x - Lee-Jean "Prada" Challenges-Debicourt de Ia Terre des Romances aux Rivalieux-Quandamouzieres Sur Vantera-aux Alpes Maritimes (retired)

Level 5 Drow Paladin


Up to date after expedition 89

Basic Stats:

STR: 11 DEX: 16 CON: 14 INT: 14 WIS: 9 CHA: 13
HP: 40 AC: 18 Save Proficiencies: WIS, CHA
Passive Perception: 12 Passive Investigation: 15 Speed: 40’ Height: 5’8’
Injuries: -1 Cha Disadvantage on all non proficient int checks Lost Persuasion proficiency
Armour and Weapon Proficiencies: All Armour All Weapons
Trained Skill Bonus Notes
Investigation +5 From background
Perception +2 From Elf
Religion +5 From Paladin
Stealth +6 From Background
Alchemist’s Tools + 5/+ 8 From background
Tailor’s tools +6 From Background
Languages: Common Dwarven
  • Superior Darkvision – to 120’
  • Sunlight Sensitivity – disadvantage on attack rolls and perception checks when in direct sunlight
  • Drow Magic – know the Dancing Lights cantrip (action, 120’, VSM, conc. to 1 min – 4 lights, move them up to 60’ as a bonus action)
  • Drow Magic (level 3) – Faerie Fire 1/LR, Cha is mod for DC
  • Drow Magic (level 5) – Darkness 1/LR
Class Features
  • Lay on Hands – 25 points. As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore a number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool. Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it.
  • Divine Sense – Action, 2x / long rest. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of you. You know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) of any being whose presence you sense, but not its identity. Within the same radius, you also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated.
  • Protection Fighting Style – use your reaction to impose disadvantage on an attack targeting a creature within 5’. Must be wearing a shield.
  • Divine Smite – when you hit with a melee attack, may expend a spell slot to add 2d8 radiant damage to the attack (+d8 for every level above 1)
  • Channel Divinity (Oath of Devotion)Sacred Weapon – action, weapon because magic, +Cha mod to hit, sheds bright light 20’ and dim light 20’, lasts 1 min or until not carrying weapon or if you fall unconcious – Turn the Unholy – action, each fiend or undead in 30’, Wis save or be turned for 1 min
  • Extra Attack – Attack twice when taking the Attack action on your turn
Other Features
  • Fire-Prince’s Favour – +10’ movement speed, +1d4 fire damage any time she deals damage
  • Blessing of Flame – gained 1000 xp
  • Danger Room Attunement – attuned to the danger room at level 2. +5 hp, -1 attunement slot for 5 levels. Paragon of Con benefit: requires half as much sleep (a long rest takes 2 hours)
  • Motivating Leader (feat) – Can spend 10 minutes to grant up to 6 creatures (including you) 6 temporary hp (level+cha mod)
  • Kiss of the Jungle – 1/day, can do poison damage on a smite and increase smite dice one size. (Additionally, implicitly respects for the Law and thinks well of the Wardens in general.)
  • What Could Have Been – learn 1 cantrip from the wizard spell list (tbd)
  • Weapon Specialization: Good Good Battle Heels – Can replace an attack with a heel kick, which does d4 + dex damage and pushes the enemy 10’ back if it is Large or smaller. If she smites on this attack, the target must make a Str save (DC 8 + prof + dex) or be knocked prone.
  • Weapon Specialization: Rapier – Do +prof damage against unarmoured or lightly armoured targets
Background feature
  • Advantage when making checks to pull something off with style and panache (NB, no benefit to actually doing the thing; it’s about how good she looks while she succeeds or fails.)
4 1st level spell slots
2 2nd level slots

Hex, Protection from Evil and Good, Sanctuary, Lesser Restoration, and Zone of Truth are always prepared
3 other spells prepared (default is Bless, Shield of Faith and Aid; or Command if someone else has Aid)

Inventory, debts, and crafting progress


x - Lee-Jean "Prada" Challenges-Debicourt de Ia Terre des Romances aux Rivalieux-Quandamouzieres Sur Vantera-aux Alpes Maritimes (retired)

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