Ent Springvine

Level 2 Wood Elf Ranger

Wood Elf Ranger

Updated after 30.

Basic Stats:

STR: 13 DEX: 14 CON: 10 INT: 13 WIS: 15 CHA: 8
HP: 14 AC: 19 (w. Breastplate (14+2) + Shield (2) + Fighting Style (1)) XP: 2180 (220 to Level 3) Save Proficiencies: STR, DEX
Passive Perception: 14 Passive Investigation: 13 Senses: Darksvision 60’. Speed: 35 Height: 5’ 3’’ Weight: 106 lbs.
Injuries: None yet!
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Medium Armor All Weapons
Trained Skill Bonus Notes
Athletics +3 From Outlander.
Investigation +3 From Ranger.
Nature +3 From Ranger
Perception +4 From Elf.
Stealth +4 From Ranger.
Survival +4 From Outlander.
Languages: Common Elven Goblin Giant
Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Handaxe +3 Ranged (20’/60’) 1d6+1 Slashing. N/A Light, Thrown.
Dagger +?? Ranged (20’/60’) 1d4+2 Slashing or Piercing. N/A Finesse, Light, Thrown.
Net +4 Ranged (5’/15’) Restrained N/A Thrown
Longbow +4 Ranged (150’/600’) 1d8+2 piercing N/A 2h. Heavy. Ammunition
  • Fey Ancestry: I have advantage on saving throws vs. Charm, and can’t be magically put to sleep.
  • Trance: I trance, semiconscious, 4 hours a night.
  • Wood Elf Fleetness: My move speed is 35’.
  • Mask of the Wilds: I can Hide behind lightly obscuring natural phenomena (underbrush, heavy rain…)
  • Fighting Style – Defense: +1 to AC when wearing armor
  • Background – Outlander:
  • Personal Feature: ??? TBD
  • Favoured Enemy – Monstrosities:
    - I do +2 damage vs. my Favoured Enemy, monstrosities.
    - I have advantage on Survival checks to track monstrosities, and Intelligence checks to remember information about them.
    - I learn one language spoken by monstrosities.
  • Natural Explorer: I get the following benefits at all times:
    - Ignore difficult terrain.
    - Advantage on Initiative.
    - Advantage on first turn of combat against creatures yet to act.
  • I get the following benefits after travelling in nature for 1 hr. or more:
    - Difficult terrain doesn’t slow group’s travel.
    - Group can’t become lost save by magical means.
    - Alert to danger while travelling even if foraging, navigating, tracking.
    - Can stealth at normal pace if alone.
    - Find twice as much food from foraging.
    - When tracking creatures can learn exact number, sizes, how long ago passed through.
Spells Known (2):
  • Speak With Animals:
            1 Action : Range Self : V, S : 10 Min
    You gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts for the duration. The knowledge and awareness of many beasts is limited by their intelligence, but at minimum, beasts can give you information about nearby locations and monsters, including whatever they can perceive or have perceived within the past day. You might be able to persuade a beast to perform a small favor for you, at the DM’s discretion.
  • Jump:
            1 Action : Range Touch : V, S, M (A grasshopper’s hind leg) : 1 Min
    You touch a creature, the creature’s jump distance is tripled until the spell ends.
Inventory (Carrying 94.4 / 130 lbs.)
Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight Notes
Breastplate 1 20 lbs. None.
Handaxe 1 2 lbs. None.
Dagger 1 1 lbs. None.
Net 1 3 lbs. Large or smaller creature hit is Restrained until freed, unless incorporeal. Can free self or other within range by DC 10 STR check (action), or by doing 5 slashing damage (AC 10) to net, destroying it without harming occupant. Can only do one net attack/round regardless of Extra Attacks or other rules.
Longbow 1 2 lbs. None.
Shield 1 6 lbs. None.


Item # Weight Notes
Backpack 1 5 lbs. Organizes all my bits.
Bedroll 1 7 lbs. I sleep on it so I’m not sore in the morning.
Hempen Rope (50’) 1 5 lbs. You ALWAYS. NEED. ROPE.
Hunting Trap 1 25 lbs. Action to set – creature touching it caught, immobilized, 1d4 piercing damage (save DEX DC 13). Movement thereafter limited by 3’ chain. DC 13 STR check to free self or other within range – failed checks do 1 piercing damage to caught creature.
Messkit 1 1 lbs. Eating with my hands is not fun!
Quiver (Full) 2 4 lbs. 20 arrows each.
Waterskin 1 5 lbs. (full) Holds water. And such.
Item # Weight Notes
Healing Potion 3 1.5 lbs. Heal 2d4+2 HP.
Rations 5 10 lbs. Eating with my hands is not fun!
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Cashbox 1 607 GP
Debt List 0 None


…Under Construction…

Previous profession:
Ent was a deployed in goblin lands to conduct gorilla warfare against them. Here, he learned the value of killing lesser creatures before they regrouped and to plan carefully before fighting mighty foes. The second lesson being quite brutal.

Combat Style:
“Enemies that avoid combat must be dealt with quickly. Do not let them choose their battles or you will fall into a trap or be overwhelmed by a gathered force.”

“Beasts of great power must not be fought directly. Bide your time and choose your battles wisely or be crushed beneath their strength.”

Ent was previously crushed by a giant. Most of his body is now being held together by a sapling growing inside of him.

“Whenever the wind is still, I can feel the plant writhing and growing just below the skin. It feeds off my desecrated body and searches for the last corners of my being to take root in. If I could survive without this parasite, I would abandon it in an instant.”

Why Silanya?:
When the quarrels between wood elves and goblin tribes ended, Ent found himself with very little professions he could take back home. His years spent fighting goblins left him with very few societal skills. However this mattered little to Ent. Silanya seemed a much better place to showcase his capabilities.

Stance on magic:
Having fought against magic inept goblins and giants for a good portion of his adulthood, Ent is generally cautious and slightly discomforted around unknown magic.

Ent is proficient at scouting and survival but he likes to think that he can hold his own in combat too.

Ent was once crushed by a giant during a scouting mission in the mainland. The right half of his body was flattened but what remained was salvageable. To save his life, a ritual was performed which infused his flesh with a sapling. Ent is glad to be alive but feels fully capable without relying on the sapling.

Ent Springvine

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