a CPC - Saoirse Brannoch of House Ferrus

Level 4 Stout Halfling Noble Rogue (Thief), pronounced SEER-sha


Updated after Expedition 86
Log HP tracking: 0.5 (67, 68, 70, 78, 86)

Basic Stats:

STR: 12 DEX: 20 CON: 16 INT: 12 WIS: 7 CHA: 9
HP: 39 AC: 17 (w. Studded Leather) Save Proficiencies: DEX, INT
Passive Perception: 8 Passive Investigation: 11 Speed: 25 Height: 3’5" Weight: 43 lbs.
Boons: Danger Room Attunement: +4 Max HP
Injuries: Lost perception proficiency + disadvantage on perception
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Light Armor Simple Weapons Hand crossbows Longswords Rapiers Shortswords
Trained Skill Bonus Notes
Acrobatics +9 From Rogue. Expertise.
History +1 From Noble.
Performance +1 From Rogue.
Persuasion +1 From Noble.
Stealth +9 From Rogue. Expertise.
Thieves’ Tools (Dex) +7 Used to get up to no good. From Rogue.
Languages: Common Halfling Thieves’ Cant Draconic Sign Language (Fluent)
Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Light Crossbow +6 Ranged (80’/320’) 1d8+4 piercing N/A Ammunition. Loading. 2h.
Shortsword +6 Melee 1d6+4 piercing N/A Main-hand. Light. Finesse.
Dagger +6 Melee / Ranged (20/60) 1d4 piercing (1d4+4 thrown) N/A Off-hand. Light. Thrown. Finesse.
  • Lucky: When I roll a 1 on a d20 for an Attack, ability check, or save, I can reroll and must use the new roll.
  • Brave: I have advantage on saving throws against being Frightened.
  • Halfling Nimbleness: I can move through the space of any Medium or larger creature.
  • Stout Resilience: I have resistance to Poison Damage and advantage on saves vs. Poison.
  • Expertise: Two of my skill proficiencies (which can inc. Thieves’ Tools) double. (2 more at 6th.)
  • Sneak Attack: My strikes can exploit a foe’s distraction. 1/turn, I deal an extra 2d6 damage to one creature I hit with an Advantaged Attack, or with an attack on a target within 5 feet of an ally against whom i’m not Disadvantaged, with a Finesse or a ranged weapon.
  • Thieves’ Cant: I speak Thieves’ Cant. DON’T ASK ABOUT IT IT’S SECRET.
  • Cunning Action: I can use a Bonus Action to Hide (+ 8), Dash, or Disengage. As a Thief, I can also use a Bonus Action to perform a Sleight of Hand check (+ 4), to use Thieves’ Tools (+ 6), or to Use an Object (including a Potion).
  • Thief – Second Story Work: I gain a climb speed equal to my move speed (25’). My running jump distance (before needing a check) is STR score + Dex Mod = 16’.
  • Epiphany: advantage on dex saves vs floor traps (mines, pressure plates, etc).
  • Acrobatic Aspirations. Advantage on checks to climb or jump; DC 12 Wisdom check to accept any help whatsoever in climbing or jumping tasks. From dropping several times in the jungle.
  • Personal Feature: ???
Inventory (Capacity = 28 / 120 lbs.)
Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight Notes
Daggers 3 3 lbs. None.
Light Crossbow 1 5 lbs. 40 Bolts.
Shortsword 1 2 lbs. None.
Studded Leather 1 13 lbs. None.
Item # Weight Notes
Crossbow Quiver 2 2 lbs. 20 Bolts per Quiver.
Thieves’ Tools 1 1 lbs. +6 to Disarm Traps/Open Locks
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Cashbox 1 1866 GP 5 SP
Reactive Quarterstaff (+prof damage on AoOs), 0 charges of darkness 1 400 gp
Keeper Disruption Coil…Warden device that interferes with Upper Planar beings in some way 1 250
Heart of Titan (For LR, fight to -HP; injury whenever pass 0. Die at -HP.) 3 250 gp each
Focus Handaxe (Bonus Action for 1 min. of Force damage); 1 Charge Misty Step 1 700 gp
Debt List 0 None


a CPC - Saoirse Brannoch of House Ferrus

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