Note – if you are a former player who has been removed from the list you are welcome to come back. I removed you because I want to be able to gauge accurately how many people I have who are currently active, not because I don’t want to run for you.

The Campaign

  • This is an open-world, player-driven exploration campaign run using the most recent edition of Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition), but with old-school sensibilities (re: progression systems, and character creation and death especially)
  • Any number of players can participate, and all will explore in the same world. Time will pass in the game world at roughly the same rate it passes in the real world (i.e. the same except for when there are specific continuity problems).
  • I give you a world full of lost cities, crumbling castles, wild lands, history, monsters and (of course) treasure.
  • You drive the adventure by deciding where you want your characters to go, and what you want them to achieve.
  • This campaign is by my invitation. I’m open to adding new players, but please consult me before telling someone all about it and telling them that they should join. Even though it’s an open campaign, there is a maximum number of players I can realistically handle while still giving everyone enough game time, and I still need to consider interpersonal relationships. Plus, I want to play with my friends. So anyone joining us needs to be someone I enjoy spending time with, or think I would enjoy spending time with.

Getting a session
Before you play, read the basic information on the front page of the wiki, including about character creation, the basic mechanics of the game, and the known regions.

  • Because of the structure of the campaign, players are responsible for planning games around my schedule (an unfortunate necessity: you can’t play without the GM).
  • I provide my schedule to you 2 weeks ahead of time (as best I can), and if you want to play on one of my free days you post on the forum proposing an expedition.
  • All expeditions are open to all players. However, I cap expeditions at 6 players unless a specific expedition requires otherwise.
  • When you schedule the game, you need to tell me where you plan to go, and what you plan to do there. I need enough notice that I can prepare anything in that area that I don’t already have put together (usually 3-4 days notice is enough, but I prefer a full week).
  • Someone in the group has to write a session recap and put it up on the forum.
    If you decide to keep a location on the map secret, you can omit any mention of the location from your public session recap, but must provide me with a private recap that includes those areas. I want to have a record of everything.
  • Lastly, I’ll ask that people arranging a session arrange somewhere to play as well. My place is pretty small, and not great for hosting sessions of this kind of game.

Please remember to uncheck “Email all” when you’re sending emails, and instead select something that will send a message only to me. The reason for this is that sometimes when you unselect reply all, it still sends emails to everyone. So please select the option that sends messages only to me. If you are trying to get a particular person to see a message, you can email them too, but you need to do this consistently. The email spam is a problem for some people.