Hadley Jones

5th level half-elf fighter


Updated after 104 (using 302 gp, 1600 xp).
Has used next session’s resolve.


STR 12 +1
DEX 16 +3
CON 20 +5
INT 6 -2
WIS 8 -1
CHA 15 +2

AC: 16 (breastplate), 18 (shield)
Speed: 35 ft
Height: 5’4"
Weight: ???
Proficiency: +3

HP: 46
HD: d10/level
Damage Preferences. Resistant to piercing, and bludgeoning. Vulnerable to fire, necrotic, and slashing.
Second Wind. Can use bonus action to regain HP = 1d10 + level, 1/SR.
Lay on Hands. 5 hp, 1/exp.

Armour: all armour and shields
Weapons: simple, martial
Tools: thieves’, smith’s
Saving throws: STR, CON, adv v charmed and immune to sleep
Skills: athletics (DISADV climbing), acrobatics, stealth (expertise), investigation, perception (expertise), survival
Languages: Common, elvish, dwarvish, sign, terran, celestial

Skill Bonus Notes
Athletics +4 From background (DISADV climbing)
Acrobatics +6 From fighter
Stealth +9 From half-elf/Fela chosen
Investigation +1/2 From half-elf
Perception +5 From fighter/fruit (DISADV while tree)
Survival +2 From background
Thieves’ tools +6 From background
Smith’s tools +8 From battlemaster

Danger Room Initiate. +1 to INT checks on expeditions.

Spider Sense. Advantage on all checks relating to spiders, double points for taming spiders, and proficiency to riding tamed spiders.


Wild Child. Can wildshape into a CR 1 spider 1/exp (still wooden).

Relentlessly Paranoid. In dim light or darkness, can sprout some shrubbery as a free action such that creatures relying on darkvision gain no benefit to detect them.

Lucky Day. 30’ darkvision, +2d6 max HP for 24 hrs 1/exp.

Tree Transformation. Comprised of silvery, birch-like wood. Counts as Plant+Humanoid.
Can tree stride (Up to 60’ move into adjacent Large or larger tree, teleport to Large+ tree within 60’).
Does not eat or drink.
Roots at night (treelike all night or level of exhaustion, cannot move. Perception at Disadvantage. Toxins in local soil can harm them. If they move at all before 8 hr. rest, including forced movement, 5d8 damage / 1 level exhaustion.)

Half-elven. Darkvision 60 ft. Advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put them to sleep.

Savage Bond. Some ability to sense health / vague emotional state of Camille, Pierre, Jasper, and Fern.

Cool Facial Hair. Advantage on charisma checks with persons acquainted with the exploits of the Flashing Falcon, provided that said persons find those exploits sufficiently impressive.


  • Blindness 1/ever
  • Blight 1/LR (use highest mental – DC 13)
  • Meld Into Stone 1/LR
  • Conjure Animals 2/LR (taking 2 levels of exhaustion: disadv ability checks, half speed)
  • Detect Good and Evil at will without components/slot


Projectile Nails. Can pluck a fingernail 1/SR and use it as ammunition with various effects (blind d20 chart).

Extra Attack. Can attack twice, instead of once, whenever they take the Attack action on their turn.

Fighting Style: Archery. Gain a +2 bonus to Attack rolls they make with Ranged Weapons.

Action Surge. Extra action 1/SR.

Sharpshooter. Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on their ranged weapon attack rolls. Their ranged weapon attacks ignore half cover and three quarters cover. Before they make an attack with a ranged weapon that they are proficient with, they can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, they add +10 to the attack’s damage.

Prism sight. 3 / LR can hyperfocus and add d10 to attack or damage with a ranged attack, only one use per attack, must declare before rolling.

Battlemaster. They know two manoeuvres [parry lost to Library of Puzzling Ways] (can only use one per attack)
Four superiority dice (d8)/SR.
Saving throw DC: 8 + prof + dex = 14

  • Precision Attack. When they make a weapon attack roll against a creature, they can expend one superiority die to add it to the roll. They can use this maneuver before or after making the attack roll, but before any effects of the attack are applied.
  • Trip Attack. When they hit a creature with a weapon attack, they can expend one superiority die to attempt to knock the target down. They add the superiority die to the attack’s damage roll, and if the target is Large or smaller, it must make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save, they knock the target prone.

Weapon Specializations.

  • Hand Crossbow – Point-Blank. Critical Range +1 within 30’ of target.
  • Longbow – Volley Archer. When firing at long range into a group of enemies, if they hit a target all other bow-wielders on their team get + their proficiency to hit enemies in the same group, and can use their action to attack on their initiative count.
Longbow 1d8 + 3 piercing + 8/+3 to hit 150/600, heavy, two-handed
Crossbow 1d6 + 3 piercing + 9/+ 4 (+ 10/+5) 30/120, light, loading
Rapier 1d8 + 4 piercing + 7 to hit finesse
Claws 1d6 + 3 + 6 to hit melee
Hand Lasers 2d6+3 radiant + 8/+3 to hit 30’, can sharpshoot


XP: 13,600
GP: 219.5 gp (owes Phoenix 250 gp)


  • magic crossbow
  • riding Spider (trained)
  • Book of Things:
    • 1 pit (10′ × 10′ × 10′, can be placed up to 10 feet from you)
    • 1 feast for 30 (food for a day, +2d4 THP each, wipes 1 level of exhaustion)
    • 2 full course meals for 12 (food for a day)
    • 1 window (2’ by 4’ by 2’ deep)
    • 1 portable ram
    • 1 flask holy holy water
    • 2 ten foot poles
    • 1 ladder
    • 1 chest
    • 5 quivers of arrows
    • 1 tent

1: Exhaustive Sacred Hand Crossbow (Action, -HD = + 1 for 1 min.; Lay on Hands 5 HP 1/Exp.)
2: Fencer’s rapier (+ 1 magic weapon, battlemaster dice are d10s while using it)

1. Snake bite: -3 strength, disadvantage on climbing (expedition 100)

Corruption (Max): +1 (eyeless rock), +2 (chosen draught), +1 (prism fruit), +4 (savage pledge & totem mask), +1 (prism fruit – relentless paranoia), +1 (prism fruit – vanity/contentment), +2 (Keeper healing), +6 (miscellaneous fruit, including faith/enthusiasm)
Corruption complications: Has lost 1 str, gained 2 (1) con, lost 3 wis (this happened somewhere between 4 and 8). Gained 2 str, lost 3 int, lost 1 cha (this happened somewhere between 8 and 18).
Glitch: Obsessed with prism fruit (who’s eaten them, what they did, etc) and constantly proselytizing to get people to eat them.

Eyeless rock. They can’t see colours as vividly anymore, got +1 strength.

Fela draught. +11 HP, expertise in stealth, advantage on all checks relating to spiders, double points for taming spiders, proficiency to riding tamed spiders, permanent +1 to the skill or weapon attack of their choice (hand crossbow). Their arms got a bit thinner and more wiry and they got patches of spider hair mostly mixed in with their existing body hair.

Prism fruit. Slight petal-like marks around their eyes – lost 10 hp, 3/LR can Hyper-Focus before rolling ranged weapon attack to declare +d10 to attack or to damage as petals flare with bright colour.

Savage Pledge/Totem Mask. Gained 3 con and lost 5 int. Gained a claw attack (proficient melee attack, 1d6 dmg), can wildshape into a CR 1 spider 1/exp.

Relentless Paranoia. Lost 8 hp, gained 13. A network of tiny roots has grown out over their muscles, giving their skin a strangely ridged appearance in whorls and loops like ancient body-mod tattoos which implanted raised bumps under the skin. Resistant to piercing damage.
Their roots can flower into dark and enshrouding plant cover – like a built-in ghillie suit – in dim light or darkness. This is a free action – while in this state, creatures with darkvision gain no benefit in detecting them (perception at disadvantage) and they can attempt to hide from creatures with darkvision in darkness if they cannot otherwise detect them.

Earned Vanity fading into Humble Contentment. Lost 7 hp, gained the ability to cast Blight 1/LR (using highest mental stat), and their teeth and fingernails became wooden.

100% Bonafide and Pure Celestial Healing. Gained 12 hp, has been Dominated into a loyal subject of the Keeper.

Assorted Fruits (x6, including Aloof Faith alternating with Infectious Enthusiasm.)

  • Whole body is glowing golden wood – hairy nature, etc. sculpted photorealistically.
  • Fingernails esp. hard: pluck 1/SR, will reshapes / sharpen into ranged ammunition. Apply effect from blind d20 chart to that ranged shot.
  • Vulnerable to Fire. Resist Bludgeoning. Speak Celestial.
  • Can tree stride. (Up to 60’ move into adjacent Large or larger tree, teleport to Large+ tree within 60’).
  • Do not eat or drink. Root at night (treelike all night or level of exhaustion, cannot move. Perception at Disadvantage. Toxins in local soil can harm you. If you move at all before 8 hr. rest, inc. force moved, 5d8 damage / 1 level exhaustion.)
  • With saves, -28 HP
  • +2 STR, +5 CHA
  • 30’ darkvision + 2d6 HP 24 hrs./Exp.
  • Resist Necrotic. Vulnerable to slashing
  • Expertise in Perception.
  • Can cast Detect Good and Evil at-will without components/slot.
  • Can emit blasts of radiant energy from your hands – treat as d6 DEX weapons (max range 30’). Can sharpshoot with them.
  • Count as a plant


Hadley Jones

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