Y- Basil Cormorant (deceased)

Level 3 Lightfoot Halfling Fighter

Level 3 Stout Halfling Fighter

Updated as of December 17

STR: 10 DEX: 17 CON: 12 INT: 11 WIS: 8 CHA: 11
HP: 29 AC: 18 (w. Breastplate + Shield) Size: Small XP: 2896 (1904 to Level 4) Save Proficiencies: STR, CON
Passive Perception: 9 Passive Investigation: 10 Senses: None special. Speed: 25’ Height: TBD Weight: TBD.
Boons: Danger Room Initiate: +5 HP, 1 Attunement Slot used until Level 5
Injuries: None yet!
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: All Armor All Weapons
Trained Skill Bonus Notes
Acrobatics +5 From Fighter.
Slight of Hand +5 From Urchin Background
Stealth +5 From Urchin Background
Survival +0 From Fighter.
Languages: Common Halfling
Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Black Mass +3 Ranged (200’/800’) 2d12+3 piercing Attacks made as with Skulker feat. 2h. Heavy. Loading. Clip size: 1. Total ammo: 5.
Dagger +5 Ranged (20’/60’) 1d4+5 piercing in melee (+3 if thrown) N/A 1h. Light. Finesse
Longbow +5 Ranged (150’/600’) 1d8+3 piercing N/A 2h. Heavy. Ammunition
Rapier +5 Melee 1d8+5 piercing N/A 1h. Finesse
  • Lucky: When I roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, I can reroll and must use the new roll.
  • Brave: I have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.
  • Halfling Nimbleness: I can move through the space of any Medium or larger creature.
  • Natural Stealth: I can attempt to Hide (@ +3) behind any Medium or larger creature..
  • Second Wind: Once per Short Rest I can spend a bonus action to regain 1d10+3 HP.
  • Fighting Style: Dueling +2 Damage to melee attacks if using one 1-handed melee weapon.
  • Action Surge Once per Short Rest I can take an extra action in any given round.
  • Fighter Archetype: TBD.
  • Background: TBD
  • Personal Feature: TBD / Cooking? Consult with DMs, TBD.
Inventory (Carrying 42 / 100 lbs.)

Weapons, Armor, Clothing:

Item # Weight Notes
Black Mass 1 8 lbs. 5 shots total.
Dagger 2 1 lbs. None.
Longbow 1 2 lbs. None.
Rapier 1 2 lbs. None.
Shield (Borrowed for now from LMF – 10 GP to buy own) 1 6 lbs. None.
Breastplate (Borrowed for now from LMF – 200 GP to buy own) 1 20 lbs. None.
Item # Weight Notes
Arrows (w. Quiver)
20 2 lbs For my Longbow.
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Cashbox 1 452 GP
Debt List 1 None N/A



Y- Basil Cormorant (deceased)

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