y - Lucens Princeps (nee Bertholdt Rohrbach) (Deceased)

Level 5 Tiefling Warlock (Fiend/Fae)


Tiefling Warlock (Fiend / Fae Pact) [LN]

Updated after Expedition 79

Basic Stats:

STR: 12 DEX: 12 CON: 9 INT: 5 WIS: 10 CHA: 18
HP: 27.5 AC: 13 XP: 12049 (11951 to Level 6) Save Proficiencies: WIS, CHA
Passive Perception: 10 Senses: Darkvision 60’ Spell Save DC: 14 Speed: 30 Height: 5’10" Weight: 155 Experience:
Boons: Pack-Brother of the Land: Pack Tactics with Rock, Raevori, Tabitha, Valerian, Beauregarde against Aberrations. Knight of the Green: Magic longbow fires Eldritch Spears (300’). Handsome Leaf Doublet. Instructions from Granny. More to follow. Crown of Springtide: One randomized Warlock feature: Invocation, (Partial) Pact Boon, Patron Feature. Can reroll with level up. Fey Charm: +2 Charisma @ 4th Level Lingering Targeting: After turn spent Warging into Dorkins, can attack (flat roll) on anything Dorkins saw that would otherwise not be visible to Lucens. (Equates to every other turn.) Impish Bodyguard: If directly on his person, Dorkins absorbs the first hit scored against Lucens from ranged weapons during an ambush.
Injuries: Cranial Scarring: Permanent – 5 to Intelligence from shrapnel damage after suicide attack by Flying Dog Servitor (Expedition 32) Lacerated Throat: -1 to Constitution from a Fishfolk Sniper’s bullet (Expedition 33) Compressed Lung: Disadvantage to CON-based Endurance tests from manticore’s gouging bite into torso. (Expedition 79)

Currently Researching: Danger Room Stats Up Level 1 (w. Kal) (50/100)
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Light Armor Simple Weapons Thieves’ Tools

Trained Skills:

Skill Bonus Notes
Arcana +0 From Warlock.
Deception +7 From Criminal.
Intimidate +7 From Warlock.
Stealth +4 From Criminal.
Thieves’ Tools +4 From Criminal.
Languages: Common Infernal Dwarven Elvish Draconic
Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Chill Touch + 7 120’ 1d8 Necrotic V / S Struck target cannot heal until start of my next turn.
Create Bonfire DEX Save 15 60’ 1d8 Fire V / S 5’ cube within range – save if entering, starting turn or ending turn in space.
Dagger [Thrown] + 4 [+4]
Melee [20’/60’] 1d4+1 Piercing N/A 2 in Inventory.
Eldritch Spear (Grandmother’s Bow) + 7 300’ 2*1d10+4 Force V / S (In Bow form?) More beams at Levels 11 (3 Beams), 17 (4 Beams) – all target independently. Range to 120’ if not using Bow.
Grandmother’s Longsword (Shillelagh-ed) + 4 (+ 7) Melee 1d8 Slashing (+ 4) N/A Versatile (d10). Proficiency only with this longsword as a Knight of the Green.
Frostbite CON DC 15 60’ 1d6 Cold V / S On fail, target has Disadvantage on next attack.
Hellish Rebuke DEX DC 15 60’ 3d10 Fire V / S Reaction to attack by target I can see within range. Save for half damage.
Magic Stone +7 Touch (on 1-3 pebbles), 60’ when throwing, 60’/120’ when slinging 1d6 + 4 Bludgeoning V Enchantment lasts 1 minute; when thrown, hit or miss, it ends.
Devastating Scorching Ray of Aggravation + 7 (x 3) 120’ 3d6 Fire V / S Beams target independently. Crit on 18-20. Target(s) can use Reaction to Attack me.
Shocking Grasp + 7 Melee 1d8 Lightning V / S Advantage vs. Metal Armor. Cancels target’s Reaction on hit.
  • Infernal Legacy: I know the Thaumaturgy cantrip, the Hellish Rebuke spell and the Darkness spell, all of which I can cast without using a spell slot once per Long Rest.
  • Hellish Resistance: I resist Fire damage.
  • Dark One’s Blessing: When I reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points, I gain THP equal to CHA Mod + Warlock Level (8) from the Infernal blood that taints me.
  • Pact of the Chain: I learn Find Familiar and can cast it as a ritual. It doesn’t count against my Spells Known. My familiar can be an Imp or a Sprite (I can swap out semi-freely). I can use an Attack action to let my familiar make an Attack using its reaction. After much training, for 1 turn after using my Action to ‘warg’ into my familiar I can target an Attack as if still sharing its vision.

  • Familiar – Forcans (aka “Dorkins”) (LE Fiend)
STR: 6 DEX: 17 CON: 13 INT: 11 WIS: 12 CHA: 14
HP: 19 AC: 13 Damage Immunities: Fire, Poison, Poisoned condition Damage Resistances: Cold, Physical (unless Magic or Silvered weapon)
Passive Perception: 11 Passive Investigation: 10 Senses: Darkvision 120’ (Inc. Magical Darkness) Spell Save DC: 11 Speed:
20’, Fly 40’
Height: 1’10" Weight: 8 lbs.
Trained Skills:
Skill Bonus Notes
Deception +4 From Imp.
Insight +3 From Imp.
Persuasion +4 From Imp .
Stealth +5 From Imp.
Languages: Common Infernal

Shapechanger: Action -
Polymorph into form of rat (speed 20’), raven (20’, fly 60’), or Spider (20’, climb 20’), or true form. Stats otherwise unchanged. Equipment carried or worn not transformed. Reverts to true form on death.

Devil’s Sight: Can see through magical darkness.

Magic Resistance: Advantage on saves against Spells and other magical effects. Shares with Lucens if within 10’ of him.


  • Sting (Bite if Beast): +5, 1d4 + 3 piercing. 3d6 Poison damage, CON DC 11 for ½.
  • Invisibility: Invisible until it attacks, or until Concentration ends. Any equipment the imp worn or carried turns Invisible.

  • Familiar – Atisse (NG Fae)
STR: 3 DEX: 18 CON: 10 INT: 14 WIS: 13 CHA: 11
HP: 2 AC: 15 (Leather)
Passive Perception: 13 Passive Investigation: 12 Spell Save DC: 10 Speed:
10’, Fly 40’
Height: 10" Weight: 1 lbs.
Trained Skills:
Skill Bonus Notes
Perception +3 From Sprite
Stealth + 8 From Sprite.
Languages: Common Elvish Sylvan


  • Longsword: +2, 1 slashing damage.
  • Shortbow: 40’/160’ – 1 piercing damage, target Saves DC 10 CON or Poisoned 1 min. If fails by 5+, Unconscious until 1 minute, takes damage, Action used to shake it awake.
  • Heart Sight: Sprite touches creature, magically knows its current emotional state. If target target fails DC 10 CHA save, sprite also knows creature’s alignment. Celestials, Fiends, Undead automatically fail save.
  • Invisibility: Invisible until it attacks, or until Concentration ends. Any equipment worn or carried turns Invisible.

  • Knight of the Green: I gain the Grandmother’s Bow. I gain the Crown of Springtide. I can choose Fey or Fiend boons at Warlock level up. More to follow.
  • Background – Criminal: I have a Criminal Contact; I am unfortunately barred from contact with them by the terms of my Bonded Servitude, and besides, they are Home. (INACTIVE).
  • Personal Feature: Ni Diable, Ni Maitre – I ground my own Pact against the particularly strong atavism in my blood, so am not beholden to any extraplanar entities as most Fiend Pact Warlocks are. (This is the only reason Fior consented to have my sentence served here.) Occasionally my blood releases more spells to my control, in exchange for penalties that are for now between Fior and myself. In addition, I have advantage to Deception Checks vs. Insight – many of my secrets are not my own to share, and so I have rigorously trained so that my Jailor will not be shamed by my indiscretion.
  • Agonizing Blast: +CHA (4) to all Eldritch Blast damage.
  • Misty Visions: Silent Image as at-will action, no slot or components. ((V, S) – I create an object, creature or visible phenomenon within a 15-foot cube within 60’ for 10 minutes concentration. The image is purely visual; it isn’t accompanied by sound, smell, or other sensory effects. I can use an action to move it to any spot within range. The image alters to appear natural – if I create an image of a creature and move it, I can alter the image so that it appears to be walking. If I alter an image of terrain, it shifts accordingly. Physical interaction reveals image to be an illusion; things can pass through it. Using an action to examine the image sees through it (literally and figuratively) with Investigation DC 14.)
  • Voice of the Chain Master: I can see through, speak through, and telepathically communicate with my Familiar if we are on the same hex.
Pact Magic (2 slots, recover on Short Rest, all spells Level 2):
Cantrips Known (9):
  • Chill Touch (120’ – Pale, ghostly hand emerges through small tear in space to touch, cling to creature; +7, 1d8 Necrotic and cannot heal until start of next turn.) (V, S, Action)
  • Create Bonfire (60’ – 5’ cube bonfire within range; entering space or starting/ending turn in space save DC 15 DEX or 1d8 Fire) (V, S, Action) (Conc. 1 minute.) [BG Benefit]
  • Eldritch Spear of Agony (300’ – + 7, 2*1d10+4 Force) (V, S, Action)
  • Frostbite (60’ – save DC 15 CON or 1D6 Cold, next Attack has Disadvantage) (V, S, Action) [BG Benefit]
  • Guidance (Touch – willing creature adds 1d4 to ONE Ability Check, after rolling, during duration.) (V, S, Action) (Conc., 1 minute) [Crown]
  • Magic Stone (Touch – 1-3 pebbles become 7, 1d64 bludgeoning magic thrown weapons. Range 60’, 30’/120’ from a sling. Magic fades after attack (hit or miss) or 1 min. (V, S, Bonus Action)
  • Shillelagh (Touch – For 1 Minute, Longsword becomes CHA-based, magical.) (V, S, M (mistletoe, shamrock leaf, Longsword)) (Bonus Action) [Crown]
  • Shocking Grasp (Touch – +7, 1d8 Lightning Damage (Advantage if Metal Armor), on hit target gets no Reactions this turn.) (V, S, Action) [Crown]
  • Thaumaturgy (30’ – Cause a ‘Minor Wonder’, stack up to 3 effects, inc.: Voice triples in volume; Flames flicker/brighten/dim/change colour; Harmless ground tremors; instantaneous sound of my choice from point of my choice; unlocked door or window opens or shuts; alter eyes’ appearance.) (V, Action) (Conc., 1 minute) [Tiefling]
3rd-Level Spells Known (9):
  • Armor of Agathys (Self – +15 THP, If creature hits with Melee while have them, 15 Cold.) (V, S, M (cup of water)) (1 hr.)
  • Command (60’ – 3 creatures I can see w/in 30’ of each other must save WIS DC 15 or perform my one word command next turn. Examples: Approach (target moves towards me by the shortest and most direct route, ending its turn if it moves within 5 feet); Drop (target drops whatever it is holding, then ends its turn); Flee (target spends its turn moving away from me by the fastest available means); Grovel (target falls prone, then ends its turn); Halt (target doesn’t move and takes no actions; a flying creature can stay aloft, moving as little as needed to do so); or others at DM discretion.) (V, Action)
  • Hellish Rebuke (60’ – Target that I can see and that attacked me takes 3d10 fire damage, save DEX DC 15 for half.) (V, S, Reaction) [1/LR – Tiefling]
  • Hunger of Hadar (150’ – 20’ sphere of utter blackness / difficult terrain, emits cacophany audible 30’. Creatures in area blinded – take 2d6 Cold if start turn in area, 2d6 acid if end turn in area.) (V, S, M (pickled octopus tentacle) (Conc., 1 min.)
  • Empowering Clumsy Hex (90’ – Target I can see takes extra 1d6 Necrotic from my attacks, Disadv. on Ability Checks of 1 stat. Next spell I cast has +1 die of damage/healing or +2 Save DC as I choose. Provokes AOOs on cast.) (V, S, M (Eye of Newt), Bonus Action) (Conc., 8 hrs.) [BG Benefit]
  • Invisibility (Touch – 2 targets Invisible until spell ends, or it attacks or casts a spell.) (V, S, M (eyelash encased in gum arabic), Action) (Conc., 1 hr.)
  • Devastating Scorching Ray of Aggression (120’ – +6, 4 Beams of 2d6 Fire, can concentrate or spread out beams. Crits on 18-20. Target can use reactions to attack me.) (V, S, Action)
  • Phantasmal Force (60’ – Craft illusion in mind of creature I can see in range – save INT DC 15. No effect on undead or constructs. On failed save, I create phantasmal object, creature or other visible phenomenon no larger than 10’ cube, inc. sound, temperature, other stimuli, perceivable only to target. Until passes Investigate DC 15 (uses Action), targets acts as if real, rationalizes any illogical contradictions – target attempting to walk phantom bridge over chasm falls once it steps onto bridge. If survives fall, still believes bridge exists and comes up with some other explanation for its fall – pushed, slipped, strong wind. Target can take damage from any creature or dangerous phenomena created – 2d6 psychic per round on my term, perceived as appropriate type by target.) (V, S, M (bit of fleece), Action) (Conc., 1 min.)
  • Shatter (60’ – Loud ringing noise, 10’ radius takes 4d8 Thunder, save CON DC 15 for 1/2. Creature made of metal or stone has disadvantage. Non-magical objects in range take damage as well.) (V, S, M (shard of mica), Action) [Book]
Inventory (Capacity = 48 / 120 lbs.) (30 if leaving behind rations/bedroll/water)
Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight (Total)
Crown of Springtide (Attuned) 1 0.5 lbs.
Dagger 2 2 lbs.
Grandmother’s Bow (Arcane Focus) (Attuned) 1 2 lbs.
Convict’s Uniform (Under Grandmother’s Surcoat) 1 0.5 lbs
Grandmother’s Longsword 1 3 lbs
Grandmother’s Surcoat 1 13 lbs
Item # Weight
Backpack 1 5 lbs.
Grappling Hook 1 4 lbs.
Rations 3 6 lbs.
Bedroll 1 7 lbs.
Waterskin 1 5 lbs. (full)
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Cashbox 1 739 GP TO BUGLE
Debt List 1 Bugle – contribute to next bought magic item.
Dead Bloodlines, Dark Promises – Towards A Practical Theory of Spell Alteration – 2nd Circle (Used) 1 100 GP
In Every Mirror Your Master (Used) 1 75 GP
Our Heritage, Our Life, Our Empire: The Life and Loves of Rachel Simmons (History of Old Empire) 1 80 GP [SOLD BY BUGLE]
The Void, The Void: Songs of The Under-Place (Teaches ( Shatter (Used) / Dream ) 1 2500 GP


Lucens Princeps is not my name. It is my Jailor’s name.

I do not have a name. My Jailor has a name that once was mine. If they choose they may give it back when I am free. If I am ever free.

For now I will bear theirs, for I am as much their own as their good right hand.

I was convicted of using my powers for ill. I burned without care. I burned those dear to my Jailor. I did not mean to, deep in my heart, and yet the power chose for me because I did not control it. I pay the penalty to the Jailor, one whom I hurt and deprived, one of power and position. They had the choice to kill me.

Instead they made me their bondsman. They made their name my own and I surrendered to that name because I feared to die and thought it would be better to live, not free, but breathing.

I was wrong, I think now. Their plan is elaborate. They spent months preparing me. Pressuring Commander Fior. Driving home the depths of my peril and their hatred for me in sending me to this place.

I will fight and bleed in the service of Silanya. I will be free when I have paid Weregild. This Weregild is many thousands of Gold. I could not earn this in a lifetime at home; I may earn this if I find fortune in the battlegrounds of Silanya.

And if I do not, I will have died horribly or returned a maimed cripple.

Either way, in the eyes of my Jailor, justice will have been served.

Let me join you, people of Silanya; let me help you – for my sentence does not permit me to shirk from protecting the lives of others – but know that I am here because this awful land is what I deserve.

I am more broken now – of body, of mind. But there is such clarity, such simplicity, in letting go of my old strengths to find new growth where they held me fettered.

I am a Knight of the Green.

y - Lucens Princeps (nee Bertholdt Rohrbach) (Deceased)

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