<Bugle Reveille>

Level 5 Kenku Fighter - Arcane Archer


Kenku Fighter [Elementally LN]

Updated after Expedition 82

Basic Stats

STR: 10 DEX: 14 CON: 12 INT: 6 WIS: 14 CHA: 14
HP: 50.4 AC: 16 (Breastplate) / 18 (Breastplate+Shield) XP: 21931 (2069 to level 6) Save Proficiencies: STR, CON
Passive Perception: 15 (20 if Hybrid) Passive Investigation: 7 Senses: None Speed: 30’ Height: 5’8" Weight: 70 lbs
Currently Researching: Bow Technology (6/X) Guardian Hacking from Forgery Book (30/30)
Injuries: Pathological Mistrust (Disadvantage to Persuade) Persistent Tell (Lose Deception proficiency involving demeanour) Torn Ligaments (-1/4 Carry Capacity)
Corruption: 7 (Full Werefalcon (3), Gem of Adrenaline Rush (2), Eyeless Rock (1), Prism Fruit (1))
Boons: Sharpshooter (Feat @ Level 4) Stone of Fortitude (Rock from Eyeless, + 1 CON, See Colour Slightly Less Vividly) Danger Room Attunement (+ 4 HP, + 1 Initiative) Mushroom Gem of Adrenaline Rush (Yellow-Green: 1/LR Heal to Full OR Heal to 1/2 when dropped, gain Advantage on Drop Roll; ALSO 1/LR + 2 DEX, + [2*Level] THP for 1 hour.) Aggression (Must use damaging attacks on any flying thing in preference to taking any other action in combat (except running away) Empire Construct Codes (Have learned elaborate codes with which to attempt control/reprogramming of Old Empire automata.) Psychic Scream Fruit: + 2 HP. 2/Expedition, 120’ range 20’ sphere takes 8d6 Psychic Damage (if INT 2 + ), -1d6 to attacks, checks, concentration saves for 1 minute. (Save again at tend of turn.) Save INT 13 for 1/2 damage, no rider. Bertholdt’s Soul: +Deception, Advantage to talk to Fey, Hex 1/Expedition.
Skill Bonus Notes
Acrobatics +5 From Veteran Scout
Arcana +1 From Archer’s Lore
Athletics +3 From Archer’s Lore.
Deception +5 From Kenku. Proficiency lost due to Persistent Tell (Termination Protocol vs. Werefalcon) when not wearing Ring of Mind Shielding.
Initiative +3 From Danger Room (Paragon of DEX)
Intimidation +5 From Veteran Scout.
Perception +5 From Fighter. Advantage while Hybrid.
Persuasion +5 DISADVANTAGE from Injury – Pathological Mistrust (Fight)
Stealth +5 From Kenku.
Survival +5 From Fighter.
Languages: Common Auran (Elemental Plain of Wind) Sign Language (Fluent)
Attack To Hit Range Damage Notes
Focus Draining Longbow of Feather Fall (Attuned) +8 Ranged 600’ 1d8+3 Piercing Ammunition (60 arrows), Heavy, 2h, ignore 1/2 or 3/4 cover. Action: +1 for 1 minute. 1/Expedition: +3d6 Necrotic damage, heal 1/2..
Slowing Longbow of Magic Missile (Attuned if no Armwrap) +7 Ranged 600’ 1d8+2 Piercing Ammunition (60 arrows), Heavy, 2h, ignore 1/2 or 3/4 cover. Target(s) hit gets -10 movement speed for 1 turn.
Hand Crossbow +7 Ranged 120’ 1d6+2 Piercing Ammunition (20 bolts), Loading ignore 1/2 or 3/4 cover.
LUA Dart*9 +7 Ranged 60’ 1 Piercing DC 15 CON or paralyzed 1 round. Fail by 5, paralyzed 3 rounds. Fail by 10, paralyzed 1 min. Ignore 1/2 or 3/4 cover.
Piercing Arrow +7 30′ × 1′ beam 1d8+2 Piercing + 2d6 Force Heavy, 2h, ignore all cover (Ethereal). Targets get -10 movement speed.
Seeking Arrow +7 Ranged 600’ 1d8+2 Piercing + 2d6 Force Heavy, 2h, Ignore 1/2 or 3/4 cover, No Disadvantage on Unseen target, learn struck target’s location. Target gets -10 movement speed.
Magic Missile Auto Hits Ranged 120’ 1d4+1 Force x 3 Automatically hit. Go into Ethereal. 2 charges.
Shortsword +5 Melee 1d6+2 Piercing Finesse, light.
Blade Wind +7 30′ × 1′ beam 1d6+4 Piercing + 2d6 Force During Termination Protocol
Warping Strike +7 Ranged 60’ 1d6+4 Piercing + 2d6 Force During Termination Protocol. Teleport to target. Ignore 1/2 or 3/4 cover, No Disadvantage on Unseen target.
Shortsword +7 Melee 1d6+4 Piercing During Termination Protocol. Finesse, light.
  • Expert Forgery: I can duplicate other creatures’ handwriting and craftwork. I have advantage on all checks made to produce forgeries or duplicates of existing objects.
  • Kenku Training: I am proficient in your choice of two of the following skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Stealth, and Sleight of Hand.
  • Mimicry: I can mimic any sounds I have heard, including voices. A creature that hears the sounds I make can tell they are imitations with a successful Wisdom (Insight) check opposed by my Charisma (Deception) check. NB: This is the only way I can speak.
  • Sharpshooter: I can shoot at max range on ranged attacks without disadvantage. I ignore 1/2 and 3/4 cover. I can take -5 to any ranged attack roll to gain +10 damage on the attack.
  • Archer: I add +2 to all attacks made with a ranged weapon.
  • Second Wind: Once per Short Rest I can spend an action to regain 1d10+5 HP.
  • Action Surge: Once per Short Rest I can take another Action on my turn.
  • Extra Attack: Attack twice per Attack Action.
  • Volley Archer: When I hit a target at long range with a longbow, allied archers have +3 on their next hit against targets in that group; those at lower initiative than I can use their Action on my turn to make bow attacks against that group during my turn.
  • Point Blank Shooter: My critical hit range is expanded by 1 when attacking with a hand crossbow within 30’ of a target.
  • Archer’s Lore: I learn to understand magical theory and develop survival skills for wandering the wilds. I become proficient in Arcana and Athletics.
  • Arcane Arrow: I can channel magic into my bow attacks. As a bonus action 2/SR, I can create one magic arrow in my hand that lasts until the end of combat or until it hits a target. On a miss, the arrow persists until end of combat but I must physically retrieve it to attempt to hit again.

Only I can fire the arrow. which is a magic weapon that deals an additional 2d6 force damage on a hit. It also has one of the following effects:

  1. Piercing Arrow (Transmutation): I transform my arrow into a hail of ethereal missiles that passes through its targets, blasting forward in a focused spray 1 foot wide and 30 feet long. I make a separate Arcane Arrow attack against each creature in that line.
  2. Seeking Arrow (Divination): I cause my arrow to seek out a foe I’ve seen in the last minute – it can find any path to them if there is an opening wide enough for the arrow, ignores 1/2 and 3/4 cover, and I have no disadvantage to hit unseen targets.
  • Veteran: I have a military rank of Fang Vermillion/Lieutenant (Special Branch); Soldiers loyal to my former military organization still recognize my authority and influence. I can invoke my rank to influence soldiers and temporarily requisition simple equipment or horses. I can usually gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where my rank is recognized.
  • Werefalcon (Awakened): Transform to Hybrid for 10 (2/Level) rounds of flight speed 40’ per day (2*6 rounds possible at Level 6) – they emerge from my back, allowing use of my arms. Advantage to Perception Checks while a Hybrid. Even when not transformed, when I fall from any height, I gain gliding “wings” of limited effectiveness and can land relatively safely. I have Predatory Instincts I must fight – increasing chances of conflict after failed diplomacy due to my obvious hostility if seen. -1 INT.
  • Construct Codes: I have learned a series of codes that can control or at least influence Old Empire constructs.
  • Background Benefit: Termination Protocol.
    I can subsume my personality and focus on my extra-planar, animal-inspired instincts to become a monomaniacal, utterly selfless combat form with a radically different personality and a fanatical devotion to duty. I can thereby enter a state, for up to 5 combat rounds, known as ‘Termination Protocol’.

In this form, I pick a set objective. Until it is complete or I am unconscious or dead, I get 1 Action Surge / round, +4 Dex and +2 uses of Arcane Arrow abilities, reoriented towards my Arcane Blade:

  • Blade Wind: I run forward 30 feet in a line; all targets whose paths I weave through cannot take opportunity attacks and I make a separate Arcane Blade attack on each.
  • Warping Strike: I ‘teleport’ (with a burst of speed) to attack any accessible target I’ve seen in the past minute. This attack ignores three-quarters cover, half cover, and disadvantage caused by the target being out of sight, and does my Arcane Blade damage.

I cannot, however, make any ranged attacks – my programming lacks the capacity to control me AND to gauge long-range ballistics. In addition, the form takes a terrible toll as I push my body past its limits. For the five rounds I can physically sustain it, I take the following:

  • Round 1: Permanent Injury, advantaged roll +2
  • Round 2: Temporary Injury, roll -1
  • Round 3: Temporary Injury, roll -2
  • Round 4: Temporary Injury, roll -3
  • Round 5: Permanent Injury, advantaged roll -2; collapse unconscious.

I am also incapable of ignoring my objective or acting contrary to its demands; if my objective has become impossible somehow, I may make a DC 18 WIS saving throw to end the effect early each turn. If I cannot, I must continue to burn myself until I accomplish the mission or fall unconscious after all 5 rounds.

Inventory (Capacity = 73.6 / 75 lbs.)
Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight (Total) Description
Focus Draining Longbow of Feather Fall (2 charges) (Attuned if no Armwrap.) 1 2 lbs. Action: +1 for 1 minute. 1/Expedition: +3d6 Necrotic, heal 1/2. Can cast 1st-level Feather Fall twice, be recharged at Arcane Forges. From Expedition 73.
Slowing Longbow of Magic Missile (2 charges) (Not typically attuned) 1 2 lbs. Each hit slows target by -10’ movement speed. Can cast 1st-level Magic Missile twice, be recharged at Arcane Forges. From Expedition 41.
Hand Crossbow 1 3 lbs. Uses Bolts (20).
Blue Apostate Arrows 5 0.5 lbs. +2d6 Cold. DC 13 CON or -5 Move Speed, save end of each turn.
Red Apostate Arrows 4 0.4 lbs. +2d6 Fire. DC 13 CON or 1d6 Fire Damage at start of turn, save end of each turn.
LUA Hunter Darts 9 2.5 lbs. 1 damage, DC 15 CON or paralyzed 1 round. Fail by 5, paralyzed 3 rounds. Fail by 10, paralyzed 1 min.
Flaming Patch on Bandolier (under Leather Cover) 1 0 Cover or reveal as Object Action; Bright light to 20’, Dim Light to 40’.
Shortsword 1 2 lbs. Almost exclusively used for Termination Protocol unless an emergency.
Breastplate 1 20 lbs Carefully painted and maintained to be non-reflective and relatively easy to blend in.
Shield 1 6 lbs. Used w. Hand Crossbow.
Arrow Quiver 3 (60 Arrows) 6 lbs. Holds arrows. One on back, one on hip, one in pack.
Bolt Quiver 1 (20 Bolts) 2.5 lbs. Other hip.
Item # Worth (Monetary) Notes
Armwrap of +1 Proficiency (1/3 Share w. Linna, Valerian) 1 1750 GP Attuned when my turn. From Expedition 49.
Ring of Mind Shielding (Attuned) 1 0 lbs. While on, Invisible. I am immune to any magic that tells what I am thinking, if I am lying, what my creature type is or what my alignment is. If I die while wearing the ring, my consciousness will enter the ring until I choose to leave for the Afterlife. Currently holds Bertholdt Rohrbach’s Soul: +Deception Proficiency, Advantage in dealing with Fey, Hex 1/Expedition. From Expedition 59.
To Catch A Counterfeiter: Telltale Signs of Forgery in Bank Notes, Identification, And More 1 60 GP Advantage on forgery checks, references of imperial identification that might enable certain classes of bank vault guardian to be bypassed.
Bedroll 1 7 lbs. A luxury, but one worth having.
Bone Dice 1 0.1 lbs. Gambling was encouraged among Kenku. Calculating probabilities while on leisure time deemed valuable.
Climbing Kit (usually at home) 1 12 lbs. [0 lbs.] Can’t fall more than 20’ during climb attempt.
Gem of Faces 1 0.1 lbs. DC 13 CHA save on touch: Target copied for ‘Alter Self’, advantage to pass off as target, 1 hr./LR. Currently holds form of JP.
Mess Kit 1 1 lbs. Mostly jars of insects.
Rank Insignia (Lt., Special Branch) 1 ??? Fang Vermillion of the Vermillion Wing of the Kenku Special Operations Forces.
Rations 6 12 lbs. Not to most Guild members’ tastes. Often squirming.
Silk Rope 1 5 lbs. Hemp is for amateurs.
Trophy – Ghoul Hand 1 ??? Killed a fellow officer. I took its hand.
Waterskin 1 5 lbs. 4 pints (1/2 gallon).
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Casual Clothes 1 0 GP
Studded Leather 1 13 lbs
Cashbox 1 4627.5 GP
Debt List 1 350 GP from Alexandre.


PeppermintTRAINED. Rescued on Expedition #18 (Charting the Civilized). Named by Valerian. Claimed by Bugle. Mare.

HP: 12 AC: 16 (Chain Barding) Speed: 60 ft. Capacity: 274.3 of 480 lbs. (with [Bugle])
Strength: 16 Dexterity: 10 Constitution: 12 Intelligence: 3 Wisdom: 9 Charisma: 3
Attractiveness: 1/20 Orneriness: 15 Morale: 9 (Trained) Proficiency: Athletics Flaw: UNKNOWN

[Bugle Reveille] is not pronounced out loud; his name is a perfect replication of that sound. Kenku, after all, are mimics who cannot speak themselves. His name is a glimpse into his life story, and that of his kind.

In the Old Time, the kenku were haughty, magnificent aerial guardians of a great elemental empire, who were corrupted by greed and sold the secrets of their masters to agents of Chaos. (So it is said. Not by the kenku, but what can one know of the truth when Powers are in play?)

For their pride, the legend goes, and for their treachery, their chief Patron, a powerful Wind Duke of the Plane of Air, stripped them of their freedom three ways. He ripped their wings from their backs and denied them their beloved sky. He ripped their voices from their throats and denied them their flowing speech. He ripped the sense from their minds and denied them their own volition. With that, the Duke cast them onto the Prime Material Planes to crawl on the unfeeling Earth and rue their (purported) misdeeds.

Since then, the exiled Kenku have sought to reclaim their place by penance and service and humility. Each flock finds a Master – be it a person, a family, an ideal – and serves them with all its heart and soul. They do wonderful things, and terrible things, but never for their own sakes – they become a set of fluttering, tenebrous wings bearing the will of their chosen superior.

Kenku cannot speak except by replicating heard sounds and voices – which they do flawlessly – and cannot think for themselves to any real degree, but are diligent and careful in fulfilling others’ plans, if almost incapable of entirely independent action. (They are LITERALLY incapable of disobeying orders from one they presently serve.) As such, [Bugle Reveille]‘s flock found service long ago in the Empire’s Special Branch of its military. (Thus their ‘names’, echoed sounds of the military life.)

Here in Special Branch, demihuman shock troops, engineered monstrosities, and ‘civilized’ humanoid outcasts perform the dirty work that keeps an Empire strong and united. They are the unwanted and the desperate, and they are terrifyingly loyal to those who ‘rescue’ them to serve a purpose. They are shock troops, disposable assassins, convenient scapegoats, terrifying enforcers, as required, and mostly they are glad to serve.

Much of [Bugle Reveille]‘s flock were destroyed in a particularly troubling border skirmish in the high passes near Shaver’s Gap, with an unknown species of heavy infantry from an unknown enemy power. The flock killed many, but those they killed…rose. Stood again. Killed again. [Bugle Reveille] and 15 or so terrified, wounded Kenku finally found an interpretation of their orders that permitted retreat without explicit instructions to do so, and thus survived, in mourning and disarray.

Reinforcements came swiftly, but no further trace of the invading detachment was ever found.

Upon debriefing, [Bugle Reveille], under instructions relayed by [Thundering Cavalry Charge] and [Cries of Dying Infantry], his parents, was been taken into the exalted presence of Colonel Strauss, current Commander of the Branch, and the flock’s chosen master. [Bugle Reveille] has been given very explicit instructions which he will repeat not just verbatim, but identical in sound to those spoken by the Colonel, under certain specific conditions; he is unable to by any means reveal said conditions or said instructions before such a time.

Now [Bugle Reveille] has been deployed on extraordinary secondment in Silanya because a certain individual wanted for interrogation regarding the unexplained occurrences surrounding the Battle of Shaver’s Gap has been reliably placed in Silanyan territory.

That he is on Silanya means that the secretive and ill-reputed Special Branch has a particular interest in the region. As a Kenku he is capable of perfect recall and replay of set orders, and incapable of disloyalty to one he has acknowledged as his Master. His flock has served the Strauss family, hereditary commanders of the Special Branch, for generations – as personal bodyguards and emissaries. He has been sent with a set of orders for the local military garrison and Guild personnel (who operate with the blessing of the Empire and its military), which will burst out of him in response to pre-programmed stimuli and scenarios, which he literally cannot warn about or attempt to avoid, and which are essentially the will of his superior locked in his body as a perfectly reliable courier.

He has been told that his loyalty to the Colonel is best expressed by showing equivalent loyalty to Commander Fior.

Serving two masters is…torment. Madness. (Strangely liberating?)

Something stirs, deep within [Bugle Reveille]’s stunted little soul.

<Bugle Reveille>

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