Character Progression

Character Growth

  • All characters start at level 1, as new members of the adventurer’s guild.
  • Characters level for adventures they go on. Monsters yield 1/4 of their xp budget divided equally among the party, and players also get 1xp / gp in their portion of the treasure. Magic items are worth 1/2 of their gp value in XP.
  • Note that I will be using a character advancement table that is slower than the standard progression for 5th edition, particularly for the first three levels (which barely last 1-2 sessions normally).
  • These rules of progression have an important consequence: your characters will be different levels depending on how often you adventure, and how successful you are. This is not a huge problem. Higher level characters are more powerful, but the nature of the world is such that all characters will be able to find something to do on a given adventure (unless it is CLEARLY too dangerous for the low level characters).
  • Additionally, once your first character has reached level 3, you can choose to create a second character at level 1 so that you can adventure on a more even footing with players who are starting out. Players can have an unlimited number of characters, but you’ll probably get more out of it if you focus on a few.
  • Characters must be kept up to date on the wiki as described on the wiki characters page. Doing so within 3 days of the end of session nets you +10%xp on the session.

Injuries and Death
Not all progression is good progression. There are two ways that characters can end up in a bad way: 1) they get permanently injured, or 2) they die.

1) Permanent injuries will be very difficult to remedy. Not impossible — there are places in the world where you can cleanse a permanent injury, but they will not be easy or obvious.

2) This campaign is fairly lethal. I am not scaling encounters to your party, so you will come on things that are too strong for you sometimes. You may also push your luck too far against enemies that aren’t ordinarily too strong for you. In either case, characters may die.

  • There are even some enemies (such as ghouls) that will kill a dying enemy preferentially to fighting a healthy one, which makes them particularly horrible to fight.

XP pool calculation and other death related information can now be found on the Injuries and Death page.

Character Change

  • In the world, there are also places and things that will alter your character in ways that are not clearly good or bad.
  • Magical radiation, permanent polymorph, alteration to your stats, are just some examples of the kinds of things you may encounter out there. As an example, Bertholdt Rohrbach lost his draconic sorcerer heritage and had it replaced by an infernal warlock’s class features (while keeping his sorcerer spell casting), while Sovan Dareshin has become a wereboar.
  • Two examples of this that we’ve seen: as outlined in expedition 8 (A Place of Healing), there is a glen in 2.09 than can remove a fraction of a player’s injuries in exchange for giving them a limited form of lycanthropy. Quincy and Sovan have both made use of this. Second, the mushroom people of 3.11 can prepare a mushroom brew (or implant a gem) to modify a character. Raevori, Amara, Hoot, and Pierre have all been augmented by mushroom power.

Character Progression

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