Selecting an Expedition

Selecting an Expedition
The person who proposes the expedition is guaranteed to be on the expedition (assuming enough people sign on; in theory, a proposal could be so risky that no-one signs on to the expedition and a less risky venture is run instead, but this has never happened yet), and they can choose (1) other character to be on the expedition with them.

The other slots on the expedition (usually 4 [for a total of 6 people], sometimes more for mega-charges into peril) are determined as follows.

Anyone who says that they are interested and available for the proposed time slot within 48 hours of the expedition being posted have a chance of getting on the expedition.

At the end of the 48 hour period, people are placed onto the expedition in descending order of priority.

Your priority is equal to the number of the proposed session, minus the number of the most recent session you’re been on. So for expedition 15, if you were on expedition 14, you’d have priority 1, and someone who’d last been on expedition 8 would have priority 7.

DMing a session allows you to claim infinite priority for one later session. This claim must be made at the time you sign up for the session.

The people with the highest priorities get on the expedition.

In the event of a tie, the tie is broken randomly.

People can sign on as a group, in which case their priority is the average of all of their priorities.

Expedition leaders are encouraged to estimate the lethality of the adventurer, and tag it as <level> or whatever as appropriate, but these tags are not binding. If you want to take your level 1 character into a journey through the Broken Forest, go right ahead.

Selecting an Expedition

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