The Home Continent

What we know about the Home Continent:

It seems to be dominated by an Empire / collection of nation-states. There are powerful dragonborn noble families that might transcend national boundaries. Bellacuprica is a powerful dragonborn family controlled by its matriarch, the ancient copper dragon Bella Cuprica. The other most powerful dragonborn families include Cuprumata (copper-descended), Aurus (gold-descended), Allyoi (bronze-descended), Dextruric (gold-descended), Rencuproni (copper-descended), and Brasilica (brass-descended).

Dragonborn family names indicate how close they are to most powerful within a given draconic lineage. Argent is the most powerful silver dragonborn family, but because there are few silver dragonborn and they aren’t politically adept, the Argent family is only middle-ranking. Nearly all silver-dragonborn serve Kurthanicus. The Ferrus family is one of the middling bronze-descended families, making them slightly lower ranking than the Argents overall (the powerful Bronze family Allyoi is well-represented).

Nearly all halflings are lower-class people, status-similar to the Roma in Europe.

There is an organization called the Silver Fleet. It is not run by Silver-descended Dragonborn.

There are no elven nobles. Elves tend to be middle-class, often wizarding.

The Home Continent

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