Expedition 12a: The Epic of Fær and Sapphira

Journey to grandmother dryad

October 2, 2016

Adventurers: Sapphira* (sorcerer [Draconic] 3), Sovan Dareshin (chronicler, bard [Lore] 3)

Expedition Length: 1 day (travelling through 2.11 to 2.10, and back)

Major Character Changes: Sapphira is … Sapphira became … You know what, just read the log.

Sapphira and Sovan met at an unguarded section of the Wall. Saphhira managed to magically open a gate in the Wall despite there being no expedition planned, and we rode out northward, heading for Grandmother Dryad’s clearing. Shortly after crossing the river in 2.11, we encountered a group of 3 mantis-folk, whom we scared off with a combination of intimidation and magic. Near the border of 2.10, we were ambushed by a skinchanger, who leapt on Sovan’s horse and stabbed him in the back. He magically scared it off of the horse and we rode away quickly, leaving it behind. The skinchanger did 16+ damage to Sovan in one attack. They have fearsome sneak attack capabilities.

We arrived at Grandmother Dryad’s clearing. Sovan greeted her with a song, and Sapphira explained the purpose of our travels: she had come to make a deal, to be re-united with Fær’s soul. Grandmother Dryad replied that she doesn’t make deals: you give her a gift, and if she likes it she might decide to grant you a boon. Might.

“Well then,” Sapphira said, “I’ve come to give you a gift.”

“But first,” Sovan interrupted, “I’m going to tell you a story.”

He sang the ballad he had written in the days since Fær’s death, telling the story of Sapphira and Faer’s love for each other and life together, of Fær’s tragic death and Sapphira’s betrayal by her friends, and Sapphira’s last, desperate hope to be reunited with her love by the only power that wouldn’t simply drive them further apart. The song cut off suddenly, unresolved notes lingering unsatisfyingly in the air.

“And the ending? Well … that’s up to you.”

Then Sapphira offered her gift: her dragon-self, her heritage and her power. Grandmother Dryad told Sapphira that what she offered was too much, and that Grandmother Dryad would only take one thing: either Sapphira’s bloodline, or her blood. Sapphira chose to gift her bloodline, losing her place as scion to the Bella Cuprica family and transforming her into a human shape, all visible traces of draconic lineage gone. [Her blood would have meant her magical power and her draconic instincts].

Grandmother Dryad nodded, pleased with the gift, and worked to grant Sapphira her boon. She contacted Fær’s soul in Bytopia, asking her to come back. Fær was hesitant, but she knew that regardless of her choice, Grandmother Dryad would not return Sapphira’s gift, and she couldn’t bear for it to have been for nothing. She petitioned her god, and was granted leave to return. Grandmother Dryad carefully deposited Fær’s soul into Sapphira’s body, where their souls melded together to form a new person, who was both of them and neither of them. Sapphira Bella Cuprica died that day, twice over, but her soul and Fær’s soul reside together in their new human body, living a combined life until they die together and travel to their resting place in Bytopia.

… The journey home was uneventful.

[I’m not going to apologize for breaking guild protocol. Sapphira and I risked no one but ourselves, and if that’s not allowed then this whole enterprise of even being in Silanya is pointless. We’ve seen what you’ll do to “protect Sapphira”. If I thought that anyone here were willing to do a tenth as much to actually help Sapphira, we could have taken the time to ask for permission, and backup.

In any case, what’s done is done. Saffæra is leaving on the next boat to the mainland. Don’t bother me with your politics for the next few weeks. Both of my best friends just died. I need to write the last few verses and finish polishing my epic; Sapphira and Fær will get the send-off they deserve. – Sovan

In fact, don’t bother me at all the next few weeks. I’m done with all of you. – S]

[Illustrations below – H the player]

Sapphira and Fær’s Wedding Portrait





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