y - Gazardiel (Gaz) Smith (Deceased)

Lvl. 2 Wyld Magic Sorcerer with cool shades.



Str 13
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 16
Wis 15
Cha 15

XP: 1366

Skill proficiencies:

  • Arcana (from sorcerer)
  • Insight (from guild artificer)
  • Persuasion (from guild artificer)
  • Intimidation (from sorcerer)

Tool proficiencies:

  • Smith’s tools (from guild artisan)


  • Common
  • Celestial
  • Basic Dwarven (French)

Save proficiencies:

Con, Cha


Class: Sorcerer [Wyld Magic] 2
Race: “Human”
Name: Gazardiel Smith
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 180 pounds

AC10 (13 with Mage Armor)

Class features:

  • Wild Magic Surge
  • Tides of Chaos

Racial features:

  • Ain’t got none because he’s a vanilla, basic-ass human. +1 has already been added to all stats.


Daily Spell Slots

Cantrips: Inf.
Level 1: 3


Level 1


Background: Guild Artificer!

That’s right peeps, there’s artificer on the home continent. No mere blacksmith, Gaz and his mentor experimented with enchanting his forged/built/created items with all kinds of small magics. Instead of the usual guild artisan benefit [membership in a guild yada yada yada], Gaz can make a handful of small, remarkable items.

His glowing full moon spectacles give him dark vision out to 60’. In this radius, he can see in darkness as if it were dim light, and dim light as if it were bright light.

His spiffy duds give him resistance to necrotic and radiant damage. They’re that fly.

His right glove has a flash built in it, functionality operating as if he also knows the LIGHT cantrip.

His left glove is soaked in a self-renewing alchemical mixture. Once per long rest, he can use it to heal someone HP equal to his level as an action.


He doesn’t know who his family is. He’s an orphan with mysterious amnesia. He just woke up 1 day age 9 in Port City and wandered into a nearby shop in a daze. The kindly blacksmith took him on as an apprentice. The blacksmith and his wife had no children of their own, so they treated Gaz kindly and gave him a place to stay. These kindly people helped him find a name for himself – and he took Smith as his last name to thank the couple for their kindness.

Gaz always had a yearning for knowledge, and to explore and understand more about the world – stemming in no small part from his want to understand himself and his own history. As his skills as a blacksmith grew, he became interested in magics, and especially the notion of enchanting objects. He began self-studying arcana from what few books he could find – to try and understand the basics of magic. He decided to try enchanting a small stone to glow with a soft light. Focusing on the stone he suddenly felt a surge of magic, and rather than begin to glow – the stone suddenly became a baby goat.

When retelling this story later – Gaz’s mentor laughed and said that if he could cast something without training, it meant that he might have access to the ‘Wyld Magics’ – a rare skill. With further practice, Gaz managed to enchant several of his creations, earning himself a good bit of money.

He was happy, but restless in the city. He wanted to explore the world and learn more about its secrets, and his own past. He saved up his money and spent it all buying a one-way ticket to Silanya. Continent of Mystery! And Adventure!

y - Gazardiel (Gaz) Smith (Deceased)

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