The Fey

Grandmother Dryad (Silanyan tree-fey) – Grandmother dryad was discovered in a glade to the North of Sila. She has a small church and a giant tree, and it is unknown whether she lives in the tree or is the tree. She is very powerful, and has granted boons to several adventurers after they offered her some gift or service. Her origins and powers are unknown, but she has been in her grove since before the Corruption spread over Silanya, and has used her power to shelter a small area around herself from the corruption’s effects.

On some full moons, she grows a special bush which is taken by the treefolk, who leave one of their number to be planted as a new bush. After this happens, Grandmother Dryad is changed for some time and may decide to kill and plant any other visitors she sees. It is recommended to avoid her grove on or near full moons.

She, along with the potentially deceased or otherwise replaced Gray Hunter, was one of the Twin Protectors of Syrix – spending far more time on the Material Plane than the Gray Hunter (below).

Apparently has one or more Knights. Lucens Princeps is her current (somewhat capricious) choice.

The Gray Hunter Very little is known about him save that Herne (see below) has apparently usurped or been gifted with some degree of his old Fey ‘portfolio’, and that he was one of the Twin Deities of Syrix – spending far more of his time in the Feywild than Grandmother Dryad (above).

Herne, Lord of the Hunt (Clementine Merryweather’s fey patron) – Every century, Herne rides out with his fairy hunt. Herne’s hunt is populated with children, taken from their homes. The fairy children ride with him on the hunt, and the mortal children are transformed into horses and hounds.

When the hunt is finished, they return to the Fairy Court for a great festival, where they feast and celebrate from moonrise to the next moonset before heading off again. (There is some disagreement among scholars of the fey – and indeed, among the fey themselves – as to whether the Hunt returns to Fairy to attend the festival, or the festival is held in honour of the return of the hunt.)

After each hunt, Herne returns the children he has taken. The mortals become magical orphans, who grow up to be great warriors and hunters of legend. The fairy children are offered the chance to go back to their parents and their lives, but their time in the hunt has changed them and they usually decide to stay.

Kurthanicus, Friend of Dragons (the Argent family fey patron) – Kurthannen, Lord of Vengeance was a fell figure, utterly destroying those who had wronged him. All this changed when he attempted to bring low the mighty silver dragon Astelinilixixenathrenaveromostinargaskrintavon. They fought for weeks, until both lay on the ground exhausted, and rose as allies. For centuries, Kurthanicus and Astelinilixixenathrenaveromostinargaskrintavon were inseparable friends. They had incredible adventures, and together they fought gods, devils, fey nobility, and a mountain. When the two of them fought in a great war a thousand years ago, Astelinilixixenathrenaveromostinargaskrintavon was killed, and all of her followers transferred their allegiance to her best friend, as a result of which Kurthanicus presides over hundreds of dragonborn.

The Fey

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