The Fallen

This is a tribute page to all the worthy character who have given their lives exploring this strange land.

The Adventurers:

  • Faer the Dragonborn Paladin (level 1, her second expedition, first to be slain) – eaten by a lizard. Like, a bigger one. Her wife took it badly. [Leshanna’s note: slain by the powerful bite of a megamonitor of the Broken Forest on expedition 12].
  • Clementine Merryweather (level 1, her third expedition, third to be slain) – ambushed by mantisfolk in expedition 17b. Died a hero, grappling a mantisfolk and screaming to cover <bugle> and Lil P’s escape.
  • Naveed of the South Shores, the Human Monk (level 1, his second expedition, sixth to be slain) – torn apart by spectres on Expedition 27. His death resulted in the rebirth of his wife, Sarene of the South Shores.
  • Katan (level 2, his third expedition, fourth to be slain [and first male]) – ambushed by mantisfolk in expedition 17b. Was the mantisfolks’ primary target, and dropped 4 times in that fight.
  • Virtue Stoneplate (level 2, her fourth expedition, fifth to be slain) – ambushed by mantis folk in expedition 17b. Put a mantisfolk + pixie to sleep in an otherwise flawless mantisfolk victory.
  • Gazardiel Smith the “Human” Wyld Magic Sorcerer (level 2, his third expedition, seventh to be slain) – killed by a volley of goblin arrows on Expedition 28.
  • Leshanna the High Elf Abjurer (level 3, her ninth expedition, second to be slain) – slain defending her comrades from the chain lord on expedition 14. Its fixation on her spared the lives of several other party members, and quite probably cost it its chance of victory.
    *Beauregard (level 3, her eighth expedition, eighth to be slain) –
    *Oscar Meyers
    *Ent Springvine
    *Dimitri Thornwood
    *Syathir Kendashi
    *Samuel Felher
    *Marc Cooperson
    *Finnigan Hillbyrne
    *Parsley Cormorant
    *Amara Invictus
    *Melora Blackfingers

The Neverweres:

  • Niar the Drow Bard, died in the crash that brought Sovan to our shores by an act of god (and definitely not the DM losing his character sheet). Not to be confused with Niar Osemar, her universe echo.
  • Daria the Acolyte, died in the crash that brought Sovan to our shores (was the alternative to Sovan, could have survived but was so marginal that a deleted score caused them to die).

The Hopeless:

Sovan’s Voyage:

  • August the Tailor, died in the crash that brought Sovan to our shores.
  • Percival the Pickpocket, died in the crash that brought Sovan to our shores.

Jean-Pierre’s Voyage:

  • Farnese the Wizard – Inventor of the Fireproof Rowboat. (His rigorous testing process revealed some errors in his calculations. For about 0.25 incandescent seconds.)
  • Olaf the Rogue – Bet the bo’sun she could steal her own kidneys without herself knowing. Rather astonishingly, proved herself right.
  • Elizabetta the Ranger – Her ‘animal companion’ was just a tiger that her parents bought her from a zoo. It didn’t take kindly to her attempts to ride it.
  • Chips the Barbarian – His ancestor spirits finally made contact and bluntly told him that with a name like that they’d rather he just drown himself. He’s very loyal.

NOTE: Many Hopeless characters now survive the sea voyage, becoming NPCs of Sila

The Fallen

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