Every project will differ. Assess with the DM how much research it will take and what the relevant stat is. (Usually Intelligence; this is book research, old school.)

This is a largely private endeavour that can be more formalized if the DM sees fit.

Also, while replicating an item (see below), there will be a synergistic bonus with research on that item or one closely related to it (to improve or enchant said item).

Conversely, creating or recreating an item drastically different from one’s current research will likely impede both endeavours if practiced simultaneously.

Initial Creation:

Each item has a point value equal to roughly 1/40 of its GP value.

You accumulate points every week based on the DC you hit with a relevant stat/Proficiency. (Eg: JP gets +7 for Con (Smiths’ Tools).)

Inspiration is allowed; other boosts are currently not.

You can use a session’s worth of Inspiration to reroll if you so choose.

A character with the requisite training can spend their downtime assisting another character’s crafting, granting advantage on the roll.

Check DC Crafting Points GP Cost per Point
5 1 45 gp
10 2 40 gp
15 3 35 gp
20 5 35 gp
25 7 30 gp
30 10 30 gp
35 15 25 gp

Certain character bonuses can augment the above. JP, for instance, gets +1 free point / week because he is a divinely inspired crafter.

This process can also be made faster (risking quality, raising cost) or slower (safeguarding quality, lowering cost) at DM’s discretion.


Smithing: When making a second copy of an item, any roll totalling 14 or less counts as a 15 unless you are rushing the work.

Other areas of endeavour may differ.


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