Jean-Pierre du Veyrir de la Grand Contumace Saint-Emilion

Level 6 Dwarven Cleric of the Forge

Dwarven Forge Cleric [Elementally LG]

Updated after Expedition 116. +1.2 Total HP from On-Time Logs.

Basic Stats

STR: 11 DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 18 WIS: 16 CHA: 15
HP: 59.2 AC: 23 (w. Beausoleil + Shield) / 24 (for 24h with Beausoleil Expedition Power) XP: 42421 (5579 to level 7) HD: 3 @ D8 + 2 (w. Advantage – Paragon of CON) Save Proficiencies: CON, WIS, CHA
Passive Perception: 13 Passive Investigation: 13 Senses: Darkvision 60’ Turn / Spell DC: 15 (w. Beausoleil) Speed: 30’ (w. Phaeacian) [Unaffected by heavy armor.] Height: 4’10" Weight: 150
Injuries: None any more!

Corruption: 4 (Well of Transformation (2) + Sundered Apple (2))

Boons: Resilient (CON) (+1 CON, Proficiency to CON saves (@ 4).) Bait With Plate (If I know allied AoE is coming, Advantage on my Save – Epiphany.) Nose for Magic (I can ‘sniff out’ magic, but not type; Perception for approximate range/direction / tracking magic effects/beasts w/o Survival.) Blood Rites (-3 HD: 1 from Kavacha’s Virtue, 2 from Danger Room.) Winter’s Ward (1/Expedition Reaction: slotless Shield on creature within 60’.) Paragon of Constitution (Awakened) (Roll HD w. Advantage. Sleep 4 hrs./LR.) Runic Tome (Always have Ceremony prepared; always have modified 3rd-level Dawn prepared.) Spirit of the Sundered (Learn Conjure Animals and Thorn Whip – can retrain 1 spell/level as I level.) My Perfect Croissant: +1 Max HP. Peace Is Happiness: Extra Resolve next expedition after no finishing blows on intelligent living creatures. Hard-Earned Wisdom: +1 WIS from the Oracle’s Selfishness Trap.

Currently Researching: Nature of Corruption: (139; 34 pts. Religion, 21 pts. Arcana from Kalandria, 10 pts. Arcana from Amara, 7 pts. Arcana from Wizbo, 10 Points Arcana from Jasper, 56 pts. Medicine (Corrupt Autopsies) from Martin) Blood Iron: (5/???)
Currently Crafting: Nothing.

Trained Skills

Skill Bonus Notes
History +7 Advantage to assess stonework’s history and construction (Stonecunning); anything related to Stone, Earth, Construction, get more for lower DC w. Beausoleil).
Insight +6 None.
Medicine +6 None.
Religion +7 None.
Stealth +1 Disadvantage – Heavy Armour.
Survival +6 From Well of Transformation.
Tools (CON) (Expertise) +8 Smith’s Tools.
Languages: Common Dwarvish Elven Giant


Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Durandal (+ 1 Warhammer if used at all; if enchanting other PC, +0) +4 Melee 1d8+1 Bludgeoning N/A Pacifist: Can attempt to do non-lethal damage: 50% of time can knock target out; 50% of time they’re Relentless (1 HP). 1/Expedition: +3d6 Necrotic Damage, heal 1/2.
Energetic Guiding Bolt of Numbness (Level 1) +7 120’ 4d6 Radiant V / S Advantage on next attack vs. target, as tiny motes of holy light cling to its exterior. If cast at 3rd or higher: No cantrips for 1 Minute. Spend next action managing energy for 1/2*SL in spell slot back; if not take D6/SL damage. (Pacifist)
Flame Blade (Level 2) +7 Melee 3d6 + 4 Fire V / S / M Bonus Action to make Proficient sword in hand; sheds bright light 10’, dim light 20’. Disappears if dropped, resummon as Bonus. + 1d6 Fire/2 SLs. Conc., 10 min.
Hand of Radiance (Cantrip) CON DC 15 5’ radius 3d6 Radiant V / S All targets in range. (Pacifist.)
Heaven & Hell Bolts [Currently Loaned To Quincy] +7 60’ 13d6 Radiant / 13d6 Necrotic S One-Use. From Oracle Gift Shop ‘Collective Prize’. Modified by Manor of Shadows.
Searing Heat Metal of Exhaustion (Level 2) Any target I can see. 60’ 2d8 Fire V / S / M Target can save CON DC 15 – if fails or can’t drop worn item, Disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks for next turn. At level 3+, target has damage vulnerability 2; creatures with fire resistance do not have vulnerability but DO take disadvantage if fail save (do not at lower level.) Can maintain, Concentration 1 minute.
Agonizing Strong Inflict Wounds (Level 1) +7 Melee 3d10 + 4d6 Necrotic V / S / M Touch spell vs. target I can see. + [1d10 + 1d6] Necrotic / SL. Take [SL * d6] damage.
Sacred Flame (Cantrip) DEX DC 15 60’ 2d8 Radiant V, S Ignores 1/2 and 3/4 cover. (Pacifist)
Searing Smite (Level 1) +4 On Successful Melee Hit 1d8 + 1 bludgeoning + 1d6 Fire/SL V Bonus to apply to next Melee hit. At start of each turn, target saves Con DC 15 or takes 1d6 Fire/SL. Target or ally within 5 feet can use action to end effect. Immersion in water, etc., ends effect. Conc., 1 min.
Powerful, Long-Casting Spiritual Weapon (Level 2) +7 60’ 1d8+4 Force (+1d8/2 SLs) V, S Bonus act, appears within range, hits; bonus per turn thereafter, move up to 30’ and repeat. [6 Initiative Count Cast, + 2d6 damage/turn, if cast at SL 3 +.] (Pacifist)
Thorn Whip +7 30’ 2d6 Magical Piercing V, S, M On hit, drag Large or smaller creature up to 10’ closer.
Wide Spirit Guardians of Numbness (Level 3) WIS DC 15 Self – 30’ 3d8 Radiant (+1d8/SL) V, S, M (Holy Symbol) Designate any # of excepted creatures I can see. Takes effect on entering or starting turn in radius. All targets’ speed is halved. Save WIS DC 15 for half damage. (Pacifist)


  • Dwarven Resilience: Advantage on Saves vs. Poison, Resistance to Poison Damage.
  • Dwarven Combat Training: Proficient w. Battleaxe, Handaxe, Throwing Hammer & Warhammer.
  • Stonecunning: Advantage on Ability checks (i.e. Investigate, History) re: Stonework.
  • Disciple of the Forge (Cleric 1): I have proficiency with heavy armour. I can make one piece of armour or weapon equivalent to a +1 magical version between long rests.
  • Soul of the Forge (Cleric 6): +1 AC in Medium or Heavy Armor. Resistance to Fire. +6 (Cleric Level) Force Damage vs. Constructs with my attacks.
  • Channel Divinity: Once per short rest, I can use a tiny fragment of the power of my God:
    -Destroy Undead (1 Action): Present holy symbol, speak a prayer. Each undead that can see or hear me w/in 30 ft. must save WIS (DC 15) or be Destroyed if CR 1/2 or below / Turned for 1 minute, or until it takes damage, spending its turns trying to move as far away from me as it can; it can’t willingly get within 30 feet of me or take reactions, and can only use its action to Dash or escape from an effect that restricts its mobility. If it can’t move farther away, it can Dodge.
    -Artisan’s Blessing (1 Action): Spend Short Rest to convert up to 100 GP worth of coins or other metal into any nonmagical object of that value containing at least some metal. Can perfectly duplicate non-magical items I possess.
  • Acolyte: Those who share my faith will offer us free healing, shelter and care at an affiliated holy site; they will put me (but not my friends) up indefinitely at a modest lifestyle.
  • Well of Transformation (First Step): All stats (-Racial Bonus) rotate 1 to right. + 1 DEX, + 1 INT. Lose 1 Usage/SR of Channel Divinity, Gain Expertise: Smithing Tools. Lose Orcish, Gain Elvish.)
  • Well of Transformation (Second Step): 1 INT (will not rotate), + Survival, Martial Adept, -Permanent Injury.
  • Martial Adept (from Well): One d6 Superiority Die/SR fuels Feint and Rally maneuvers.*
  • Feint: Bonus action, expend Superiority Die against creature within 5’: my next attack on them has Advantage and adds die (d6) to damage on a hit.
  • Rally: Expend Die: Creature that can see or hear me (any range) gains d6+2 THP.

Personal Feature: My hammer Durandal was transformed from a typical Smith’s Hammer in a moment of Divine blessing. My God’s follower’s are usually pacifists but this is both a) clearly God’s will and b) clearly designed to hurt people rather badly. I’m still working out how I feel about this, and have sworn a solemn oath never to outright kill save for “anti-life” like Demons, Devils and Undead…and to try and rein in some of the more casual murder of my compatriots. For now Durandal is my Holy Symbol. It has led me towards a path of Divine Artifice – beginning with the improvement of the Silver Shackles used by the Abyssal Guard to bind demonkin. It made Beausoleil. It made Veillantif. It can absorb powers of weapons: I have 1 ‘safe’ month to get 20 points (for Tier 3), 15 (Tier 2) or 10 (Tier 1). After that, 20% chance cumulative per week enchantment degrades. It has currently absorbed:

  1. Vampire Greatsword: +3d6 Necrotic/Heal for 1/2 Necrotic Dealt on 1 attack/Expedition.

Divine Spellcasting

Domain Spells:
  • Level 1: Ceremony, Searing Smite, Shield.
  • Level 2: Heat Metal, Magic Weapon
  • Level 3: Dawn (Modded), Elemental Weapon, Protection from Energy
Cantrips Known (5):
  • Guidance (Touch – 1 willing creature adds 1d4 to ONE Ability Check, after rolling, during duration.) (V, S, Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Hand of Radiance (Self – All targets w/in 5’ save CON DC 14 or take 3d6 Radiant.) (V, S, Action)
  • Mending (Touch) I repair a single break or tear in an object I touch (a broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, a torn cloak, or a leaking wineskin, etc.) so long as it is no larger than 1 ft. in any direction. I can repair magic items’ form but not restore their magic) (V, S, M (2 lodestones), 1 Minute)
  • Sacred Flame (60’ – 1 creature I can see within range saves DEX DC 14 or take 2d8 + 1d6 Radiant damage; ignore 1/2 or 3/4 Cover.) (V, S, Action)
  • Thorn Whip (30’ – +6, 1 creature within range takes 2d6 magical piercing damage and (if Large or smaller) is dragged up to 10’ closer to me.) (V, S, M (thorned rose stem), Action)
1st-Level Spells Known (8 Domain + 10 Normal (all levels) at any one time):
  • Bane (30’ – 3 creatures I can see (+1/SL) save CHA DC 14 or subtract 1d4 from ALL Attack Rolls and Saving Throws for the duration.) (V, S, M (a drop of blood), Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Bless (30’ – 3 willing creatures (+1/SL) add 1d4 to ALL Attack Rolls and Saving Throws for the duration.) (V, S, M (a sprinkle of holy water), Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Ceremony (Touch – Various effects on willing target w/in 10’. Atonement: creature whose alignment has changed is restored w. DC 19 WIS check. Bless Water: One vial of water becomes Holy Water. Coming of Age: One humanoid young adult or older adds d4 to ability checks for 24h (once per lifetime). Dedication: Humanoid converting to my religion or God’s service adds d4 to saves for 24h (once per lifetime). Funeral Rite: Bless 1 corpse, cannot become undead (except via Wish ) for 24h. Investiture: Expend 1st-level slot and components to give humanoid ability to cast it for 1h without using slot or components. Marriage: Adult humanoids willing to marry get +2 to AC and saves when within 30’ of each other for 24h (once per lifetime). (V, S, M (25 gp powdered silver.) (Ritual, 1 hour.)
  • Command (60’ – 1 creature I can see (+1/SL) must save WIS DC 15 or perform my one word command next turn. Examples: Approach (target moves towards me by the shortest and most direct route, ending its turn if it moves within 5 feet); Drop (target drops whatever it is holding, then ends its turn); Flee (target spends its turn moving away from me by the fastest available means); Grovel (target falls prone, then ends its turn); Halt (target doesn’t move and takes no actions; a flying creature can stay aloft, moving as little as needed to do so); or others at DM discretion.) (V, Action)
  • Create or Destroy Water (30’ – Create: 10 gallons of clean water appears in an open container (+ 10/SL), or rain, extinguish all exposed flame in a 30’ cube (+ 5’/SL) OR Destroy: 10 gallons of water disappears from an open container (+ 10/SL), or a 30’ cube of fog is banished (+ 5’/SL).) (V, S, M (drop of water to Create, grains of sand to Destroy, Action)
  • Cure Wounds (Touch – Target regains 1d8 + 4 HP (+ 1d8/SL)) (V, S, Action)
  • Detect Evil and Good (Self – For duration, know if an aberration, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead w/in 30 ft., and where it is. Also know of any hallowed/desecrated places or objects w/in 30 ft. Can penetrate barriers, but is blocked by 1’ stone, 1" common metal, thin sheet of lead, 3’ wood/dirt. (V, S, Action) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Detect Magic (Ritual) (Self – For duration, know if magic w/in 30 ft., use Action to see faint aura around any visible such creature or object, and learn school of magic. Can penetrate barriers, but is blocked by 1’ stone, 1" common metal, thin sheet of lead, 3’ wood/dirt. (V, S, Action) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Detect Poison and Disease (Ritual) (Self – For duration, know if an poison, poisonous creature, disease w/in 30 ft. and what type it is. Can penetrate barriers, but is blocked by 1’ stone, 1" common metal, thin sheet of lead, 3’ wood/dirt. (V, S, M (yew leaf, Action) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Disguise Self (Self – Make self look different until spell ends or use Action to dismiss. Can seem 1’ shorter/taller, appear thin, fat, in between. Can’t change body type; must have same limbs. Otherwise, up to you. Attempt to touch you shows illusion; otherwise Investigate 14 to see through it.) (V, S, Action) (Conc., 1 hr.)
  • Energetic Guiding Bolt of Numbness (120’ – Flash of light vs. target I choose within range, roll + 7 to hit, do 4d6 Radiant (+ 1d6/SL), next attack roll v. target before end of my next turn has advantage from ‘tracer round’ lights clinging to it. If cast @ 3rd or higher, spend next action managing energy to regain SL/2 spell slots (round down) or take 3d6 (+ 1d6/SL) untyped damage; no cantrips for 1 minute.) (V, S, Action).
  • Guiding Hand (5’ – Tiny incorporeal hand of light appears within range, disappears if teleport or planeshift. Name landmark (city, mountain, castle, battlefield) on same plane and previously visited and mapped (in history). If not on any existing map, fails. Otherwise, when move toward hand, moves away at same speed towards landmark, maintaining distance. If don’t move towards it, beckons in place every d4 minutes. (1 minute, V, S) (Ritual, Conc. (8 hrs.))
  • Healing Word (60’ – Target I can see within range regains 1d4 + 4 HP (+ 1d4/SL).) (V, S, Bonus Action)
  • Agonizing Strong Inflict Wounds (Melee Attack – + 7 to hit vs. target I can see for 3d10 + 4d6 Necrotic damage (+ 1d10 + 1d6/SL), and take [SL*d6] damage.) (V, S, Action).
  • Protection from Evil / Good (Touch – 1 willing creature is protected from Aberrations, Celestials, Elementals, Fey, Fiends, Undead – they have Disadvantage to attack rolls v. target, target immune to their charm, fright or possession effects, has advantage on further saves to resist if already under such effects.) (V, S, M (holy water / powdered silver / powdered iron [Consumed], Action) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Purify Food and Drink (Ritual) (10’ – all food and drink in a 5-ft. sphere within range is purified and made free of poison and disease. (V, S, Action).
  • Sanctuary (30 ft – 1 creature within range is warded; those attacking or targeting it w. harmful spells must pass WIS Save DC 15 or change target or lose attack/spell; no protection from area effects; ends if warded creature attacks or casts spell on enemy creature) (V, S, M (a small silver mirror, Bonus Action) (1 minute)
  • Searing Smite (Self – next melee hit is + 1d6 fire damage (+ 1d6/SL), causes target to ignite – each round, pass CON Save DC 15 or take 1d6 fire damage (+ 1d6/SL). Action for creature/ally w/in 5 ft. to put out, dousing flames ends effect.) (V, Bonus Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Shield (Self – + 5 to AC until start of next turn, including triggering attack, no damage from Magic Missile) (V, S, Reaction to attack that hits)
  • Shield of Faith (60’ – 1 creature I choose within range gets + 2 AC for duration) (V, S, M (a holy Pamphlet of the Tree) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Speak with Animals (Ritual) (Self – can comprehend and speak with Beasts. They are limited by their INT, but at minimum can give info about nearby locations and monsters, including what they have perceived within the last day. May do favour for me (DM’s discretion.) (V, S, Action) (10 minutes)
2nd-Level Spells Known (8 Domain + 10 Normal (all levels) at any one time):
  • Aid (30’ – 3 creatures I can see gain 5 current and maximum HP (+5/SL) for the duration.) (V, S, M (strip of white cloth), Action) (8 hours)
  • Augury (Ritual) (Self – Tree informs me re: course of action intended in next 30 minutes – DM says Weal (good), Woe (bad), Weal and Woe (mixed results), or Nothing (no significant result). Doesn’t take into account extra spells cast, gain or loss of companion, etc. if after Augury. Cumulative 25% chance (DM rolls in secret) of random reading after 1st, resets with long rest.) (V, S, M (tarot deck worth 25gp), 1 minute)
  • Blindness/Deafness (30’ – 1 creature I can see (+1/SL) must save CON DC 15 or become blind or deaf (my choice) for duration; can repeat save at end of each of its turns.) (V, Action) (1 minute)
  • Calm Emotions (60’ – Humanoids in 20’ sphere within range must save CHA DC 15 (can choose to fail) or: a) Suppress (not dispel) Charm or Fear effect until spell over; or b) make target indifferent to current hostiles until attacked, harmed by spell, sees allies attacked. Resumes hostility when spell over unless DM says so.) (V, S, Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Continual Flame (Touch – Object burns with a torch’s brightness (20’ bright, 40’ dim), no heat, no oxygen needed, can’t be put out, can be covered.) (V, S, M (ruby dust worth 50 gp, consumed), Action) (Until dispelled.)
  • Enhance Ability (1 willing creature I touch (+1/SL) gains advantage on checks for one Stat – 1 ) Bear’s Endurance (CON, +2d6 THP); 2) Bull’s Strength (STR, 2x Carrying Capacity); 3) Cat’s Grace (DEX, No falling damage under 20 ft.); 4) Eagle’s Splendour (CHA); 5) Fox’s Cunning (INT); Owl’s Wisdom (WIS) – for the duration.) (V, S, M (fur or feather), Action) (Conc., 1 hour)
  • Find Traps (120’ – Sense presence of any trap (‘anything with a sudden or unexpected effect I consider harmful or undesirable, specifically intended as such by creator’ – pit traps, not weak flooring) within range / line of sight. Doesn’t tell me exactly where it is, does tell me general nature of danger. (V, S, Action)
  • Flame Blade (Bonus – make fire sword, bright light 10’, dim light 20’. + 7, 3d6+4 fire (+1d6/2 SLs). If drop sword, disappears; Bonus to retrieve it.) (V, S, M (sumac leaf), Bonus Action). (Conc., 10 min.)
  • Gentle Repose (Ritual) (Touch – corpse or other remains doesn’t decay, can’t become undead, extends time limit for resurrection) (V, S, M (salt and pennies for the eyes that must stay on), Action) (10 days)
  • Heat Metal of Exhaustion (60’ – Manufactured metal object within range heats up: 2d8 fire damage (+ 1d8/SL) for any creature in contact. Bonus action to maintain. Creature taking damage must save CON DC 15 or drop item if can; if doesn’t drop, disadvantage on attacks and ability checks until start of my next turn. If cast at Level 3 +, imposes Damage Vulnerability 2 and Fire Resistant targets still take Disadvantage: take one level of exhaustion when cast.) (V, S, M (iron and flame), Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Hold Person (60’ – Humanoid I can see within range (+ 1/SL) saves WIS DC 15 or paralyzed for duration. Saves again at end of each turn.) (V, S, M (small straight piece of iron), Action) (Conc., 1 minute)
  • Lesser Restoration (Touch – End one disease or condition on a creature – blinded, deafened, paralyzed or poisoned.) (V, S, Action)
  • Locate Object (Self – Describe or name familiar object (seen once within 30’), sense direction if within 1000’, direction of travel if moving. Can locate ‘nearest example’ of an item/resource/etc. if don’t need a specific one. Blocked by interposed sheet of lead, any thickness.) (V, S, M (forked twig), Action) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Magic Weapon (Touch – Nonmagic item becomes + 1 for duration (+ 2 @ 4th, + 3 @ 6th.) (V, S, Bonus Action) (Conc., 1 hour)
  • Prayer of Healing (30’ – 2d8 + 4 healing (+1d8/SL) to up to 6 creatures I can see within range. No effect on undead.) (V, 10 minutes)
  • Protection from Poison (Touch – Neutralize poison in target, if multiple neutralize one that I know, failing that one at random. Target has advantage on saving throws against poison and poison damage resistance. (V, S, Action) (1 hour)
  • Silence (Ritual) (120’ – No sound can be created within or pass through 20’ sphere within range – no thunder damage, no Verbal spells, all fully inside are deafened.) (V, S, Action) (Conc., 10 minutes)
  • Powerful, Long-casting Spiritual Weapon (60’ – SL 3+ = 6 Initiave Counts to Cast – Floating hammer within range lasts for duration; on casting + 7 to hit melee vs. creature within 5’ of weapon, 1d8 + 2d6 + 4 force damage (+ 1d8/2 SLs). Bonus action thereafter to move weapon up to 20’, repeat attack (V, S, M (Durandal), Bonus action) (1 minute)
  • Warding Bond (Touch – Willing creature gets + 1 to AC and saving throws, resistance to all damage, I take same damage. Ends if I drop or creature more than 60’ away, or if either targeted again by same spell, or with action) (V, S, M – 50gp pair platinum rings worn throughout) (1 action) (1 hour)
  • Zone of Truth (60’ – 15 foot sphere within range, creature that enters or starts turn there saves CHA DC 15 (I know if it passes) or can’t deliberately lie until it leaves. It knows it can’t lie and can be evasive if not untruthful. (V, S, 1 action) (10 minutes)
3nd-Level Spells Known (8 Domain + 10 Normal (all levels) at any one time):
  • Animate Dead (10’ – Create 1 skeleton from bone pile or zombie from corpse (+2/SL); Bonus Action to command it specifically or generally on turn; without orders, defends self. Continues orders until destroyed or accomplishes mission. Can recast after 24h to reclaim up to 4 undead I’ve raised. (V, S, M (drop of blood, piece of flesh, pinch of bone dust), 1 minute.) (24 hours.)
  • Beacon of Hope (30’ – Any number of targets in range have advantage on WIS and Death Saves, regain max benefit from healing.) (V, S, Action.) (Conc., 1 min.)
  • Bestow Curse (Touch – Target saves WIS DC 15 or cursed with one of: Disability (Disadvantage on Checks/Saves for 1 ability); Frailty (Disadvantage to attack me); Lethargy (Save WIS DC 15 per turn or do nothing); Vulnerability (I do +1d8 necrotic per attack to target); or equivalent DM-approved effect. Ended by Remove Curse. ) (V, S, Action.) (Conc., 1 min. (Conc. 10 min. @ 4th, 8 hrs @ 5th, 24 hrs @ 7th, Until Dispelled @ 9th.)
  • Clairvoyance (1 mile – create fist-sized glowing sensing orb (can’t be interacted with, visible only to those who can see Invisibility) in place I’ve been or seen or obvious place (behind door, around corner, in grove of trees). Choose sight or hearing to sense through space, switch as Action on turn.) (V, S, M (glass eye to see, jewelled horn to hear), 10 min.) (Conc., 10 min.)
  • Conjure Animals (60’ – I summon fey spirits shaped like beasts in unoccupied spaces I can see within range. I can summon:
    -1 CR2 Beast;
    -2 CR 1 Beasts;
    -4 CR 1/2 Beasts;
    -8 CR 1/4 or lower Beasts.
    They are considered Fey, and disappear at 0 HP or on the spell ending. They are friendly to me and the party, get their own initiative, and obey verbal commands (no action required) or else only defend themselves until so ordered.) (V, S, Action) (Conc., 1 hr.)
  • Create Food and Water (30’ – Create 45lbs. food, 30 gal. water in containers or on ground. Sustain 15 humanoids or 5 steeds 24h. Food is unbelievably delicious but spoils after 24h. Water is clean and stays fresh.) (V, S, Action.)
  • Dawn (60’ – 30’ wide, 40’ tall cylinder appears within range. Creatures inside or that end turn inside save CON 15 or take 2d10 Radiant, 1/2 on save. If within 60’ of beam, can move it up to 60’ on my turn.) (V, S, M (sunburst pendant), Action) (Conc., 1 min.)
  • Daylight (60’ – 60’ radius of bright / 120’ of dim light centered on point in range. Can be cast on object, blocks light if object totally covered. Dispels magical Darkness of 3rd or below.) (V, S, Action) (1 hr.)
  • Dispel Magic (120’ – 1 creature, object, magical effect ends all spells of 3rd or lower (+1 SL/SL); higher level spells, WIS Check DC 10 + SL (add 1 w. Beausoleil) to end.) (V, S, Action.)
  • Erupting Earth (120’ – 20’ cube fountain of churned earth and stone centered on point on ground I can see within range. 3d12 Bludgeoning ( + 1d12/SL), 1/2 if save DEX DC 15 Space is Difficult Terrain until cleared, which takes at least 1 minute per 5’ square.) (V, S, M (piece of obsidian, Action)
  • Elemental Weapon (Touch – Nonmagical weapon becomes + 1, + 1d4 of fire, acid, cold, lightning or thunder. (+ 2 / + 2d4 at 5th, +3 / + 3d4 at 7th).) (V, S, Action.) (Conc., 1 hr.)
  • Feign Death (Ritual) (Touch – Willing creature put into catalepsis: blinded, incapacitated, speed 0. Appears dead to all external inspection and magic. Resists all but psychic damage. Can’t become diseased/poisoned, halts existing disease/poison.) (V, S, M (graveyard dirt), Action.) (1 hr.)
  • Glyph of Warding (Touch – Inscribe glyph on 10’ or smaller surface, or object that can be closed (if move more than 10’ from site of casting, dispels glyph). Glyph nearly invisible, DC 15 Investigation to find. Name any trigger for glyph. Explosive Runes do 5d8 (+ 1d8/SL) acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder on trigger, DEX DC 14 for 1/2, in 20’ sphere that spreads around corners. Spell Glyphs store 3rd (+ 1 SL/SL) spell I cast, cast it on target / area centred on them. Hostile summons or traps appear next to target and attack. Concentration spells last full duration.) (V, S, M (200gp incense / powdered diamond), 1 hr.) (Until dispelled or triggered.)
  • Magic Circle (10’ – 10’ radius, 20’ tall cylinder of runes traps or keeps out one of celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, undead. Can’t enter or leave cylinder nonmagically, save CHA DC 15 to teleport or plane shift in or out. Disadvantage to attack targets on other side of cylinder, can’t possess, charm, frighten those on other side of cylinder.) (V, S, M (100gp powdered silver/iron or holy water), 1 minute) (1 hr. (+ 1 hr/SL).)
  • Mass Healing Word (60’ – up to 6 creatures I can see regain 1d4 + 4 (+ 1d4/SL) HP. No effect on undead/constructs.) (V, Bonus Action.)
  • Meld into Stone (Ritual) (Touch – Target melds with stone object / surface big enough to contain body, along with all equipment. Can’t be detected without magic. Can’t see outside, disadvantage on Perception to hear outside. Aware of time passing, can cast spells on self. Can move to leave stone, end spell. Minor damage to stone does nothing, destruction to extent no longer fit does 6d6 bludgeoning and expels target, prone, adjacent to point of entry.) (V, S, Action.) (8 hrs.)
  • Protection from Energy (Touch – target resists acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder.) (V, S, Action.) (Conc., 1 hr.)
  • Remove Curse (Touch – Remove all curses on one creature or object, or break attunement to cursed magic item so it can be discarded.) (V, S, Action.)
  • Revivify (Touch – Creature dead within last minute returns with 1 HP. Can’t have died of old age, doesn’t restore missing body parts.) (V, S, M (300gp diamonds), 1 Action.)
  • Sending (Unlimited – 25 word message to creature familiar with. It hears, recognizes me if knows me, can answer immediately. Understands message if INT at least 1. Can send anywhere: 5% chance of failure if send to other Plane. (V, S, M (fine copper wire), 1 Action.) (1 round.)
  • Speak with Dead (10’ – Can ask 5 questions of corpse in languages it spoke while alive. It only knows what it knew in life. Can’t have been target within last 10 days. Must have mouth, can’t be undead, no compulsion to tell truth to perceived enemy.) (V, S, M (incense), Action.) (10 min.)
  • Wide Spirit Guardians of Numbing (Self – 30’ – Dwarven Ancestor Spirits fill area. Designate any number of unaffected targets I can see on casting. All others’ speed is halved in area. Entering or starting turn there, takes 3d8 Radiant (+ 1d8/SL), WIS DC 14 for 1/2. No cantrips for 1 minute after casting.) (V, S, M (holy symbol), Action.) (Conc., 10 min.)
  • Tongues (Touch – Target can understand any spoken language, any creature that knows one language can understand it.) (V, M (small clay ziggurat), Action.) (1 hr.)
  • Water Walk (Ritual) (30’ – 10 willing creatures can move across any liquid surface (water, acid, mud, snow, quicksand, lava) as if harmless solid. Lava still causes damage from ambient heat. Submerged target carried to surface at 60’/round.) (V, S, M (piece of cork), Action.) (1 hr.)

Inventory (Capacity = 107.5 / 120 lbs.)

Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight (Total) Description
Holy Symbol – Durandal (Warhammer) 1 2 lbs. If displayed at my side, suffices for Material Components.
Shield 1 6 lbs. +1 by Default.
Beausoleil (+1 Full Plate) (Attuned) 1 65 lbs +1 Plate (Base 19 AC); Resist Electricity; Can store 2 spells’/effects’ worth of Electrical damage for 1 day, unleash (at base casting level) as Action; +1 to WIS-based cleric abilities/spells (inc. Turn Undead); 1/day give Slow effect (WIS DC 14: -2 AC, no reactions, action OR move on turn, 1 min. Conc.) on a target that attacks me or includes me in AoE; Earth Elemental powering armor lets me speak Terran and allows me to learn secrets (some otherwise impossible) in knowledge checks regarding underground spaces, earth, stone or the Elemental Plane of Earth; 1/Expedition get 24h of +2 Armor (Base 20 AC) as Action.
Phaeacian (Boots) (Attuned) 1 3 lbs +5’ Movement Speed; 1 Charges of Feather Fall.
Item # Weight Notes
Backpack 1 5 lbs. Organizes all my bits.
Bedroll 1 7 lbs. I sleep on it so I’m not sore in the morning.
Left Ear of the War Golem 1 0.1 lbs. Can clarify one Question or skip one Test in the House of the Oracle. Parties that visit her can borrow it through the LMF with JP’s permission.
Messkit 1 1 lbs. Eating with my hands is not fun!
Ring of Dexterity (Attuned) 1 0 lbs. 3 charges – automatically pass up to 3 Dexterity Saves per day. Regain 1d3 charges at Dawn.
Ring of Winter (Sometimes Attuned) 1 0 lbs. Resist Cold. You and your equipment unaffected by temperatures down to -50 Farenheit.
Silken Rope (50’) 1 5 lbs. You ALWAYS. NEED. ROPE.
Waterskin 1 5 lbs. (full) Holds water. And such.
Item # Weight Notes
Healing Potion 3 1.5 lbs. Heal 2d4+2 HP.
In My Quarters

Secret of Food Branding. 100 100 Secrets! JP
Sourdough Samples (extra sour survived, others died) 100 100 JP

Item # Worth (Monetary)
Smith’s Tools 1 8 lbs. Used to repair metalwork and create basic weapons and armor.
Infinitely Renewing Religious Pamphlets 1000 (Endless) 0 GP
The Art of Prayer 1 100 GP Allows 3rd level Domain Spell to be Signature-d.
Beating Ploughshares Into Swords: Practical Smithing For Wartime Mobilization 1 90 GP Advantage to repurpose metal into nonmagical weapons or armor w. Smith’s Tools. +1 crafting point / week for forging batches of weapons. Reqs. 8 research points to master.
Champion’s Token 1 30 GP For defeating the Blazing Banner leader in his Great Hall.
Coin of Good Fortune 1 400 GP +DEX Mod-2 (i.e. 20=3) to next roll, 1/Expedition or 1/Downtime Week. No attunement.
Cold Weather Gear 1 5 lbs Protects me from inclement weather / high altitudes.
Dragonkin Fortress Books 3 150 GP See Library.
The Five Noble Sauces 1 100 GP Advantage on Cooking. Contains Noble Sauce not currently listed on Home continent.
Malleus Magicaeorum 1 150 GP From Dragonkin Fortress. Manual of Thaumaturgical Engineering, 1/2 time on Magic Crafting Research.
Mayonnaises Of The Dwarven Kingdoms: A Comprehensive Survey (Vol. VI of XV) 1 10 GP What it sounds like See Sila Library for grim details.
Mushroom Library Books 25 100 GP Only 1 valuable. See Library.
Planar Weaknesses And Their Attendant Dangers — A How To Guide For Surviving The Grey Hills (in Dwarven) 1 Talks mostly about areas underground. Hot spot down the fissure in 4.11 and another one underwater near the northern shore of the lake. Lists 5 other places underground. Mentions specialized magical tools the dwarves in Druhak designed to seal rifts, in enough detail that you’d know one if you saw it.
Secrets of Food Branding 1 100 GP Clarifies and confirms multiple sourcings and database entries of Old Empire foodstuffs.
Sourdough Sample – Extra Sour 1 100 GP Old Empire; Delicious.
Tova’s Tower Books 6 ??? See Library. From Bertie.
Tovan Rituals and Towers Manual 1 50 GP From Bertie.
Tovan Stoneworking Treatise 1 100 GP From Bertie.
Tovan Volume of Silanyan Poetry 1 50 GP From Bertie.
The Unseen Testament [USED] 1 500 GP From Sil. Teaches Disguise Self and Flame Blade.
Cashbox 1 2111.2 GP
Debt List 1 ??? Quincy owes JP 1100 GP for the armor. Sovan can ask JP for anything and he’ll do it because they love each other (1327 GP worth if Del wants me to figure out how to give that crazy cat any money.)

Jean-Pierre du Veyrir de la Grand Contumace Saint-Emilion is from the lowest dregs of Dwarven society – as is evidenced by his humiliating lack of a full name. (It only identifies his canton and ONE RELATIVE. It’s the Dwarven equivalent of “Hob” for a manservant.)

Jean-Pierre is a servant of the Ever-Flowering Tree, a member of a pacifist sect of healers and seekers after truth that worship said vaguely defined Divine Concept through a tightly cloistered existence in the highlands outside of the Dwarven nation of Pardubien-Grand-Amanoir. He was raised as a smith and lay brother, making plows and belt buckles for the glory of the Tree; one day he would be ordained and make vestments and complex machine parts. For the glory, as above. In between, he would eat leafy greens, sleep 4 hours a day, and sweep a great quantity of hallway flagstone.

For most of his life this suited Jean-Pierre right down to the ground. His faith was pure and his manners perfect.

And perhaps that was why he was Chosen.

One morning Jean-Pierre woke up feeling sore and exhausted and surrounded by his fellow Acolytes – all pressed firmly against the walls of their dormitory to get away from the stinking, hissing automatic printing press that he had apparently spent all night building in one ecstatic (and very noisy) burst of divine inspiration. Roses had bloomed in his beard, and his sightless eyes had shone like a Solar’s, and he had sung the great hymns of the Ever-Flowering Tree in perfect 5-part harmony (yea, even unto the really tricky descant in “Have You Ever Tried Being Religious? It Really Does Help”.)

Looking at the press more closely, it was set to spew out copy at a moment’s notice. Jean-Pierre saw that the typesetting was already complete, and pulled a lever – ten minutes later, just as the Abbot was finally working up the nerve to come into the room and start shouting, Jean-Pierre was the proud owner of 1000 perfect reproductions of his own original treatise, “Hey, You – I Think You Should Believe In My Organized Religion, And Here’s Why.”)

(It bears mentioning that the Ever-Flowering Tree, while not over-big on Commandments, was known to take a Very Dim View of figurative language or metaphor. The Tree’s holy writings and psalms were, therefore, rather blunt and to the point in title and content.)

The Abbot finally slipped open the door and bustled in ready to lay down some prime discipline, only to find that one of the two Smith’s Hammers to which Jean-Pierre was entitled by virtue of his position had swelled, through a clear miracle, into a great black warhammer engraved with snarling faces of war dogs and dwarven heroes of old – and, beneath them all, the sigul of the Tree.

This was a weapon of war made by a pacifist(?) God. This was a challenge of faith as received and faith as divinely inspired. There was only one solution for a true Dwarf of belief.

They pooled their money on a set of armour and kicked Jean-Pierre out – or, in their words, “Released this new Prophet from his Vows so that he might Spread the Word to the Unenlightened By Visiting Them With Pamphlets and Following Up With Well-Thought-Out Arguments.” It was a bold move, and – very contented with their wild vision in this instance – the Brothers decided they could take a well-earned break from any more such innovations for at least 200-300 years.

Meanwhile Jean-Pierre, clad all in jet black and very imposing gear (the Brothers had a…bit of a negative association with martial implements and assumed that ‘Evil Henchman’ must be a la mode for those forced to utilize them) had a mission that filled him with joy.

By the simple mathematical operation of finding the location with the lowest percentage of Ever-Flowering Tree worshippers, Jean-Pierre settled on Silanya – where there were literally none – and set out to bring Truth, Freedom, and Tree-Worshipping to the Savage Heathen. He has worked out a bargain with his God – if he doesn’t KILL anyone, but only INCAPACITATES THEM, he is only IMMOBILIZING them so that they might become a captive audience to his cunning theological propositions and inducements to belief. (For Yea, Verily, Is Not It Meet That One To Be Brought To Religious Conviction Be Restrained So That They Are Unable To Leave And Get Distracted By Mundane Chores, as wrote Cardinal Etienne Camille Bourmand de la Seconde-Chaumiere-Rambouillet?)

Armed with this tenuously balanced belief system and a great big hammer, look out Silanya – here comes Jean-Pierre!

Since his first burst of enthusiasm onto the Silanyan scene, Jean-Pierre – or, now, ‘Jeepers’ as the barbarian ‘wit’ of Bertholdt dubbed him sufficiently publicly for it to stick like glue – has failed himself.

He has taken life.

He has, in trying to deliver a fallen Paladin to her Rest Eterne, taken a friend’s life. That this was not clear to him at the time avails him not.

Since then his flawless body has been wracked with chain-scarring and his hands have wrung against each other, helpless, as friends and mentors died around him.

He has rededicated himself to his mission – he will not try to save every life around him, but by the Tree and the Loam and the Blossoming Blaze he will do no physical harm to any other being. He will endeavour as much as is possible to dissuade others from doing any. He will speak for higher principles than expediency and casual bloodlust and greed.

But where there is no life – where there is anti-life, malice incarnate, black bile from the depths – he will strike and strike true. Demons and Devils? No tolerance. No bargaining. Jean-Pierre has seen where that leads. Every one that he smites and binds is another that cannot lead a good woman to ruin or a bad man to becoming worse.

The Silanyan Expeditionary Forge rings, now, to the sounds of Jean-Pierre du Vayrir de la Grand Contumace St-Emilion working to improve a set of silver manacles that can catch the hell-born in thrall.

When they are sufficient to the task he will begin to mass-produce them.

He no longer sees the Tree through the lens of Life, the Fruitful One, the All-Flowering; he sees it as Forge of Creation, Bringer Forth of Multitudes, Forge of the Righteous.

His Calling has…changed accordingly.

The Tree is a Tree of Mercy – but the only mercy possible to the Dark is to relieve it of the suffering of its purely malevolent existence. Jean-Pierre is a pacifist. He has come to understand that this does not preclude him destroying in their multitudes those who are, at heart, merely ambulatory manifestations of the insane and unlovely horror that is war.

A penitent’s stint among the Abyssal Guard will begin his rededication to the Demon Slayer’s way. He will heal their bodies and meditate upon his many flaws; they will teach him how they hunt and trap those fiends far stronger than they.

As of Expedition 70, JP has decided to rededicate his life to pacifism and crafting armor to protect his friends and colleagues.

Jean-Pierre du Veyrir de la Grand Contumace Saint-Emilion

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