Proposing an Expedition

I will give my schedule every week, and tell you how many games I am able to run (usually 1). You guys can then look at your schedules and see what fits, and someone proposes an expedition saying “I’d like to go to X place and do Y.” You post a proposal on the forum, and then other players that are interested and find that it fits their schedule sign up for it.

Proposing an Expedition
To propose an expedition, start a new forum post with the title [Date + Time]; [Location]. Your proposal needs to include

1) A real-world date + time. Generally should be a 4 hour block of time. If I think your expedition will take longer I will try to let you know quickly.

2) A real-world location. I can occasionally host at my place. But because of the nature of this campaign, I prefer that people provide a space to play. So if the proposing player can either a) provide a location, or b) talk to another player who can host and include them in the proposal that would be very helpful to me. I will give priority to games that have a location over games that do not if there are two proposed expeditions.

3) An in-game location: Tell the other players where on the map you want to explore. You can go to any hex that has been filled in, and one hex into the unknown. Describe your objective location by using the map’s hex coordinates. (see Silanya Map)

4) A goal: Are you just trying to get there and back? Do you want to explore that hex and look for points of interest? Do you want to explore a line of hexes from home to there?

5) Treasure shares should be determined at this time. The default is equal shares to all members of an expedition, but some sometimes characters may demand extra shares (a thief going to sneak into a dragon’s lair, a fighter going to duel a Blazing Banner chieftain to distract the clan while the rest of the party makes off the with horses, a wizard with the fireball spell crucial to wiping out a K’sshan encampment), or shares may be assigned to The Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness (this won’t affect xp totals).

Proposing an Expedition

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