Plot Threads

Major – Possible Quest Arcs (Many w/o Specific Locales)

  • The Wall is Crumbling (Dark Forest) – The source of a magical effect damaging the Wall on which we all rely is somewhere in the Dark Forest. We need to find and stop it.
  • The LUA / The Ifreeti – Guild members released two powerful and vengeful Fire Princes from another Plane, who now hate most of the Guild for not unanimously agreeing to release them. These Ifreeti Princes have become patrons of the LUA (who call themselves the Civilized), a powerful martial race that rules the Eastern city of Xan (10.15/11.14). The LUA are expansionist slavers and have previously captured Guild Members to trade to the Ifreeti for magical powers. LUA Hunters with Ifreeti magic currently stalk the guild, although one of their teams was killed after a botched ambush of a Guild party in the Poison Jungle.
  • The Guild found a scroll that seems to hint both at a dark secret underlying the Old Empire’s strength – and perhaps the source of its downfall in the Corruption – in the Tomb of the Enigma (06.13), the only one of the Eight Legendary Heroes who has been largely effaced from the historical narrative. (See Among other things, we have deduced that the Blasted Zone in 04.11 is not safe to explore for the foreseeable future, as it was created by some cataclysmic event we don’t yet understand.
  • Grandmother Dryad (02.10) – The very strong Arch-Fey who was worshipped in Syrix long before the Corruption. She seems to have a dual nature, with two spirits – one clearly Fey, one almost Devilish. We know very little about her goals (if any), her past with the Chain Devil who the Guild freed and who somehow knew her True Name, and what she can and can’t do for us – and what price we might pay for over-reliance on her magics.
  • The Demon Plains (04.18-06.18 and southward) – some kind of portal to the Abyss or equivalent is spewing demons onto the Southern Plains. The Abyssal Guard, an ancient order of protectors against Demonic Incursion, report that the demons are coming faster these days, and that they are spreading a vile and persistent contagion.
  • The Tower Network – Bertholdt, before leaving, revealed that there is a ritual that can be used to seize control of any remaining functional Node Towers – magical structures, many binding powerful Planars, that were cornerstones of the Old Empire’s power. That ritual is currently safeguarded by the (hopefully) incorruptible Jean-Pierre, but could be used in future.
  • There is a green dragon whose range is in the Mountains and or Forest up north, centred around 04.07-04.08 but seen as far south as 03.10. It seems to be served by Corrupt dragonborn known as the Tarnished Ones and the Mantisfolk who murdered most of Expedition 23 (as if we needed more reason to hate them. It is very dangerous, highly territorial, extremely sensitive about its treasure being stolen, and represents more of an environmental hazard than a quest goal until we’re way way stronger.)
  • We also need to hunt down and exterminate said Mantisfolk for said massacre.
  • High Corruption Zone (08.11-12, 09.10-12) – A growing area of highly intensified Corruption with a great Tower in its midst. Silver-laced humanoids called the Banded are emerging from it and taking prisoners / corpses back to it for purposes unknown but likely dire. We are currently trying to make allies to help distract its guardians while we of the Guild assault it – the Blazing Banner raiders and the GrosQua elemental earth wielders of the Eastern Plains and Crumbly Hills have joined, the Crested Skull may soon follow. We should absolutely try to scout it more thoroughly before we commit to an attack. There is likely a powerful magic user inside.

Minor (for now) – Possible Expeditions(?)

  • Wraith Hunting (06.13 Necrozone or vicinity) – Related to diplomatic attempts to enlist the Crested Skull raiders from the Eastern Plains as part of the Corrupt Tower attack above. Killing the Wraith would prove our bona fides.
  • Necromancer (06.13 Necrozone or vicinity) – There is a copper-skinned half-elf Cleric with necromantic abilities lurking out in the East. We’ve always been a step behind him when we’ve found traces of his presence, but the Guild and the Home Continent both want him captured for interrogation or at least killed.
  • There are Clockwork Constructs in the Southern Fela Woods (04.15). They are Hostile but super-cool – are they based somewhere?
  • The Fela Resistance in the Fela Woods (04.14-04.15) – There is an active and armed resistance against the Fela’s Lords of Webtown, who have a Rising Sun as their sigil and a grievance against some unknown religious schism within the Fela. Do we want to stop a civil war here, you guys?
  • There’s apparently a door into the Black Stone that gives the Felar town its name that opens during certain traditional ceremonies. We’re not SUPPOSED to sneak in…but we totally should.
  • The Necro-Zone (06.13-06.14 +) – We found that the Necro-Zone had its power source / epicentre to the South of the Tomb of the Eight. We could try to find out what’s keeping it going.

Plot Threads

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