Expedition 33 - Operation Fishfry

H 2 Whoa!

June 17th 2017

Melora Blackfingers – Paladin 3 – Steely soldier with a brave heart
Quincy – Fighter 4 – Kicking in doors and taking names, but he doesn’t feel like taking names
Sovan Dareshin – Bard 5 – My best friend but I’m not even in his top 5 and that’s okay
Chara Indala – Warlock 2 – A tricky half-elf with mind-bending icy powers
Lucens Princeps – Warlock 3 – The only other tiefling on the island… we should hang out more (note to self, get Sovan to introduce me in a more chill setting)
Ent Springvine – Ranger 2 – What better way to command the treetops then to become a treetop?
Tabitha Errsule – Sorcerer 3 – We sure brought a lot of sorcerers to this one. 95% of me likes Tabby a lot. The other 5% is terrified of radiant damage.
Valerian Primrose – Rogue 4 – Daring assassin and maker of fantastic teas. I wonder if everyone else’s teabag was scrawled with drawings of hearts… Remind me to ask Raevori.
Amara Invictus – Wizard 4 – The second-smartest wizard in Silanya if you don’t count Wisdom

Land Lubbers/Bodyguards/Blockers of Aquatic Escapes
Raevori, daughter of Leshanna – Wizard 5 – You all already know
Jean-Pierre du Veyrir de la Grand Contumace Saint-Emilion – Cleric 5 – Bulky craftsman and supplier of premier baked goods
Finnigan Hillbyrne – Rogue 4 – Temporary member of strike squad B and best friend of Raevori

Character Progression
Luc levelled up to 4 but lost 1 CON to a permanent injury BUT got a sweet Crown from Granny
Quincey levelled up to 5
Melora levelled up to 4, lost persuasion proficiency to a permanent injury
Tabby levelled up to 4

Gold, and XP

Quincy: 1442 xp, 476 gp
Chara: 1442 xp, 476 gp
Amara: 1442 xp, 476 gp
Melora: 1442 xp, 428 gp (donated to LMF)
Tabby: 1442 xp, 428 gp (donated to LMF)
Sovan: 1442 xp, 428 gp (donated to LMF)
Ent: 1442 xp, 428 gp (donated to LMF)
Lucens: 1442 xp, 428 gp (donated to LMF)
Valerian: 1442 xp, 428 gp (donated to LMF)

Shore crew:
Raevori: 286 xp, 160 gp (donated to LMF)
Jean-Pierre: 286 xp, 160 gp (donated to LMF)
Finnigan: 79 xp

LMFfAF: 334 gp, 5 sp


SUBMARINE! (2000 gp, needs another 2000 gp worth of repairs done to make it functional) (tentatively claimed by the LMF)
Kinetic-storing metal (200 gp) (tentatively claimed by the LMF for repairing the submarine)

Pearl of Power: one per day, can regain a spell slot of up to 3rd level. Requires attunement. (1000 gp) (claimed by Sovan)

Gun of the Fish-King (non-magical): 2d6 damage, crits on 19+, 120/300 range, or 180/300 with scope (attached, included in price). Can fire 3 shots before you have to change out humming tubes as an action. Can hold 6 bullets.Weight 20 pounds. (350 gp) ( tentatively claimed by Quincy)
10 humming tubes (charged, can be re-charged at mPOI), weight 3 pounds each (650 gp) ( tentatively claimed by Quincy)

Minor POI: Charging rack for the humming tubes in the caves right on the coast of hex 2.10

In Silanya, what Granny says, goes—and Granny had become real tired of fish people and skinchangers laying waste to honest, hard-working fishers and their boats. Well I personally found it kind of odd that so much of the new old world seems so ready to pledge their allegiance to the most geographically convenient god available, I have to admit, she really grew on me by the end of this.

While we’ve lately had the unfortunate tendency of running into danger face first and powering our way through, we felt much less confident doing the same underwater, so we needed to prepare.

To begin, we brought Granny a large sum of gifts. Sovan had written a song just for her, and while we were unable to hear the song at all as it was performed, Sovan sure looked like he was rocking hard, visually at least. Melora then relinquished the memories of her three greatest childhood friends, a steep price and one which we will have to wait to see the full impact of. Lastly, Tabby shared some juicy gossip with Granny as well as bringing some nice rocks and flowers. Those two actually seemed to get along oddly well. Tabby is certainly an exciting conversation partner, albiet not one for keeping secrets. Sil also had us bring some magical armour to gift on top of what the party present had brought.

This veritable cornucopia of gifts seemed to really please Granny, as she bestowed upon us some pretty sweet gifts of her own. Those of us going underwater sprouted gills and webbing, as well as having an increased mental fortitude to block out skinchangers and their mind-reading powers, and even grab a few of their thoughts to boot. Chara was able to test this out quite nicely with her attunement with her own mind.

As a last bit pf preparation, Luc cloaked his imp and sent it on a recon mission to scout underwater. We weren’t able to get specifics, but we did learn that there was a large drop with two guarded caves over top an entire village. We had a real chance to really put a dent in the entire fishfolk population here.

We planned our attack in three squads. They were known as squads 1/2/3 or A/B/C but I’m writing the log so I’ll name them myself.

Squad 1 – Team Lightning – Val, Sovan, and Quincey – Our hard hitters, first into battle and able to tank some hits for the rest of us. Everyone knows lightning is good against water.

Squad 2 – Super best friends club/Team Fire – Amara, Melora, and Tabby – Follows up squad 1 with loads of firepower. Named aptly because Tabby has a tendency to light herself on fire.

Squad 3 – Team Earth – Luc, Chara and Ent – Cleanup crew. More inexperienced, but ready to dish out a third wave of damage. Named because we already had an elemental theme and they have a tree-person.

To begin, we started with a three-pronged attack on the fishfolk’s land-based area. Team fire and Finnigan headed to the warehouse, Team Lightning and Team Earth headed with JP to the fortress, and Rae acted as a prong of her own, slipping off to the docks.

Rae used invisibility to sneak up behind a solitary fish on the dock, snapping into vision between them and the water, scaring the crap out of them and causing them to flee onto land before getting annihilated.

Team Fire snuck up to the warehouse and burst in through different windows and doors, with Finn annihilating a couple fish on his own while the rest of us played guard duty on those nearest to the pool, diving in after one guy to make sure he couldn’t alert the village of our presence.

With the help of Luc’s magical lights providing cover, the rest of our crew managed to sneak up to the fortress and enter predictably with Quincey kicking the shit out of the door. This surprised all but one of the fishfolk inside, and after focusing the alert fish, it was revealed that it was a skinchanger. (The rest of the fish were not at all surprised that their buddy morphed into a skinchanger upon death, signalling that they are working together and the skinchangers are not fully undercover) The other two guards by the door were dispatched easily.

It was at this point that Quincey decided to grapple to the roof kill the fish manning the ballista by himself, and drop off the other side of the roof to cut off any remaining fish in the fortress. The rest of the group attacks and chases the remaining fish to the rear entrance where one makes it into the water and is followed and dispatched quickly.

It was at this point that Val offered those willing some “special tea.” Myself, Chara and Rae took some for the fun of it and were rewarded with +2 on our next drop roll. Judging by Val’s reaction they were rewarded with the chance to interact with me as well.

The party then approached the dock, dove in, and the fun began.

We were very quickly approached by a shark, and as it closed to attack, two metal balls flew up at us from below at high speeds, almost as if a sling bullet was shot out of a crossbow. Quincey led the charge by closing with the shark and the team as a whole was able to take it down—but not before it and it’s handler (who swam into view from below with a crossbow) got a few hits off on Sovan and turned him into an aquatic boar.

The shark handler took out a trident, closed with Val and speared them while the gunmen took off running, Team Fire chased the gunmen while Teams Lightning and Earth finished off the shark handler.

Afraid of more sharks, the team consumed a mass of potions to heal Sovan (who we had to punch back into human form) and Val, to stop them from being bloodied. Then we quickly swam after the gunnmen to the village to minimize their time to prepare for combat.

We were quickly approached by two groups of fish people, an extremely quick group of three and a slower group of 5 (the 3 were later revealed to all be skinchangers) The skinchangers tried to read our thoughts but only projected back thoughts about coming reinforcements instead. We had to act quickly.

Luc was hit by an unseen barrage of sniper bullets coming from the weeds below. Sovan Tabby and I all whiffed on our spells and hit the group of fish people with the softest two shatters and burning hands I’ve ever seen. Luckily the stacking of the spells caused some of the fish to freak out and retreat.

Quincey approached the skinchangers and took one out. One of the fish shot Val with a net and they were quickly mobbed by the remaining skinchangers in their state of vulnerability.

Team Fire’s second round of spells went much better, as Tabby shifted fire to the skinchangers and I was able to lay a hefty shatter on a new group of 6 fish that had arrived and who quickly decided to flee.

Unfortunately for me, my heavy attacks drew some ire from a cleric and gunman who had just shown up, as they both shot at me. Luckily, their fire was a bit off. Maybe they’ve never seen a tiefling move so fluidly underwater.

Once the magic bolt had flown past me from the caster, Luc shifted his attention to it and finished the fish off in one shot. Unfortunately, this show of power drove eyes from me to him and sniper bullets from the weeds below dropped him and permenently damaged his constitution. A chill entered the water in the vicinity of team Lightning as a water hag, shark with handler, and fish king approached.

Melora and I quickly turned our attention to the new threat and hit her pretty hard, while Tabby shifted into full power and hit the hag with a hefty scorching ray. The fish king made a beeline toward Melora, tying her up in a grapple.

Bloodied from the skinchanger shots while trapped in the net, the shark bolted toward Val and began an attack. Luckily, Sovan managed to finish off the water hag and help the rest of team Lightning get back to regular combat emotions.

Quincey also managed to take out another skinchanger but was immediately shot by a net and mauled for heavy damage by the last remaining skinchanger. Sovan healed Luc just in time for him and Chara gave to enact revenge for Quincey by finishing off the skinchanger for good. Once again, Luc’s untimely magical powers gifted him a shot from the snipers below.

It was at this point that we heard the bellow of a horn. Others were approaching.

Tabby had really heated up and was firing bolts of magic at some fish while repositioning to smach the shark handler with her aura. I decided to shift my attention to the shark hing with a magic missile, but drew the ire of the shark handler and took a crossbow bolt to the body. As punishment for this inconvenience, I invoked hellish rebuke to hit him even harder.

The fish king continued his assault on Melora, but was distracted by a dissonant whispers from Sovan. Melora took the opening to smite the fish king while using a drain charge on her sword to hit him extremely hard. Meanwhile, Val was turning the tables on the shark by giving it a hard shot of their own.

The reinforcements had arrived. A skinchanger commanding two armies of 7 and 6 fish respectively approached, along with another cleric, handler and shark, and skinchanger fish queen. “last stand” was projected to us from the skinchanger’s thoughts.

The queen burst in and attacked Team Lightning psionically, which was blocked by Granny’s blessing. Melora and Sovan turned to her but hit her fairly softly to begin. I swam into range of the approaching group of 7 fish and shattered them hard enough that they immediately went crying home. Tabby smacked the shark leader that had been around for a while causing both him and the shark to flee. I sear if these guys didn’t chicken out so hard for individual fear of going down they would have wiped the floor with us, as we were beginning to run out of spells.

As the shark disengaged from Sovan, he gave it a swift punch to the nose which was admittedly badass, and badass in a completely different way than Sovan is usually badass.

The new shark handler sent his shark into battle and immediately misfired his crossbow into its back. The shark was not pleased but reluctantly continued to engage with us.

Team Lightning was having some trouble with the Queen, as she seemed to shrug off part of a shot from Val while tricking Quincey into missing her completely. Unfortunately, in the midst of all this Quincey managed to pass a threshold and turn into a wolf with gills.

The final group of fish closed with Team Earth but was quickly distracted by a Sovan hypnotic pattern, dumbfounding them and holding them in place, bot not before a fish trapped Chara in a net.

Seeing radiant damage fly out of the cleric past me, my undead portion urged me to take care of this fish in particular and I let fly a magic missile. Tabby followed me up with a strike of her own.

At this point, I guess I had done enough damage as to paint a target on my back, as the shark handler and shark turned their focus toward me. I had to burn my final spell slot to shield the onslaught. Once again, Tabby followed suit by deflecting an attack that had come her way.

At this point, Melora became the target of the queen (like husband like wife I guess) and took heavy damage. The queen then proceeded to shake off a heavy spell from Sovan. Fortunately for us, it’s a lot harder to shake off a crossbow bolt, as Val unleashed one into her back. This hit caused her eyes to glow.

Quincey continued to be tricked by the queen’s psionic powers and threw an attack at Melora, but luckily missed. I really didn’t enjoy being attacked by a shark, so I attempted to convince the shark to ditch it’s foul owner who had shot it in the back to no avail. I settled for a poison spray on the handler. Tabby repositioned her aura while chugging a potion to keep on trucking.

In response to Quincey’s missed strike, Melora was tricked into attacking him, but managed to hit him just hard enough to turn him back into a human but keep him up. It’s the small victories sometimes.

at this point, I was no longer able to handle the shark and it’s handler, as the shark landed a hit on me, followed by the handler closing with me, stabbing me with a trident, and crushing me in his tail. Fade to black for me, and I took a temporary charismatic hit in the process. Sore throat from the crushing tail and all that.

Luckily for me, Val and Sovan came to my rescue, with Val taking out the handler, and Sovan shoving a painful potion down my throat.

The queen then unleashed a heavy stun on both Melora and Quincey and began to book it. Instead of getting stunned, Melora closed her eyes and was out cold. [Permanent injury: lost persuasion proficiency.]

While I swam over to give Melora my final potion, Tabby and Val gave chase to the queen and fired spells at her to slow her speed. Ent released Chara from the net and her rays of frost helped in this endeavour as well. As the queen continued to retreat, Val managed to hit her with a final shot that took her out for good. We had won the war.

Before the hypnotic patterns ran dry, we dispatched all but one of the fish, leaving him to warn the others to leave our boats alone. [11 normal fish folk, 2 snipers, 1 shark handler, and 1 skin changer survived, in total]

After that, it was a swift trip through a deserted village and tunnels to loot the fish and destroy their eggs. Things of note that we found were a fish in transition into a skinchanger, a charging station for the guns (which were powered by the cylinders we found a long while ago) a gigantic submarine, and a whole boatload of treasure (as detailed above).

After observing the ship I was able to recruit JP to materialize a forge in the air pocket the submarine was contained in and let him work his magic to get it working enough to bring back to town.

The fish have been vanquished. Our fishers are safe once more.

We returned to tell Granny the good news, and after how much her gifts helped us, I decided to give her a thank you gift of my own, relinquishing one of my lesser used cantrips without asking anything in return.

Luc had a real private, serious looking chat with Granny and got a Crown that seemed to (a little randomly) give him unpredictable powers. (I know how THAT feels). For now it seems to have settled on lots of Cantrips.

Off we went for home.


James_Elcombe wilcroft

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