Barb 1 FTR 3 (A burly navy sailor turned berserk adventurer)


Rock — Female Human Barbarian 1 fighter 3. Background sailor
6’1, deep brown eyes, craggy granite skin, 175 lbs, 47 years old, covered in scars.


AC 16 (half plate); HP 38

Str 16, dex 11, con 14, int 12, Wis 6, cha 9
skills: Survival, Perception

Primary weapon — Silver halberd. +5 — d10 +3 / d4 +3 OR Shadow Glaive of Quickness
Also carries 3 harpoons. +5 — d6 +3 damage


Feat: Polearm Master (AOO when an enemy enters her threatened area; can attack with butt of halberd as a d4 weapon).

Rage: 2/day. Lasts 1 minute. Gives advantage on strength checks & saves, +2 to melee attack damage, and resistance to physical damage (pierce/slash/bludgeon)

Battlemaster 4d8/short rest – save DC 13
- Goading Attack: wis save or forced to attack Rock (add d8 damage)
- Maneuvering Strike: ally can move 1/2 speed without provoking opportunity attacks
- Precise Attack: +d8 to hit
- Pushing Attack: str save or be pushed up to 15 ft (add d8 damage)

Defence: +1 AC

Second Wind: d10+fighter level (3) HP 1/short rest.

Action Surge: take an extra action this round. 1/short rest.

Special background benefit — learns from her mistakes.
Can apply Int instead of Wis to perception and survival if she has failed at that specific activity in the past. If the circumstances are nearly identical to ones she has failed in before, she rolls with advantage.

Magic Items:

Kavacha’s Virtue (Blood soaked whisperplate) (dark red-gray and covered in arcane runes that sometimes let off a low crimson glow). Half plate armour that does not impose disadvantage on stealth checks, and 1 / expedition the wearer can spend a hit die when they kill a foe.
Powered by blood: when Rock drops for the second time in a short period of time, the armour flares to life, worsening her injuries (additional drop roll at same modifier) and restoring her health (stay at 1, and spend a HD). Rock noted that she cannot control this, and speculated that it might be possible to draw more power from it, but she has not had a chance to try it, because after it happened, she immediately dropped for a third time and stayed down.

Chain Bracer of Injury Reduction +2 on injury rolls. The bracer has wisps of abjuration magic that seems somehow linked to the gray hills.

Shadow Glaive of Quickness – +1 weapon in dim light, + prof to initiative rolls.

Permanent injuries:
-1 dex (badly torn ligament in leg)
-1 wis (permanant tinnitis from damage to inner ear)
-1 wis (damage to left eye resulted in partial loss of vision)
Loss of Nature proficiency (head injury)
Loss of athletics proficiency – minor spine damage from trying to break Night’s fall

Permanent Enhancements:
pack tactics vs: aberrations with
Raevori, Valerian, Beau, Lucens, Tabby

Can Smell magic and track magical things by smell.

Minor Epiphany: immune to hobgoblins’ 2d6 bonus damage when it is applied via ranged attacks. (this only applies to the grey hills hobgoblins, if there are other people with the same ability elsewhere it does not apply to them).

Gold 686
200 gp owed by Night


Rock (given name Vaiana) is an islander from the SE islands on the new continent. She was a navy sailor for years, starting in the sea-devil wars. After her years at sea, she left the navy and traveled to Silanya.

Her scars tell the story of a life hard-won. She walks and strikes with steady, controlled motions. When she forgets herself, she moves with swift confidence, and seems surprised when she stumbles.


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