest.
- Can cast Raise Dead using points
– Raising minions costs 15 points / CR of the body (but CR ¼ cost 5, and CR ½ cost 10). So a basic skeleton / zombie costs 5, while raising an ogre corpse would cost 30.

Gauntlet of Amara can actually heal
1/expedition can touch spell 2d6 necrotic dran damage
3 charges of blade ward that can be used on reaction

Black and Red Mushroom Gem
- Amara has stronger control during necromancy than normal
- Amara can enhance undead but she’s kind of secretive as to how
- Amara can attempt to take control of opposing undead at risk of her own life
- Amara is connected to the mushroom hivemind from complications during the instillation of the gem. she can communicate with them from town.

Winter Wolf Trophy
Cantrips that hit can knock enemies prone. They must pass a DC 13 check.

Long-Term Injuries
Amara’s carrying capacity lowered by 15 lbs. from a long term injury

Amara STR down from 12 to 11 because of permanent injury

Paragon of Intelligence
Can add +10 to a Histoy, Arcana, Religion, or Nature check 1x per expedition

Side-effects of petrification
+1 AC, -2 initiative


Tieflings are not generally known for their accessibility to those outside their race. Common folk may cross the street upon seeing one, or utter a quick prayer to their god when passing one on the path. Sure, a few have been able to become upstanding members of society, but most spend their time hanging out in the slums of large cities, hiding out of sight and getting through everyday life by means of criminal activity.

And then there’s Daedra.

Once a quaint town beside a flowing river—it was abandoned when a larger city far to the North lured in it’s inhabitants in and built a damn that drained most of the river. An empty ghost town proved to be the perfect place for some tieflings to seek refuge.

Alas, those who fled to Daedra were not the ambitions members of society that others had begun to respect, but instead the worst of the worst—those shunned even in the circles of lowlifes. Violence and trickery ran wild in the streets of Daedra, where there were no rules, and there was even less hope for the future.

That is, until the birth of Amara.

A fearsome riot raged through the town this night—a furious storm brewing on the horizon. these were no conditions for a childbirth, and the baby was coming. Amara’s mother to fled town to seek refuge. It was not safe in Daedra. Accompanied by a few allies, she made her way into a nearby forest that had long since dried up since the river was halted. After marching through a myriad of twisted and barren trees, the party noticed a small glade that would protect them from the storm.

The labour was quick with minimal pain (which is quite unlike a regular tiefling birth) and the area seemed to avoid most of the passing storm altogether. It was very clear that this newborn was quite unlike anyone else in town— as intelligence quickly flashed behind her eyes, and within minutes, small sparks erupted from the tips of her fingers. The glade was a magical place, and thus the future of Daedra was born. (Many have tried to find the glade since, but it seems to have disappeared from the forest completely). The child was given a name that represented who they hoped she would become. Immortal in time. Undefeated by circumstance. Amara Invictus.

A town once at war rallied together with hope of a brighter future. Shunned by other societies and lacking in wits and talent, they now had something to rally behind. Something to guide them to a brighter future. They raised her together as a united front, teaching her how to survive in the dredges of society. There were a few in town who were able to work together to teach her magic (although it was restricted to some of the shadier arts of necromancy) and she was able to learn quick and blossom into an intelligent woman who was seen as the leader of a rapidly advancing tiefling community.

Then, fate bestowed a second chance upon the town. While visiting the city up north for supplies, (it took a while to get the town to let her in, but Amara had gained enough of their trust to be escorted around by a guard) Amara overheard some humans discussing the old land, Silanya. There was a guild that sought to forge ahead and create a new society across the sea, and this is where Amara knew she finally had a chance to reward her neighbours for the sacrifice they made to raise her.

She returned home in a rush, forgetting to purchase the supplies she set out for and called an address of the town’s recently-formed council.

“There is a guild establishing a base in the old homeland. Our reputation here precedes us to the point that it would take us many generations to even live in the slums of society. Out there, we have a chance. I know that most of us are weak and poor, and couldn’t even get a second glance from the voyage, so I am prepared to set off alone, to the old world, and find a place to establish a new town. No longer will we live our lives feared by those around us—with only a decaying forest and rocky planes upon the horizon. We have a new opportunity to build a burgeoning society from scratch, and I will see to it that I am able to repay you all for your hard work in raising me and fulfill my destiny and release us from the shackles of history and oppression!”

y - Amara Invictus (deceased)

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