Rowan Kyrie'yva

half-elf paladin sworn to the fey


10 12 16 7 11 16

carries darts, shield, rapier, wears scale-mail

AC 17
HP 13

Background : urchin


This young looking half-elf paladin is sworn to the service of the spirits of the wood, and wears armour of steel scales styled like leaves.

Items :

Rowan’s father Arthur was a great knight who had earned his spurs for valor in war. He was lord of a small keep with a wife and children at the time he abandoned his old life.

Travelling through the forest at sunset in summer as a ponderously large moon rose he stumbled upon a circle of dancers from the realm of the faerie. Enchanted, he left the land of men without a second thought and was brought by the dancers to the Feywild.

The Elf that brought Arthur to the twilight realm took him as a lover, and to their union Rowen was born. Rowen never truly met his father – by the time Rowen was a child, his father had been placed in an enchanted sleep so he would not age.

Every few years Rowen’s mother would wake Arthur and take him to a great celebration. They would dance wildly for days with the courts through the forests of the twilight realm. When the festivities were ended, Arthur would be returned to sleep.

He lay hidden beneath the largest tree in a wild dale. While Rowen had never been introduced to Arthur he had visited – and looked on his father’s face to see his half-open eyes not recognize him. Very rarely Arthur’s limp jaw would move as he lay beneath the oak tree and Rowen heard him speak single words – “when,” “morning,” “horse” or “dance.”

Rowan quickly outgrew the other elves of his cohort. His manners were poor for his apparent age and his human features made him unpopular in the twilight realm.

He was cast out and returned to the world of men.

Rowen lived by his wits on the streets of Capital City. He begged and he stole with experience that one could not believe a young child could possess. As indeed he was not – by that time he was closer to twenty years of age.

Life in Capital City seemed brutal ugly and dull compared to the magical world Rowen remembered from his youngest childhood, and as soon as he came to be grown he sought to return to the twilight realm.

As a young man he searched through the forests to find the various mushroom circles that could serve as portals, but the fairy rings would not open to him. Many times he thought he saw the elves dancing and laughing in the distance, but whenever he approached he found nought but shadows, the sound of wind in the leaves and the faint scent of summer herbs.

The sun was rising after a long night of searching the woods half-lost and Rowen had nearly given up all hope when he found them. He came upon the summer court.

The elven ladies and princes were beautiful beyond description but their expressions turned from joy to sternness and contempt as Rowen came towards them. The music, dance and laughter all halted.

In the center, Titania Queen of the Summer Court turned to him and spoke to him with a voice filled with rage “Can you not tell that you are not wanted here? Foolish mortal why do you continue to seek us out?”

Rowen stammered out his answer and the beautiful queen’s laughter was like a hurricane clearing in a single moment to reveal a blue sky. Titania turned to Rowen’s mother who admitted shamefaced that this interloper was her son.

Titania spoke again to Rowen “you are not wanted here” but her tone was gentle and she smiled at him. “If you wish to return to us go first to the land across the sea” she gestured to her attendants – Rowen was given a well-balanced rapier with the face of a fairy dragon on the hilt and dressed in armour scaled with steel the texture of autumn leaves.

The music the dance and the laughter started again and in moments the court had disappeared.

Rowen traveled to Port City and booked the first ship available with the Adventurer’s Guild.

Rowan Kyrie'yva

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