y - Melora Blackfingers (deceased)

Lvl 5 Human Paladin


CPC pool xp remaining: 1222

Died on Expedition 80 to the third eye beams of the black leaf eating giants in the Twilight Lockers of the Garden of the Heart.

At time of death, with 7 injuries her 15887 xp was reduced by (0.5*0.95^7) to 5547xp. 400 of this is awarded to Paloma’s future character Caoimhe. 2900 xp is awarded to future CPC leveling (deduced from here as used), 2247 xp as a pool for James’s characters.

Never doubts Sovan Dareshin.


Stats: STR 20, DEX 7, CON 8, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 17
Proficiency bonus to WIS and CHA saves
Proficiency bonus +3
Experience to 6: 15887/24000 (9367 to go)

hp 37.3/37.3
5d10 HD
AC 18, 20 with shield
Speed 30ft

4’ 10", 70lb

Trained Skill Rolls: Athletics +8, Religion +2
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma

  • Lost proficiency to persuasion due to the mind-warping attacks of the Fish-Queen-Skinchanger on Expedition 33.
  • Lost -1 CHA to slight disfigurement from a terrific beating suffered from a Lurker Berserker on Expedition 37.
  • Loss of proficiency on History checks, from Exp 38
  • Now has disadvantage on Perception checks, from Exp 38
  • Lost -2 Int on Exp 38
  • Lost -3 Dex on Exp 38
  • Lost Insight proficiency on Exp 59 (slight aphasia re: facial details.)

Physical attacks:
Longsword: + 8 to hit, 1d8 + 5 slashing
Javelin: +8 to hit, 1d6 + 5 piercing. (Range 30’/120’)


Human Generalism +1 to Charisma and +1 to Wisdom

Human Work Ethic Melora starts the game with the Heavy Armour Master feat. In addition to +1 strength, this feat reduces any damage from a non-magical piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning source by 3 as long as Melora is wearing heavy armor.

Maglubiyet’s Bane Melora’s Heavy Armour Master damage reduction is 4, not 3, against goblins and goblin-trained wolves. Gained from an epiphany on expedition 18a.

Human Focus Melora gets a bonus skill proficiency in History.

Fighting Style: Defense The acolyte of a courageous, competent god, Melora gets +1 to her AC.

Divine Sense 5 times per long rest, Melora can reach out and scour the area within 60 feet of her with the divine presence of the God Valkor. Any fiend, celestial, or undead not behind total cover is revealed to her in its type and location, but not its name, as are any places of consecration or desecration.

Lay On Hands Melora can heal 25 HP per long rest using her Lay On Hands ability.

Divine Smite Melora can expend a spell slot on a hit to deal an additional 1d8 + 1d8 * the spell slot’s level radiant damage (min 2d8 / max 5d8).

Divine Health The grace of Valkor shields Melora from disease.

Oath of Devotion Melora has sworn the Oath of Devotion.

Channel Divinity: 1 / SR
Sacred Weapon: Action to make one weapon I’m holding magical: duration 1 min, add CHA mod to attack rolls (minimum +1). Weapon emits bright light for 20 ft radius, dim light for another 20 ft. Can end this effect on my turn without using an action, it also stops if I drop the weapon or faint.
Turn the Unholy: Action to present holy symbol and speak prayer. Each fiend or undead that can see or hear me within 30 ft makes a WIS save, DC 14. If fails, it is turned for 1 min or until it takes dmg. Turned creatures spend their turns moving as far away from me as possible, can’t willingly move to within 30 ft of me, can’t take reactions. Can only use Dash action or try to escape. If nowhere to move, can Dodge.

Valkor’s Might Melora gained +2 Str at level 4.

Extra Attack Melora attacks twice when she performs the Attack action.

Weapon Specializations

  • For Melora, the Longsword is a Hero’s Weapon (1/round, the next ally to attack a target she hit with a longsword has Advantage).
  • Melora can go for a Running Start with a Javelin, making a Full Round Action (Action+Bonus+Move) to throw a Javelin 1.5*range (45’ / 180’) for 2d6+STR mod damage.

Spellcasting Melora gets 4 first level spells and 2 second level spells per long rest.

She always has the following Oath of Devotion spells prepared (don’t count against limit):
Level 1

  • Protection from Evil and Good
  • Sanctuary

Level 2

  • Lesser Restoration
  • Zone of Truth

And also has 5 of the following spells prepared (Cha mod + 1/2 paladin level)

Level 1:

  • Bless (Up to three creatures of your choice within range add d4 to all attack rolls or saving throws for 1 minute (concentration).
  • Command (You speak a one-word command to a creature you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or follow the command on its next turn.)
  • Compelled Duel (action; Concentration up to 1 minute; PHB224)
  • Cure Wounds (Creature you touch gains 1d8+3 HP. No effect on undead or constructs.)
  • Detect Evil and Good (action; Concentration up to 10 minutes; automatically sense presence of aberrations, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead within 30 feet of me including precise location, along with consecrated or desecrated objects; blocked by 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt)
  • Detect Magic (For 10 minutes, you sense the presence of magic within 30 feet of you. Action to see a faint aura around any visible creature or object in the area that bears magic, and you learn its school of magic, if any. Blocked by 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt.)
  • Detect Poison and Disease For 10 minutes, you can sense the presence and location of poisons, poisonous creatures, and diseases within 30 feet of you. You also identify the kind of poison, poisonous creature, or disease in each case. Blocked by 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt
  • Divine Favor (Your prayer empowers you with divine radiance. For 1 minute, your weapon attacks deal +1d4 radiant damage on a hit. (Bonus action, Concentration))
  • Heroism (A willing creature you touch is imbued with bravery. For 1 minute, the creature is immune to being frightened and gains temporary hit points equal to your spellcasting ability modifier (3) at the start of each of its turns.)
  • Purify Food and Drink (All nonmagical food and drink within a 5-foot-radius sphere centered on a point of your choice within range is purified and rendered free of poison and disease.)
  • Shield of Faith (A shimmering field appears and surrounds a creature of your choice within range, granting it a +2 bonus to AC for 10 minutes (bonus action, Concentration))
  • Thunderous Smite (bonus action, Concentration 1 minute) The first time you hit with a melee weapon attack during spell’s duration, weapon rings with thunder audible within 300’; the attack deals an extra 2d6 thunder damage and creature must save STR DC 14 or be pushed 10’ away and knocked prone.
  • Wrathful Smite (bonus action; concentration; 1 minute duration; next creature hit by you must make a Wisdom saving throwing or be frightened of you until the spell ends; can use an action to make a Wisdom CHECK to end the effect)

Level 2

  • Aid – Up to 3 creatures get +5 Max HP for 8 hrs.
  • Branding Smite — (bonus action; concentration; 1 minute duration; The next time you hit a creature with a weapon attack before this spell ends, weapon gleams with astral radiance, deals +2d6 radiant damage, target becomes visible if invisible, sheds 5’ dim light and can’t become invisible until the spell ends.
  • Find Steed — You summon a spirit that assumes the form of an unusually intelligent, strong, and loyal steed, creating a long-lasting bond with it. Appearing in an unoccupied space within range, the steed takes on a form that you choose, such as a warhorse, a pony, a camel, an elk, or a mastiff. The two of you fight as a seamless unit – all spells you cast on yourself for also affect the mount while you mount it, and you can communicate telepathically with it within 1 mile; if the mount is brought to 0 HP or if you dismiss it as an action, you can summon the same beast at full HP with another casting of the spell.
  • Lesser Restoration You touch a creature and can end either one disease or one condition afflicting it. The condition can be blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned.
  • Locate Object Describe or name an object that is familiar to you. You sense the direction to the object’s location, as long as that object is within 1,000’ of you.
  • Magic Weapon Touch a nonmagical weapon. For 1 hour, that weapon becomes a magic weapon with a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. (Concentration)
  • Protection from Poison (1 hour – You touch a creature. If it is poisoned, you neutralize the poison if you know it, or one at random if not / multiple. For duration, creature has advantage on saves against poison and poison resistance.
  • Zone of Truth (10 minutes, Concentration) You create a magical zone that guards against deception in a 15’ radius sphere centered on a point of your choice within 60’. Until the spell ends, a creature that enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there must make a Charisma saving throw (DC 14) or be compelled to tell the truth. You know if it passes or fails its save. It can avoid the truth as long as it doesn’t tell a direct lie.

Background Feature: Guild Membership, Bookbinder’s Guild. Not currently active in Sila, so dormant for now.

Backstory Benefit: Blessed by Valkor
For her bravery in attacking a devil with a slightly sharpened spoon at the age of eight, and other deeds, the blessing of Valkor manifested in Melora’s frail frame at the age of 10, as she struggled to rescue Valentine Merryweather from being crushed by a massive bookcase. This is the source of her incongruously high strength score (flavor wise it would be 8 without this), and her carrying capacity is QUADRUPLED.


Skills: Persuasion, Athletics, Religion
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
Armor: All armour, shields
Weapons: All simple and martial
Tools: Calligrapher’s supplies
Languages. Common, Elven, Draconic


Money: 77 gp, 7 sp, 3 cp
-standard gear gp

Has 1 fully trained guard.
1 guard, 8 rebels died in a Rising Sun ambush in late December 2017.

Favors and debts:
Melora owns 300 gp worth of books on old Silanya, available for public perusal in the Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness complex (currently the quarters of Tobias the Scholar).

Item Quantity Cost (sp, per) Weight (lbs, total) Notes
Longsword 1 150 3 Versatile
Silvered Longsword 1 1150 3 Versatile
Javelin from She Who Increases 1 1000 2 Emits 50’ metal cord (AC 20, 20 HP) attached to plate gauntlet. As object action, Melora can switch damage dice to d4 to embed barbs in targeted creature or object on hit – target or its ally can spend Action, deal 2d4 piercing damage to target to remove javelin. Melora can keep any such target that weighs up to her drag weight (600 lbs.) from moving farther from her current position, and pull it up to 20’ closer to her with an opposed STR check. Cord can support up to 600 lbs. of suspended weight. DC 12 STR check to yank unimbedded javelin back to her position.
Splint Mail 1 2000 60
Shield 1 100 6
Javelin 10 5 20
Holy symbol (amulet) 1 50 1
Standard stuff 1 ?? 43
Rope, 50’ increments 10 10 100
Healing potion 3 500 0.1

Fun fact: Melora’s current longsword and splint mail were those brought to her in LUA prison on Exp. 40.

Powerful thought of connection Melora was given a single use ability to forge a telepathic connection with a single creature (no duration, possibly switches on and off based on range). It hasn’t been used yet.

Megabackpack 1 500 50

Left in town:
Owns a book on ladder safety in the Sila Library (10 gp).
Owns the talon that she cut off the fearsome Roc in Expedition 66 (100 gp)

|Rations (1 day)|30|5|60|
|Rope (hempen, 50’)|10|10|100|
|Waterskin|11|2|55 (full)|
|Mess kit|1|2|1|
|Oil (flask)|9|1|9|

Traveler’s clothes 1 20 4

Total weight carried: 238 lbs
Carrying capacity: 800 lbs unencumbered / 1200 lbs encumbered

Melora Blackfingers was engaged to Clementine Merryweather [deceased]. She is a childhood friend of Valentine Merryweather [insane, now identifying as Clementine Merryweather] and Katan [deceased]. She has forgotten that she ever knew these people, due to her offering these memories as a gift to Grandmother Dryad on expedition 33 to aid the party in their fight with the skin changers.

She still doesn’t remember any of that, but discovered that she was not actually asexual, and is now dating Tabitha Errsule. Sexually. As of New Year’s Day 2018. Their first date was September 2017, but they were stuck in the ‘wrestling’ phase for a WHILE because Melora thought she was ace since all other Chosen of Valkor are ace.


y - Melora Blackfingers (deceased)

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