The Sila Library

The list was incomplete and extremely confusing, so I copied everything into an easier to read spreadsheet


This is a listing of all the books that have been acquired on your adventures so that I, your DM, can eventually detail them all.

Clementine, 600 gp of books from the mushroom library

125 gp – The Mersolan Style in Architecture. Describes in great detail an architectural style that is currently in fashion on the new continent. As it turns out, nearly everything they were doing is wrong, and some noble would be very excited to have this so that they can lord it over everyone else.

75gp – Hymns to Turin. This is a songbook from a lost religious sect. It appears to be connected to both dwarves and elves, and have something to do with the balance of nature. It would be of significant value to one of the several dwarf/elven communities on the new continent who carry along half-remembered traditions.

140 gp – The Neverending Journey. No copies of this immense work of literature made it to the new continent because of it’s sheer size. As such, it is known in absentia by the heavy use made of it in other literature that did survive. Modern citizens reference this book frequently, even though none of them have ever read it.

15 gp — On the Breeding and Training of Pegasi. This book is well known on the home continent. It is unfortunately useful mostly as a work of fiction and history at this point. No-one has seen a pegasus for over 200 years. This copy has additional value because it has annotations in the margins from an unknown priest who recorded the relevance of pegasi to their (unnamed) religion.

25 gp – A Study in Silver. Giving Your Fight with Shapeshifters an Argent Urgency (may contain useful knowledge about weres and other shapeshifting creatures).

200 gp – Minor Arcanum of the Attek school. This book describes the magical tradition of a school of cleric/magic users who combined worship of the divine with arcane bindings. It may be of some use to someone who wishes to wield both divine and arcane magic.
- Describes a theory of the “greater outer planes” which it describes as places beyond the wheel as we know it. Like the place further up and further in from Narnia.
- Describes a theory that all magic actually comes from a common root: there is a sleeping greater god of magic, and when we work magic we are manipulating his dreams. Gods are the recurring symbols of his dreaming. When he wakes, there will be no magic left.
- Describes a special ritual used to traverse long distances in short times, but not with enough detail to reconstruct it (maybe enough detail to recognize it).

20 gp – Laidens’ Ladies Lay. A book of mild smut. This one was found inside of a large, incredibly dull tome called “ten thousand protestations of faith”.

10gp each:
- This Is My Life Now: True Polymorph and You

- ten thousand protestations of faith.

- Translating Ancient Elven – The Basireath Caves. This book was the life’s work of a cloistered human monk. Unfortunately for her, she was off by several thousand years in her estimate of the writings’ age. At the time, there were still-living elves who remembered when the ‘ancient language’ was common parlance and were fluent speakers.

- Royal Proclamation #248. This is an old scroll which records the proclaimation of a new law against blaspheming to Varnik. Since Varnik was an incrediby active god who took umbrage at any blaspheming, the proclamation was largely pointless.

- Maedestra’s Etiquette. This book describes proper table manners from a small empire that disappeared more than a century prior to the exodus.

Leshanna Memorial Fund: 150gp worth of books acquired from the alchemist lab in the former fortress of the Crested Pricks in 2.10.

- 60 gp From the lighthouse. A dark novel about leaving one’s home, never to return. Sweet at times, beautifully written, and satisfyingly tragic.

-40 gp Fantastic reageants and where to buy them (Vol. 3 of “A Crafter’s Reference Guide”). This book details the best markets around Silanya for a wizard and magic item crafter. tells you that adamantine was only found in the far east, and that Mythril production in the west was limited to a group of dwarves who never really submitted to Silanya, because they lived so far underground that it was impossible to exert any force over them. They are apparently in the cold far north.

- 20 gp a study in ceramic. This book is about different methods of ceramic crafting in Silanyan history. It is quite lengthy and includes historical comparisons.

- 10 gp Twenty-twelve tongue twisting tales. This is a very bad book of tongue twisters. Notable for its subject matter, because the subject of the tongue twisters is usually a famous person from the history of Silanya.

-10 gp Making effervescences. This is a book about conjuring bubbles.

- 10 gp Tell-em with Vellum vol. 4. This appears to be a series of anonymous confessions. Reading through it there is one interesting one — I went into the forbidden shrine, where the earthly god is laid to rest, and it was dark and empty. The darkness followed me when I left, and I fear it follows me still.

Leshanna Memorial Fund: 20GP of Books from the Trapped Goblin Cave

Murder on Macee St. – 10 gp – Inexpressibly bad crime thriller set in the dwarven city of Druhak. Goes into page long detail about the layout of various streets and architecture of various buildings.

Shipping and Logistics: A Hero’s Journey – 10 gp – History of the Reynaud Shipping Company. Self published by the head of the company. Contains maps of the region and information about about several locations of note.

JP – Books from Toba’s Tower

  • Worth 100 GP – Stoneworking Treatise (Effects: ???) (Bequest from Bertie)
  • Worth 50 GP – Volume of Silanyan Poetry (Effects: ???) (Bequest from Bertie)
  • ??? GP – Book of Rituals and Towers Manual (bequest from Bertie – per his instructions JP will not let disclose its true nature or let anyone else learn the ritual without Commander Fior’s okay. Valued at 50 GP, unclear if worth more knowing it can allow control of the Tower network)
  • ??? GP – The Weeping Book. This book of very sad short stories is mildly enchanted to intensify emotions that people experience while reading it.
  • ??? GP – Magical Crop Rotation. This book describes how to farm a number of incredibly finicky magical plants. None made it across the sea, and the guild has yet to find anything that resembles them here.
  • ??? GP – Songs of Enna Frond. This is a book of poems by a little known elven poet. They are metrically interesting, with a pitter-pattering scansion that is hard to depict in the common tongue.
  • ??? GP – The Common Drabe: A Study. This is a deeply boring book about a deeply boring bird.
  • ??? GP – Sunrise in Tethys. This book is a work of cultural anthropology, studying the culture of a relatively isolated group of elves and halflings living in the far east of the Silanyan empire. It describes their religious rituals, their social habits, and also (ruefully) their penchant for dart traps triggered by impossibly thin silky wires.
  • ??? GP – The biology of the Otyugh. This book describes Otyugh biology, explaining how the creatures eat all organic matter, reproduce via binary fission, and are functionally immortal. It also notes that there are otyugh variants which reproduce by fragmentation or explosion into multiple small pieces, and that occasionally Otyugh will become magically contaminated by what they consume and mutate.

JP – 1/7 (100 GP worth) of Mushroom Library re Science, Religion, Dwarves (Details TBD w. James)

  • 100gp The Art of Prayer. This is a book of holy insights. It allows a cleric to convert one of their 3rd level domain spells into a signature spell.

JP – From Mage’s Library, Dragonkin Fortress

  • 150 GP – Malleus Magicaeorum (Manual of Thaumaturgical Engineering, 1/2 time on Magic Crafting Research – any other details?)
  • 90 gp – Legends That Are 100% Untrue. This is a book of famous myths, legends and tales with a careful and meticulous debunking of each. However, the debunking appears to be premised on some faulty reasoning, and some of the legends may in fact contain seeds of truth.
  • 50 gp – Better Tasting Potions. This book is an exploration of magically neutral flavouring that can be added to potions without interfering with their magical effects. Most entries are marked as failures.
  • 10 gp – This appears to be a diary of an apprentice mage. It is mostly complaining about repetitive magical chores, but contains a couple of minor insights into learning magic.

JP – From the Trapped Goblin Cave

  • 100 gp – The 5 Noble Sauces – Grants Advantage on cooking rolls. A recipe book outlining the fundamental basics of Dwarven cooking. Missing one of the currently accepted Noble Sauces, but instead contains details for a Lost Sauce

Unclaimed Books from the Trapped Goblin Cave

  • 1000 Baby Names and Their Meanings – 10 gp – The title sums it up.
  • Birds of the Forest – 10 gp – Wildly inaccurate nature guide with beautifully rendered illustrations.
  • My Incredible Journey – 10 gp – Journal of someone’s attempt to walk from one coast of Silanya to the other. So incredibly self-involved that it manages to contain no useful geographical information.

The Sila Library

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