y - Oscar Meyers (Deceased)

Level 2 Human Bard

Human Bard

Updated after 54.

Basic Stats:

STR: 11 DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 11 WIS: 8 CHA: 18
HP: 24 AC: 13 Save Proficiencies: INT, CHA Spell Save DC: 14 Spell Attack Mod: 6
Passive Perception: 9 Passive Investigation: 10 Senses: N/A. Speed: 30 Height: ??’’ Weight: ?? lbs.
Injuries: -10’ to carry capacity Death
Research: 8/24 Fala music piece Taking it slow No Cost
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Light Armor Simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords Harp, Violin, Flute Board Game Go
Trained Skill Bonus Notes
Persuasion +6 From Noble.
Sleight of Hand +3 From Bard.
Intimidation +6 From Bard.
Deception +8 From Human.
History +2 From Noble.
Stealth +3 From Bard.
Languages: Common Dwarf Elvish
Attack To Hit Range Damage Components Notes
Rapier +3 N/A 1d8+1 Piercing. N/A Finesse.
Dagger +3 Ranged (20’/60’) 1d4+1 Slashing or Piercing. N/A Finesse, Light, Thrown.
  • Background – Noble:
  • Personal Feature: Advantage on Persuasion checks
  • Fela Silk Wristband: Shows I am a friend and ally of the Fela. Cant be removed normally. Advantage on social interaction with fela.
  • Danger Room: +5 hp. -1 Magic attunement slot.
  • Thought of famous fela song: Based on fela melodies played during celebration. Can spend research / downtime to compose the song.
  • Allergies: Not allergic to grey hills moss and mushrooms.
  • Song of Rest: Extra D6 to healing during short rest.
  • Jack of All Trades: Half proficiency to all non-proficient abilities rounded down.
  • Silver Tongued:
    - Double proficiency with deception checks. When taking an action, can replace an attack with a deception attempt within 30’ that can hear and see me. Make a Deception check vs their Insight check. If you succeed, my movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks and I attack them with advantage. Lasts until end of turn or until I retarget. Target can’t be deceived again in the same way for 1 hour.
  • Bardic Inspiration: Range 60’. 1 bonus action. Target other than me who can hear me gains a d6 for 10 minutes (Can add d6 to any ability check, attack roll, saving throw/ Can wait after d20 is rolled). Can use 4 (charisma mod) times before resting.
Cantrips Known (2):
  • Vicious Mockery:
            1 Action : Range 60’: V : Instantaneous
    I unleash a string of insults laced with subtle enchantments at a creature in range. If it can hear me (doesn’t need to understand), it must succeed a wisdom saving throw or take 1d4 psychic damage and has disadvantage on its next attack roll before the end of its next turn.
  • Minor Illusion:
            1 Action : Range 30’: S, M(a bit of fleece) : 1 Min
    Create sound or image within range for duration. If a creature inspects the illusion, they can determine that it is an illusion with a successful int check against my spell DC. The illusion becomes faint after being detected.
Spells Known (5):
  • Thunderwave:
            1 Action : Range Self (15’) : V, S : Instantaneous
    A wave of thunderous force sweeps out from you. Each creature in the cube originating from you make a con save. On a fail, 2d8 dmg and pushed 10 feet away. On a save, half dmg and no push. Spell emits a thunderous boom audible 300’ out.
  • Comprehend Languages:
            1 Action : Range Self: V, S, M (A pinch of soot and salt) : 1 Hour
    For the duration, I understand the literal meaning of any spoken language that I hear. I also understand written languages that I see while touching. Takes 1 min for each page of text. Does not decode secret messages in a text or glyph that isn’t part of a written language.
  • Disguise Self:
            1 Action : Range Self: V, S : 1 Hour
    Make self, cloths, armor weapons belonging to me look different until dismissed (1 action) or spell ends. Can change height by 1 foot, be thin or fat, must keep limb arrangement. The spell fails to hold up to physical inspection. Investigation vs spell save DC to discern that I am disguised.
  • Charm Person:
            1 Action : Range 30’: V, S : 1 Hour
    Attempt to charm humanoid I can see in range. Makes a wisdom saving throw (with advantage if fighting it). If it fails, it is charmed by me until the spell ends or until something harmful is done to it by me or my companions. When charmed, it regards me as a friendly acquaintance. When the spell ends, it knows it’s been charmed.
  • Sleep:
Inventory (Carrying 55.5 / 100 lbs.)
Weapons, Armor, Clothing:
Item # Weight Notes
Harp 1 5 lbs. None.
Rapier 1 2 lbs. None.
Dagger 1 1 lbs. None.
Studded Leather 1 13 lbs. None.


Item # Weight Notes
Backpack 1 5 lbs. Organizes all my bits.
Bedroll 1 7 lbs. I sleep on it so I’m not sore in the morning.
Hempen Rope (50’) 1 5 lbs. You ALWAYS. NEED. ROPE.
Messkit 1 1 lbs. Eating with my hands is not fun!
Waterskin 1 5 lbs. (full) Holds water. And such.
Item # Weight Notes
Rations 5 10 lbs. To sustain myself
Healing Potions 3 1.5 lbs. So I may live to see the world crumble
In My Quarters
Item # Worth (Monetary)
Cashbox 1 472 GP
Debt List 0 GP N/A


He came seeking destruction. To witness the end of all things. He found what he sought deep within the earth of the grey hills.

In his bed chamber, there are sheets of music still unfinished. The working title is “What remains. (A Fela piece)”

372 gp goes to the memorial fund

…Basic ideas…
Seeks new experiences
Risk taker
He loves building towers of cards and watching them fall.
His most recent tower got him sent to Silanya

y - Oscar Meyers (Deceased)

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