Pierre Lee

Level 4 Dwarven War Cleric


Level 4 Dwarven War Cleric

XP: 9495
Gold: 1488

STR:17 DEX:6 CON:13 INT:8 WIS:18 CHA:14

AC: 20 (Plate mail + Shield)
HP: 26
Speed: 25
Weight 210 lbs

Dragonslaying Warhammer: + 6, 1D8 +4 Bludgeoning
+1 Magical weapon
Deals an extra 3d6 damage to dragon type creatures

Handaxe: + 5, 1D6 +3 Slashing

Mountain Dwarf: + 2 strength bonus, and proficiency with light and medium armor.
Dwarven Resilience: Advantage on saving throws against poison, as well as resistance against poison damage.
Dark Vision: Superior vision in dark or underground conditions.
Stone Cunning: Proficient background regarding the origin and history of stonework.
Immunity to Mushroom Poison: After a fatal dose of Mushroom poison knocked him unconscious, Pierre Awoke virtually unharmed Having discovered his body naturally wards off the toxic spores
Mushroom Blessing: Taking in a potion prepared by the mushroom people permanently disfigured Pierre into a much stronger dwarf, granting him 1/2 damage to crit and sneak attacks. However he was given a disadvantage on initiative rolls.
War Priest: your god delivers bolts of inspiration to you while you are engaged in battle. When you use the Attack action, you can make one weapon attack as a bonus action.
You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.
Facial Scar: it doesn’t have any special abilities it just looks so damn cool.
Paragon of WIsdom: If Pierre passes a Wis save by 5+ the source loses their next action

Armour: Light armor, medium armor,heavy armor, shields.
Weapons: Battleaxe, handaxe, light hammer, warhammer, martial weapons.
Tool: Mason’s tools.
Saving throws: Wisdom, charisma.
Skills: Religion, insight, medicine, persuasion.

Channel Divinity:
Turn Undead: As an action, you present your holy Symbol and speak a prayer censuring the Undead. Each Undead that can see or hear you within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. If the creature fails its saving throw, it is turned for 1 minute or until it takes any damage.
Guided Strike: use your Channel Divinity to strike with supernatural accuracy. When you make an attack roll, you can use your Channel Divinity to gain a +10 bonus to the roll. You make this choice after you see the roll, but before the DM says whether the attack hits or misses.

Pierre’s appearance has changed to that of a visibly younger Pierre, with eyes slitted like a cats.
Pounce: Once per round Pierre can make a DC 15 athletics check to run straight at someone and pounce om them. Gain extra 5’ Movement and they make a DC 13 STR check or they are knocked prone, then can roll disadvantaged attack roll.

Spare the dying
Sacred Flame



The church was all that Pierre knew for the entirety of his young adult life. Abandoned at birth to the clutches of the corruption, the church found little Pierre and carried him away as they fled the island in hopes of rebuilding in a new world. Pierre served for 75 years as a helper to the dwarven High priest St. Clermont-Ferrand. Pierre learned the craft of stone-masonry building the cathedral he would live and pray in.
Upon completion of the cathedral, hundreds of travelers scaled the mountains in search of the superior healing power of St. Clermont. One spring morning As Pierre Carved a new prayer into the walls of the cathedral a sick young dwarf with long bright orange hair caught the corner of his eye. Madeline was her name, and Pierre fell in lust instantly, calling forth a personal favour to St. Clermont to see her, she left the cathedral as healthy as ever.
Madeline came back to visit the church often, visiting and talking to Pierre. The two got very close, but such interactions in the church were forbidden. Against the wishes of the high priest Pierre took off to spend a life together with Madeline, but put himself in an unfavorable relationship with the gods.
Pierre and Madeline could not have been happier together, caring and raising two daughters Eloise and Charlotte. Pierre found work as a stone mason outside of the cathedral while Madeline ran a very busy tavern. The two stayed together through thick and thin, Eloise and Charlotte eventually grew up and started lives of their own. Pierre’s and Madeline’s love continued to flourish in their old age.
That is until Madeline fell ill again. Struck with the same illness she had as a girl, Pierre rushed back to the cathedral where he spent his youth only to find it abandoned. Out of time and luck Madeline succumbed to her sickness leaving Pierre filled with woe and rage.
He cursed the gods that he once served, the ones that abandoned him, and the ones that took his dear Madeline away. After he paid a final visit to his daughters and grandson, he ventured further into the mountain, towards the old cathedral. He climbed up the altar, which had worn in the years as much as Pierre had. He shouted, and almost instantaneous he felt the roof crumble and a sharp stab right in the shoulder. He reached over and pulled out a dagger, he panicked and looked around but nobody was in sight. Suddenly becoming weary he fainted.
As he awoke he felt almost youthful again, imbued with magical abilities he did not know the origin of. He looked down at the dagger he clutched in his hand and recognized the engraved symbol almost immediately, Dave the Nameless, the dwarven trickster god. “But why?” he thought. He was not being chosen, he was not being punished, and this was some cruel joke. He had come up here to be at peace with his dear Madeline. “But maybe” he thought “maybe this was Madeline giving me the gift of something greater. A chance to do something.” But he will never know. Not until the afterlife of course. Dwarven Trickster gods are just like that, they just want to see what kind of chaos comes about.
With power unbeknownst to Pierre, he scoured old religious texts to find anything relating to Dave the nameless. But most of the cathedrals old texts were lost 300 years ago when they fled from corruption. He knew of a party that was headed out that way down the mountain. And here is where his journey begins.

Pierre has an unusual relationship to his deity Dave the nameless. Pierre believes with all his heart that the god has made a friendship with his late wife Madeline, and it is with her blessing that Pierre was granted this gift. However this is not the case, Dave the nameless has chosen Pierre and granted him ability far beyond his years as a joke. He thought it would be funny as well as interesting to watch the struggles of a 300 year old adventurer.
Pierre intends to use his newfound gift to the utmost of his ability to learn what he can about his unknown past and bring home stories as well as gold to his grandson. He fully understood that coming to Silanya at his old age was a death sentence but he believes this is a task from the gods and completing this would net him a spot in the afterlife.

Pierre Lee

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