The Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness

The Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness was created by the Last Will and Testament of Leshanna, drafted by Tobias the Scholar at Leshanna’s direction. It is by fair the most detailed part of the document, in that it was the page that Leshanna paid the most personal attention to in the drafting process (Tobias’s writing, as all other sections, but much more of Leshanna’s language).

In non-legalese, the opener reads:
“It is too heavy a weight on my daughter’s shoulders, and too unfair a burden for one I was absent for for so long, to force Raevori to be my legacy. Thus, I, Leshanna, first abjurer of Sila, do pledge my writings and my art, my systems and my rule to Tobias the scholar, entrusting him to create a haven of learning in my name, dedicated to preparing adventurers to brave the perils of this strange new land by whatever means available to them.”

Tobias the Scholar (see NPCs of Sila) is the trustee of the fund, but because he doesn’t have a head for business, he has assigned the day-to-day financial operations to Derrick the Merchant (also NPCs of Sila).

Current fund assets:
(Current to end of Expedition 48)
1238 gp 0 sp
Recent transactions:
(46 — added 417 gp)
(47 — added 535 gp)
(48 — added 1153.5 gp)
(-800, paid Tabby back)

The Fund owes Mander Sheev 500 gp.
The Fund owes Melora 1200 gp.
The Fund owes Syathir 800 gp.
The Fund owes Hank 1100 gp.
The Fund owes Silverleaf Moonshadow 1100 gp.

Magic Items

In addition to the minor magic items below, the Fund’s most important activity is that it operates the Danger Room, powered by the Crown of Solid Light wrested from the mushrooms of Spider Den on Expedition 38.

Item Value Weight Notes
Ornate Stalker Shortsword 500 gp 2 lb 1d6 piercing damage. Each time an enemy is hit with it, they must make a DC10 Con save vs. being poisoned for one minute, healing word 0/2
Abyssal Guard Longsword 250 gp 3 lb 1d8 slashing, versatile (1d10). Bonus action to deal force damage instead for 1 min, w/concentration
Pike of the Unseeing Witness 450 gp 3 lb 1d10 piercing, heavy, reach, 2-handed. For blinded users: grants free trip attempts on hits and can turn into an 8d6 lightning bolt if thrown, once an expedition (owned by Wrenn Tana but made available to the guild)
Dagger of Banishment 300 gp 1 lb 1d4 piercing, light, finesse, thrown (20/60). Any creature injured by this dagger has disadvantage on its next saving throw against banishment spells.
Rod of Banishment 150 gp 2 lb Acts as a pearl of power for the banishment spell (only if the creature passed its save, i.e., gives you a chance to try again before the creature you tried to banish eats you).
Sachet of Poison Purging 150 gp Negligable Technically owned by Sovan, but whatever. Negates airborne poisons. 10 charges. Half the powder is stored in a bottle and the sachet with the other half is sent with every expedition.
Compass of Wayfinding 250 gp 1 lb Magic Utility item, can set 1 ‘waypoint’ as an action (somewhere visited on the same hex) and points way to it unerringly. As an ancillary benefit of that ability, helps keeps party oriented (granting advantage to checks to navigate) underground.

Mundane Equipment

Item Value Weight Notes
Healing Potion (x30) 50 gp 0.1 lb Heal 2d4+2 hp. Each adventurer under level 3 is given three potions to take with them on expedition (to be returned if not used). Any potions used by an adventurer under level 3 have their cost absorbed by the Fund.
Antitoxin (x6) 50 gp 0.1 lb Advantage on saves against poison for the next hour.
A 6 person SUBMARINE 2000 gp, needs 2000 gp worth of repairs You can’t lift this 10/50 crafting points worth of repairs done. 200 gp worth of special metal obtained (and noted here) for those repairs (will be consumed to pay for crafting point costs). 350 GP in point costs thus far.
Surprisingly Useful Canoes (x2) 250gp 60 lb Seat 3 each (with a fourth in the middle, uncomfortably, in a pinch. Immune to acid and resistant to fire.
Warden Uniform 80gp 8 lb Silvery material, not identifiable without further analysis. No apparent seams. Seems to regulate internal temperature, wick away excess humidity, generally keep nice room-temp homeostasis when worn (advantage on checks vs. adverse environmental conditions). Sized for Warden. (80 GP)
Splint Mail (x2) 200 gp 60 lb AC 17, disadvantage on Stealth, requires STR 15.
Breastplate 400 gp 20 lb AC 14 + DEX (max 2)
Ringmail 30 gp 40 lb AC 14, worn by Sarene in Exp. 40
Shield (x3) 10 gp 6 lb +2 AC, available for sale for 5 gp
Warhammer 15 gp 2 lb 1d8 damage, available for sale for 7.5 gp, brought for Pierre as a back-up weapon on Exp 40, not used because the Warhammer of Mushroomy Goodness was recovered
Fala Climbing Harness (heavy) (x3) 40 gp 3 lb Max weight 200 lb, length 10’
Fala Climbing Harness (light) 40 gp 3 lb Max weight 150 lb, length 15’
Snowsuit (x6) 100 gp 25 lb (includes heavy boots and forge gloves) Holds up to 50 pounds of snow (takes 2 minutes to properly load with snow, can take an action in combat to spend 30 pounds of snow shoveling it in messily, which only loads 10 pounds of snow into the suit). While loaded with snow, grants the wearer fire resistance, provided their face is also covered in Challenges-Debicourt de Ia Terre des Romances aux Rivalieux-Quandamouzieres Sur Vantera-aux Alpes Maritimes’s Patented Anti-Heat Facial Cleanser, see below). Every unadjusted point of fire damage melts 2 pounds of snow, though. In an extreme heat environment, melts X pounds of snow per minute, 2, for example in the former hotspot in the center of the swamp.
Challenges-Debicourt de Ia Terre des Romances aux Rivalieux-Quandamouzieres Sur Vantera-aux Alpes Maritimes’s Patented Anti-Heat Facial Cleanser Unit cost: 100 gp / person for a 24 hour dose 0 lbs Contact Lee-Jean “Prada” Challenges-Debicourt de Ia Terre des Romances aux Rivalieux-Quandamouzieres Sur Vantera-aux Alpes Maritimes if you wish to purchase some of this to use with the above snowsuits for an expedition (Player: Del S-n)
Poison concentrate from poison spawn 140 gp ? lb Can likely be worked into an antivemon

Other Assets

600 gp worth of books found in a hidden area of the mushroom complex relating to many facts of life in Sila, held on behalf of Melora Blackfingers and Valentine Merryweather (each holding half-ownership). A donation from the estate of Clementine Merryweather.
150 gp worth of books found in the alchemist lab in the top floor of the former fortress of the Crested Pricks in 2.10.
0 gp book of banishment rituals from the Tower in Antorem.
Notes of Elspeth van Horne: (worth 150 gp) from the Island in the Grey Hills.
The crystal power couplings (worth 15 gp) from the Island in the Grey Hills.

A lesser potion of healing (2d4 + 2) that also doubles as a potion of animal aggro Duration unknown, likely 1 hour. Animals will preferentially attack the drinker during that time, and initiate hostilities they otherwise wouldn’t. (50gp).

A potion of supreme healing (10d4+20) that also forces you to roll with advantage on the permanent injury table (100 gp). [Being analyzed by Gucci and Prada – 1 week, 5 points]

The magnifying glass of improved detect magic (300 gp). This magnifying glass enhances the perception of anyone currently under the influence of a detect magic spell. It is a precious find, but available to be rented by an expedition for a 50 gp donation to the Fund (plus a further 300 if it gets broken).

An alchemist’s set (80gp). This complete alchemists set is ideal for brewing potions, and is available for use for all comers.

Current Activities

Refurbishing the submarine found on Exp. 33

Former activities:
Building a costly marble statue of Fær and Sapphira. COMPLETE! Thanks Pierre.

Reminder: December 15th, 2017 or after, get Del to write an alternate timeline fanfic where Sovan got petrified on expedition 32.

The Leshanna Memorial Fund for Adventurer Greatness

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