Expedition 31 - Vengeance Achieved

With a hearty side of cash.

June 3

Some goblins needed killing. So we killed them.


Maps: level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5



Quincy: Epiphany – resistance to nonmagical damages after kicking down doors.
Pierre Levels to 4.

Raevori: +949 xp, +390 gp
Pierre: +863 xp, +390 gp
JP: +949 xp, +455 gp
Amara: +949 xp, +455 gp
Silverleaf Moonshadow: +949 xp, +455 gp
Quincy: +863 xp, +455 gp
LMFfAG: +135.5 gp


13 Miners (CR1)
4 Goblins
20 Hobs (CR1)
4 Wargs (+8 fled)
2 eluded hippogriffs?
X Goblins in Cave
Y Big Goblins in Cave
Z Wargs in Cave


230 gp – silver from Miners
150gp – 6 books
500 gp – various artefacts
300 gp – ass’t papers
200 gp – gold circlet of goblin queeniness
400 gp – more metals
600 gp – force scimitar (4 chg blade ward)
400gp – 16 Chain Shirts

Day-by-Day Summaries

Day 1:

4.12: Shortly after leaving, sounds of combat. Sil, Rae and Q snuck up, fireballed, and pulled some silver from their ashes. After the smoke cleared, we heard a train of 20 hobs escorting 10 canine-ish goblins in chains. (They were similar to gobbos found in the druid cave.)
Q remained to watch while the obnoxious characters were retrieved to tromp their way into the hobs path. Amara was volleyed and taken down.
JP called upon his ancestors, who promptly put all the hobs to sleep. We promised the gobbos that we wouldn’t murder them, and finished off any hobs that escaped.
While burying their valuables for future retrieval, a pair of hippogriffs flew in to investigate. We feed them the corpses of our foes, and escort th egoblins home. JP showed off his Jesus powers on the way.

5:11 The night passes w/o incident

Day 2:

Another battle off in the distance. Upon the investigation of team stealth, one of the twelve infighting wargs notices, and the dozen turn to eat us. Eight fled like puppies. The remainder didn’t last long.

5:10: We arrive at the soon-to-be crime scene. We rest in a different cave, and nothing happens.

Day 3:

We avoided the traps the initial expedition triggered, and stuffed out a pair of torches before charging the portcullis. The guards were fireballed, and portcullis raised. We take the (secret) elevator down to the bottom (fifth floor), and emerge to a section of floor covered in magical runes. Beyond it was a console covered in dwarven technical glyphs, but no foes. Moving up to the fourth floor, we found a recently-empty kitchen and several other empty rooms. Following the scent of the gobbos, we came to a door with movement behind it. Quincy and JP kick the door in, leading to a volley of missiles nearly knocking him out. JP again summons his ancestors (“You can’t say I never call, great-grandmama”) who dispatch the goblins.

Moving to another door, a swarm of wargs pounce Quincy, knocking him out. After a shatter, the wargs and their goblin handlers were slain. We sneak past a bunch of things (including a dumb Mountain Troll pretending to a rock). Rae Fireballed a group of miners for fun.

We continued to explore, killed some crying goblins (sorry not sorry), and set fire to ourselves in a room filled with oil.

We eventually came across a barricade with sound behind it. We readied for combat, and archers poked out and shot at us. Amara and Quincy kicked down the barrier, and melee begun. Quincy blasted a group with his chain, Sil pounced. More spells were cast, damage taken by both sides. Spirit guardians MVP, and we managed to survive.

A few goblins escaped in our after battle rest, but we tracked them down and recovered their goods.

Day 4:

Slept in our new cave, and began to return home. Pulled wagons back with our fancy loot. Managed to stealth past most foes, including a rather dumb Mountain Troll. Rae also fireballed a group of Miners and goblins for fun. We managed to retrieve our buried loot as well.

Day 5:

More travel. Nothing of note.


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