y - Syathir Kendaeshi (Deceased)

Level 4 High Elf Fighter

High Elf Fighter

Updated as of Oct 1

Basic Stats:

STR: 17 DEX: 20 CON: 14 INT: 18 WIS: 11 CHA: 12
HP: 32 AC: 19 (w. Studded Leather + Shield) XP: 5268 (6732 to next level) Save Proficiencies: STR, CON
Passive Perception: 12 Passive Investigation: 14 Senses: Darksvision 60. Speed: 30 Height: 5’11" Weight: 107 lbs.
Boons: Stealthy: +1 Dexterity. Double proficiency added to Stealth checks. Can move through 10’ of open space and stay Hidden provided I end my movement back in cover.
Injuries: None yet!
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: All Armor All Weapons
Trained Skill Bonus Notes
Acrobatics +7 From Fighter.
Arcana +6 From Sage
History +6 From Sage
Perception +2 From Elf.
Stealth +9 From Fighter.
Woodcarvers’ Tools (Dex) +7 Used for bowyer-y etc. Hobby.
Languages: Common Elven 1 from High Elf (Sylvan?) 1 from Sage (Dwarvish?) (other turned into tool proficiency)
Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Rapier +7 Melee 1d8+5 piercing N/A Main-hand. Light. Finesse.
Longbow +9 Ranged (150/600) 1d8+5 piercing N/A 2h. Heavy. Ammunition
Firebolt +6 Ranged (120’) 1d10 Fire N/A V, S, Action. Ignites flammable target if not carried/worn.
Hand Crossbow +9 Ranged (30/120) 1d6+5 piercing N/A 1h, Light, Loading, Ammunition, Poison Bolts (20)
  • Fey Ancestry: I have advantage on saving throws vs. Charm, and can’t be magically put to sleep.
  • Trance: I trance, semiconscious, 4 hours a night.
  • High Elf Cantrip: I know the Mending Cantrip.
  • Second Wind: Once per Short Rest I can spend a bonus action to regain 1d10+1 HP.
  • Archer: I add +2 to all ranged attack rolls.
  • Action Surge Once per Short Rest I can take an extra action.
  • Sage
  • Personal Feature: Magical dabbler Can learn a small number of rituals – knows detect magic, alarm, comprehend languages, and illusory script.
Martial Archetype: Eldritch Knight
  • Weapon Bond: Up to 2 bonded weapons (longbow and rapier). Can’t be disarmed of bonded weapon unless incapacitated, summon weapon as a bonus action if on the same plane.
Cantrips Known (3):
  • Firebolt (120’: Flame lances out at target in range for 1d10 Fire damage.) (V, S, Action.)
  • Green-Flame Blade (Melee: Make melee attack. If hit, +4 Fire Damage (INT mod) to adjacent target within 5’. Damage increases by 1d8 on both targets at level 5.) (V, M (a weapon), Action.)
  • Mending (Touch) I repair a single break or tear in an object I touch (a broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, a torn cloak, or a leaking wineskin, etc.) so long as it is no larger than 1 ft. in any direction. I can repair magic items’ form but not restore their magic) (V, S, M (2 lodestones)) (1 Minute cast)
Spells Known

3 1st level slots / day

  • Absorb Elements (Reaction – on hit by acid/cold/fire/lightning/thunder damage, gain resistance to that element until start of next turn, first melee on next turn does +d6 damage of that element.
  • Burning Hands (15’ cone – targets take 3d6 Fire damage (+d6/SL), save DC 14 DEX for 1/2.) (V, S, Action)
  • Fog Cloud (120’ – Create 20’ radius of fog (+20’/SL) on point within range. Area is heavily obscured for duration or until wind of 10 MPH or more disperses it. (V, S, Action.) (Conc., 1 hr.)
  • Shield (Self – on hit by enemy, +5 AC until start of your next turn, no effect from Magic Missile.) (V, S, Reaction).
Inventory (Carrying 76.5 / 170 lbs.)
Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight Notes
Rapier 1 2 lbs. None.
Longbow 1 2 lbs. None.
Hand Crossbow 1 3 lbs. None.
Shield 1 6 lbs. None.
Studded Leather 1 13 lbs. None.

Equipment Spreadsheet

Item # Weight Notes
Poison Bolts
20 1.5 lbs Con save DC 11 or poisoned, save again at end of next turn; fail by 5+ or second fail = unconscious, Action to wake target, target takes 1 point of suffocation damage/round).
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Woodcarver’s Tools (DEX) 1 5 lbs. Add Prof. to related checks.
Cashbox 1 1551 GP
Debt List 1 None N/A


y - Syathir Kendaeshi (Deceased)

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