DMing an Expedition

So now that Silanya has had some time to get established, I’m opening it up to people who want to run some games in it. I’m still pretty particular about my campaign, so you should talk to me if you’re interested.

Here’s how it works:

1) You run sessions for low-level players (1 and 2) near the wall. I’ll supply the encounters etc. and you shape them in a way that feels fun to you. I’ll play in a couple, and then if we think Silanya fits with your style, we can come to a more permanent arrangement.

If you want to just run the occasional session for low level characters, we can leave it at this. I’ll supply you with the info, and you run mini-sessions to help babby adventurers grow up.

2) Once you’ve run a couple of times, and I’ve got a good feel for your strengths as a DM, we can look for a way to get you more involved. People who want to play a big part in Silanya can take on an entire region, and flesh it out to a level that I can’t manage because of how much world I have to create. I’ll supply the building blocks, and you take your time building up a region that’s about 4-6 hexes (typically) in size.

Generally speaking, this will be a significant commitment, so please only take it on if you’re serious. It takes me a good chunk of work to hand over a region, and I’d rather put that energy into something else if it doesn’t pay off.

Players who have run a session in a hex / region will not be allowed to visit it anymore with limited exceptions.

Also — if you’re going to run a session with a powerful magic ward, or other unusual rules talk to me first. I have a few things stored away that I never bothered to put up here. I might already have rules that apply.


Del — Runs the Gray Hills: hexes 04.10 – 04.12 and 05.10 – 05.11.

James M — Runs the Felar Wood (hexes 04.14 – 04.15) and Dark Forest (Hexes 05.14 – 05.15, 06.14 – 06.16, and 07.14 – 07.15). This is a large one, but it suited him and wasn’t really divisible. He has no knowledge of K’sshan settlements, and so can still participate in expeditions specifically targeted at attacking those.


Drop table.

Injuries table

Overnight encounter chance (at the bottom of the page)

Weather (to be added)


DMing an Expedition

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