Completing an Expedition

All party members are responsible for getting the expedition back to the wall by the end of the allotted time for the session, and that will be enforced as follows:

For example, if the session is supposed to run from 4-8pm, and fully explore a hex distant from the wall, the party should precisely time how long it takes to get from the wall to the target hex. This is how much time they need to get back. In this example, assume it’s half an hour.

Now say it’s 7:30 and they aren’t quite done exploring the hex because they’re delving a small dungeon they found. They have a choice to make. Either A) They all agree to extend the session by enough time to finish the dungeon, B) they leave and go home RIGHT NOW or C) They auto resolve the trip home.

If they allocate less than half an hour for going home, they each must roll once on the injury table to reflect something bad happening as they drag their weary bodies home on auto-pilot. If they allocate less than 15 minutes, they must roll TWICE. These rolls are always made with advantage.

Note that often it will take less than half an hour to get home, as you pick more fights on your way out than your way back. This is intentional, to give James Elcombe time to total xp and gp at the end of the session.

For ranging expeditions, the same idea applies, except you don’t have a clear out/back time. Instead, at the end of when everyone has time, you roll once on the injury table for each 3 hexes you are from the wall (rounded up, so 1 is 1, 4 is 2, 7 is 3, etc).

Other details

At the end of the expedition, the expedition log writer will post an Adventure Log entry to the Adventure Log section of Obsidian Portal (on the left, two entries above the wiki).

If the expedition log writer posts the expedition log within a week of the end of the expedition, all characters that attended the expedition are awarded 1/10hp and the writer is awarded 100 gp. Partial hp doesn’t come into effect until a whole number is reached.

Players are responsible for updating their character sheets on the wiki. Any character that updates their character sheet to be fully up to date within 2 days of the end of the expedition will be awarded +10% xp for that expedition (this reflects tracking injuries and consumable items like rations used, but may not yet include xp / gp if the DM hasn’t posted this). At the very least, gp / xp much be up to date to the start of the expedition.
Note – keep a line at the top of your character sheet which says “updated after Expedition X” and update it every session to avoid ambiguity.

Once a session has been determined complete, I am very reluctant to retcon anything. There is a hard and fast rule that after another session (mini OR main) has been run, I will not change anything that happened in a previous session. The only exception is in the unlikely event that someone’s enjoyment of the game is seriously undermined.

Completing an Expedition

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