Plot Threads

Major – Possible Quest Arcs (Many w/o Specific Locales)

  • The Scroll from the Enigma’s Tomb. Teaser Trailer for the Endgame(?) (See Forum post.) NOTE: THIS MEANS DO NOT MESS WITH THE BLASTED ZONE IN 4.11
  • Grandmother Dryad (02.10) – her nature (two spirits?) Her goals. Her past with the Devil. What she can and can’t do for us.
  • The Demon Plains – some kind of portal to the Abyss or equivalent is spewing demons onto the Southern Plains. And they’re coming faster these days…
  • The Tower Network – Bertholdt, before leaving, revealed that there is a network that used to connect the towers and that there’s a ritual to control them. They were a major source of the Empire’s power – and we know now how many of them stayed charged…
  • The GREEN DRAGON up north. (More of an environmental hazard than a quest goal until we’re way way stronger.)
  • Hunt down and exterminate the mantis folk up north

Minor (for now) – Possible Expeditions(?)

  • Clockwork guys in the Southern Fela Woods (04.15) – Hostile – super-cool – based somewhere?
  • The Barred Door (06.14) – Something’s down there…and it isn’t keen on visitors.
  • The Fela Resistance in the Fela Woods (04.14-04.15) – Do we want to stop a civil war here, you guys?
  • The Mushroom Vault (03.10) – Inside the Mushroom Ruins there is a Sealed Vault – to keep things out, not in. What’s inside?
  • Steampunk Snakepeople (08.16) – Gun emplacements! Technology! Pack your Heat Metal erryone!
  • The Necro-Zone (06.13-06.14 +) – We found that the Necro-Zone had its power source / epicentre to the South of the Tomb of the 7…Priest and Pally Roadtrip?
  • High Corruption Zone (08.12-09.12) – We should at least try to see where the borders are?
  • Clifftop Plateau (05.10 – 05.11/06.11/07.11) – There’s a chasm fort in 04.11, past which are ??? – let’s fill in that 4-hex gap!

Plot Threads

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