Raevori, daughter of Leshanna

Lvl 6 High Elf Wizard (Raevori)


Lvl 6 High Elf Wizard (Raevori) (43355 xp)
One of the Codeguard
[updated through end of Exp 117, including GP and XP, except for possible log HP 112]

Current Fatigue: 0.
Current tracking for James M INF priority stacks: 1 [current as of Exp 116].
Corruption level: 5 (+2 from Mushroom Blessing, +1 from Half-wereness, +1 for Eyeless Stone, +1 for Prism Fruit).


Paragon of Magic.
As Paragon of Magic of the danger room, Raevori’s magical synesthesia intensified. She now always has detect magic active, but has disadvantage on Perception and Initiative rolls. She also learned the Poison Spray cantrip.

Reminder: Cursed by the Sexy Naked Lady on Exp. 110. We agreed to retrieve an item from the fortress in Hex 5.18. Curse will trigger by April 1, 2018 if we don’t. Also affected: Tieldanae, Sovan, JP, Bugle, Martin, Jean-Lee.


Stats: STR 7, DEX 18, CON 15, INT 18, WIS 5, CHA 11
1 injury affecting stats: -1 str, -1 dex, -1 wis
1 other injury affecting stats: -3 Int (reduced to -1 by Wereratness)
1 injury not affecting stats: disadvantage on acrobatics
Proficiency bonus to DEX and INT saves
Jungle Drop Quirk from Expedition 115: If you are targeting a ki user in the Broken Forest or Poison Jungle, you must a DC12 Wis save to make the attack if you aren’t in melee rage. If you fail the save, you may do something else. Fireball and Lightning bolt may be cast from melee range, i.e., fireball must have one component touching you and for lightning bolt you probably have to be up in their face.

hp 29.1/29.1 AND advantage on HP level up rolls (blessing of grandmother dryad)
3d8 HD (not d6, because of unique former monkness, lost 1 HD to Forging the Danger Room, lost 1 HD to her maresh addiction, generally loses another one to abusing maresh on downtime)
-2 HP for casting Counterspell at the Puppeteer with Blood Magic on Exp 69.
-10 HP for eating the most powerful prism fruit from Exp. 80.
-5 HP for casting the start of the Ritual to Close the Abyssal Gate with Blood Magic on Exp 110.
AC 19, 22 with Mage Armor (Int to AC, always, + Wis to unarmored defense, min +1)
Speed 40ft ( +5 ft included off of Raevori subclass, +5 for Assassin’s Fast Javelin of Contingency)

1 attunement slot permanently devoted to being Paragon of Magic of the Danger Room.

5’ 6 and 7/8", 115lb


Darkvision (to 100 ft). [+10 ft. from the Abyssal Draught drank on Expedition 110, +30 ft. from getting kicked in the face by a two-headed goat on Expedition 117’s trip home]

Fey Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.

Trance. Elves don’t need to sleep. Instead, they meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. While meditating, you can dream after a fashion: such dreams are actually mental exercises that have become reflexive through years of practice. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep.

Ritual Casting. Raevori cannot cast ritual spells. Her magic is too pure for that ridiculous mumbo-jumbo.

Arcane Insight. Raevori has a natural sense for magic. She can spend an action to see with detect magic for the following round. She can use this ability a total of INT mod rounds a day.

Arcane Recovery. Once per day when you finish a short rest, you can choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots can have a combined level equal to or less than half your wizard level (rounded up), and none of the slots can be 6th level or higher.

Arcane Tradition: Raevori.
True Savant.
You have disadvantage on arcana checks to learn a spell from another wizard’s spellbook (and no modification on the roll is possible). However, your brilliance is so unique that once an expedition you may roll Int (again, no modifiers possible) against DC20 to discover a new spell, which you can copy into your spellbook for half cost. (Last checked after expedition 60)
Raevori’s Way of the Open Spellbook.
Raevori trained herself to be an intelligence based monk, with no help from the wis-based wood elven monks who raised her. When Grandmother Dryad unlocked her access to her mother’s magic, that trained was transmuted into a complementary spellcasting tradition. You get your Intelligence bonus to AC, and +5 feet to your movement speed. In addition, your HD are d8, not d6. In addition, your get proficiency on Dexterity saves but lose it for Wis saves.

Background Feature: Contact. Raevori has a steady supplier for her maresh addiction, gleaned from her criminal background.

Backstory Tradeoff: Maresh Addiction. Raevori is addicted to maresh (a smoked substance like nicotine but stronger), which gives her disadvantage on Persuasion and Intimidation checks, but lets her reroll an Int check once a day. Her addiction also costs her 1 HD. Her HD are reduced by an additional 1 (2 total from this) on any expedition where she used the maresh reroll ability to do research the previous week.

Backstory Benefit: Bona Fide Genius
Raevori gets +1 research point / week spent doing research (she still pays the GP costs for this point), and can research things that she would normally need a specific proficiency for.

Genius’s Discipline
Upon reaching 4th level, Raevori got +1 Int, +1 Dex.

Eyeless Energy
Raevori has absorbed the energy of one Eyeless rock, gaining +1 Int and having her vision turn slightly faded and sepia toned (no mechanical effect). +1 Corruption.

Living Arcane Gem
As a reward for slaying the evil hivemind in expedition 16, the mushrooms of 3.11 implanted a crystal seed on Raevori’s breastbone that has blossomed into a orange gem glowing with arcane might. This gem can automatically hold the concentration for any spell that Raevori casts (cannot lose concentration from any effect, and the spell doesn’t stop when she becomes unconscious), and it grants her level / 2 rounded down (currently 3) sorcery points, which can be spent on recovering spells as normal, or as metamagic, appling the Subtle affect (for 1 point, spell does not require somatic or verbal components). She also learned Empower (normal sorcerer rules). Unlike sorcerers, Raevori regains 1 sorcery point every short rest. She might learn a third at 7th level.
DRAWBACK: Increased pain sensitivity. The handful of skin-tone coloured mushroom tendrils growing out from the gem have affected Raevori’s nervous system, increasing her sensitivity to pain. She gets -2 on all temporary injury rolls (even though they appear only as bad as the unmodified roll), and has disadvantage on all saves to persist doing something that is painful, like long distance running.

Pack Tactics Against Aberrations
Raevori has pack tactics against aberrations with Beauregard, Rock, Lucens, Valerian, and Tabby. If any of them is adjacent to an aberration, she has advantage on attacks against it. If she is adjacent to an aberration, they have advantage on attacks against it. Gained on expedition 21.

A Nose for Magic
Raevori was granted a limited ability to smell magic by the wolf spirit of the Grey Hills. She can’t discern school, but with a successful perception check she can determine approximate strength and direction. She can use this to try to track magical creatures or effects, even though she isn’t trained in survival. Gained on expedition 28.

Major Magic Item: Left Chain of the Chainlord
Raevori bound the left chain of the chain lord that slew her mother to her, heating it in her mother’s funeral pyre as a final collaboration between mother and daughter.
It gives her four benefits at the moment:
Chained Spellcasting
She can be able to apply a combat superiority ability related to movement to the targets of her spells (trip, push, menace, disarm, distract, all as battlemaster). She can do this 4x / short rest +1 at 7, 10, 15, 18
Step Into My Web
Can cast web 1/day.
Empowered Strikes
Raevori can cast touch spells at 10 foot range, dealing an extra d6 points of force damage when she does so (also applies to ranged spells at 10 ft range). Ranged spells cast through the chain count as melee attacks.
The Invisible Lash
She can use a magical reaction to trip a target attempting to close with her as an AOO
Leshanna’s Oversight
1/expedition, can cast counter spell. This doesn’t use your reaction, and can be used even if you’ve already used your reaction.

Black Velvet Glove of Stealth
If you put it on and attune, you have advantage on Stealth checks and things that try to see you have disadvantage on Perception checks. The resulting field blanks your magic vision.

Once per expedition, you can touch a target, including yourself – proficient Dex attack if a hostile – and create a Silence effect that moves with it, duration 10 minutes. If you’re damaged, make ‘Concentration’ checks (doesn’t use your concentration, but Gem doesn’t help.)
[not currently attuned]

Assassin’s Fast Javelin of Contingency
+3 wizard spell preparation slots
+prof to damage on surprise rounds (just with this javelin?)
+5 feet movement speed
Cost: 1200 gp

Blood Magic Practitioner
Raevori can spend 1d4+1 permanent HP to cast any spell she knows without using a spell slot as if she was casting it with a 4th level spell slot.

Junior Member of the Ebon Bank (Ledgers / Acquisitions)
Raevori is now a wererat (this process got her back 2 points of Int). If she passes her save to evade a spell in a way that would normally let her take half damage, she instead takes no damage. Her possessions merge with her body when she turns into a rat.

Magic Fist Technique
(Level 6 wizard class feature for Wizard (Raevori)) Gain martial arts as monk, except you can attack as a bonus action after an Attack OR casting a cantrip.
Also, if you hit with 2 martial arts attacks in one round, you can apply a Stunning Strike (DC Int-based) to your opponent. Use this ability only 1/SR.

Prism Fruit
Due to eating the most powerful prism fruit from Expedition 80, Raevori lost 10 HP and gained vulnerability to fire damage. This was caused by skin becoming willowy with supporting tendrils just giving her massive flexibility, +4 Dex, and allowing her to add wisdom to unarmoured defence (min + 1 ac). Her skin is kind of slightly papery, like smooth porcelain bark – the tendrils are beneath and appear when bloodied or with a bit of digging.

After-Effects of the Demon Ichor Abyssal Draught
Due to drinking a bubbling black infusion of demon ichor from the abyssal guard on Expedition 110, Raevori gained +10 feet dark vision and now takes +2 points of radiant damage anytime I take radiant damage.

Kindness to the Bridge Kitty
Raevori gave some fancy food to the cat by the bridge in the Realm of Cats on expedition 115. This granted her the +10 feet slow-fall ability (reduce falling distance by 10 feet for calculating falling damage).

White King Chess Piece
1/exp (especially good in cat realm) reaction to make a target (Targeting as Dissonant Whispers, range 90 ft. – need not see it, must know it’s there. Someone telling me counts.) to make a Cha save vs. 8+prof+user’s highest mental mod [so DC15 for me atm]. If the target fails it BECOMES visible and cannot become invisible by any means for one minute. The holder of the piece gets advantage on attacks against the target and the target has disadvantage on saves against the wielder. The target must be invisible to be hit by this – it’s a punishing inversion of the attempt to conceal oneself. If you cynically cast invisibility on it yourself, such as with your familiar, that counts, cats love to be contrary assholes. Doesn’t require attunement. Because the target is constantly lit up by a magical aura, Raevori has advantage (instead of disadvantage!) on Perception checks to see them when they hide. If they are just behind a curtain or something that would be automatically pierced by Detect Magic, she automatically sees them. 600 gp.

Siltheart Earthcrown of Athleticism
Gift from Rubble on Expedition 117 for besting him in a truly intense game of racquetball by sending a wicked serve that would have probably badly hurt Aythe if Rubble hadn’t thrown off his balance to block the shot to protect Aythe like he’d done (for accidental shots earlier). This doesn’t requirement attunement and grants advantage on any athletics based check to win a game of sports. Fancier than most earth crowns because of this. Also has normal Earthcrown abilities of being a sign that we are friends of the Siltheart. Can be collapsed into a ball of magic earth to store/hide it easily, fully reversible. 50 gp.


Spellcasting modifier: Intelligence
Spell save DC: 15
Spell attack modifier: +7

Cantrips: (6 known)
Firebolt (ranged to hit, 2d10 damage, 120 ft range)
Minor Illusion (M)
Message (M)
Shocking Grasp (melee to hit, 2d8 damage, target loses their reaction)
Poison Spray (10 feet range, 2d12 poison, Con save for none)

Spells Known (Spellbook)
Expeditious Retreat (bonus action to cast, Concentration, up to 10 minutes, bonus dash action)
Burning Hands *3d6 Fire, targets can save Dex for 1/2 (15’ cone))
Detect Magic (Ritual)
Sleep (M) range 90 feet, 20 radius of effect, 5d8 hp of creatures fall asleep NO SAVE lowest hp first sleepers require an action to wake up
Mage Armor (M)
Fog Cloud
Find Familiar
Thunderwave 2d8 thunder, targets can save Con for 1/2 (15’ cube)
Invisibility (1 action, Concentration 1 hour, ends on attacks / spell casting)
Web (1 action, 60’ range, 20’ cube of webs, Concentration up to 1 hour, Dex save vs being restrained, restrained creatures can bust out with a Str check vs spell DC, webs are light obscure and difficult terrain, burn away dealing 2d4 fire damage if lit, by 5’ cubes)
Magic Missile
Flaming Sphere
Penetrating Full-round Fireball (spell triggers at start of your next turn, people have disadvantage on the save)
Elusive Precise Lightning Bolt (can exclude 1 5’ square from the area, on casting forget until next long rest)
Hypnotic Pattern (learned from Way of the Open Spellbook)
Misty Step (learned from Way of the Open Spellbook)
Flash Long Casting Time Haste. Bonus action casting. +50% movement speed, +1 AC, extra action every other turn, starting the turn you cast it. +3 on Dexterity saving throws. Long casting means it takes 6 initiative counts to go off, and can be disrupted during that time.

Spells Prepared: 14 (INT+wizard level+1 from Arbora Ut Arcana: In Prexit Felii Mantua+3 from javelin). Preparing a new list of wizard spells requires at least 1 minute per spell level for each spell on your list.
Fog Cloud
Mage Armor
Misty Step
Lightning Bolt
Magic Missile
Hypnotic Pattern

Failed to learn Knock from Amara at level 6.

Spell Slots: [lvl4]
level 1: 4/4 (recharges on long rest)
level 2: 3/3
level 3: 3/3


Skills: Perception, Stealth, Investigation, Athletics, Arcana
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Dexterity
Armor: None
Weapons: Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows, longswords, shortswords, shortbows, longbows
Tools: Thieves’ Tools, Dragonchess Set
Languages. Common, Elvish, Thieves’ Cant
Injuries Chain-wracked (two injuries): Disadvantage on Acrobatics checks, also -1 Str, -1 Wis, -1 Dex
Assailed by Eadgil, the Crouching Tiger (one injury, a ****ing critical through disadvantage, first time Raevori had ever dropped): -3 Int, mitigated by 2 points by becoming a member of the Ebon Bank, see above


Arcane Focus (dagger)

Money: 2872 gp, 4 sp, 9 cp
(last -913 gp from Exp 68, + 1200 gp javelin)
( +199 gp from Exp 69 -sweet potion of 300gp, -6 normal 50gp potions)
( +100 gp for writing Exp 68)
( -300 gp from buying an Eyeless stone from Exp 70)
( +100 gp for writing Exp 69)
( -150 gp for buying etheral spider glands from SM)
( +1123 gp from Exp 73)
( +600 gp from selling Qua building chit to Exp 75)
( +100 gp for writing Exp 50)
( +100 gp for writing Exp 73)
( -80 for buying troll claws from SM)
( -100 for donating to help analyze the puppeteer)
( +100 for log 76)
( -237.5 for week 1 of crafting)
( -50 for paying Jasper)
( -192.5 for week 2 crafting)
( -50 for paying Jasper)
( -300 for week 3 crafting)
( -100 for paying Jasper)
( -272.5 for week 4 crafting)
( -70 for paying Jasper)
( +31 for getting money back from Aythe)
( -157.5 for week 5 crafting)
( -30 for paying Jasper)
( -700 for research for Quincy)
( -420 for buying the old empire bag)
( -300 for helping Tieldanae buy SM’s armour)
( +18 gp from Exp. 110)
( +808 gp from Exp. 112)
( -400 gp bought Utility Roguemirrors)
( +1035gp from Exp. 115 [incl reimbursement for silvershard])
( -600 gp for buying White King Chess Piece from Exp. 115)
( +350 from Exp. 117)
( +100 from writing log 117)

Favors and debts:
Raevori owes Flora the right to copy Fog Cloud from her spell book.
Raevori owns 800gp of the very expensive wizard spellbook from Exp. 84. See other wizards for details.
Raevori is owed 500gp by Tieldanae for her armor.
The Abyssal Guard have promised me to send 5 warriors (1 leader, 4 followers) to any mission I see fit at some point in the future. Each of the members of Expedition 110 received this pledge, so if we club together we could have a miniature army of 35 Abyssal Guard.
Surrendering the Silvershard
Raevori also fed her silvershard (a queer item from the island in the Grey Hills she purchased long ago that would grant a single use spell attack to turn an incorporeal creature corporeal) to the Bridge Kitty (a high-ranking Ur-Cat in the household of the Regent of Cats, Grimalkin von Uberwald IV aka Morris. The cat owes her a favour of some kind, which she can call in at the start of an expedition for assistance.

Item Quantity Cost (sp, per) Weight (lbs, per)
Longbow 1 500 2
Arcane Focus Crystal Dagger 1 - 1
Backpack 1 20 5
Rations (1 day) 3 5 6
Rope (silk, 50’) 1 100 5
Bedroll 1 10 7
Waterskin 1 2 5 (full)
Mess kit 1 2 1
Lamp 1 5 1
Tinderbox 1 5 1
Oil (flask) 3 1 1
Soap 1 0.2
Healer’s Kit (2 uses used) 1 50 3
Thieves’ Tools 1 250 1
Dragonchess Set 1 10 0.5
Arrows 1x(20) 10 1
Quiver 1 10 1
Common Healing Potion 11 500
Greater Healing Potion (4d4+4) 2 2500
Oil of Slipperyness 1 2500
Potion of Poison Resistance 2 2500
Spell Component Pouch 1 250 2
Scroll of earth tremor 1 750 1
Ethereal smoke-sight 4 500 -
Black Velvet Glove of Stealth (see description above near the Chain description) 1 8000 -
Assassin’s Fast Javelin of Contingency (see description above) 1 12000 2
White King Chess Piece (see description above) 1 6000 -
Siltheart Earthcrown of Athleticism (see description above) 1 500 -
Traveler’s clothes 1 20 4
Parchment 20 1 -
Ink Pen 1 0.2 -
6 pages of notes on mechanical steam engine mechanisms 10 ?? -
LUA Authority Crest (Captain) 1 - -

The scroll of earth tremor is a 1st level spell that makes all creatures within 10’ of the caster have to make a Dex save or fall prone and take d6 damage. If the ground is dirt or other loose material, the terrain is now difficult.

150 gp worth of phase spider glands to be converted into the appropriate drug via an alchemy check when I have some time.

+ 82 more arrows not carried by default due to weight.
+ cold weather gear (weight ten pounds, cost 150 sp) not carried due to weight
+ climbing kit, not carried due to weight
→ short bow not carried due to weight
→ Virtue’s makeup kit not carried due to weight
→ note to self, also has a disguise kit (make-up oriented) and a second disguise kit (camp oriented). Purchase and subtract from gp.
→ Codebox, left in town
→ Back up spell book containing a copy of each of the following spells:
Expeditious Retreat, Burning Hands, Shield, Detect Magic, Sleep, Mage Armor, Fog Cloud, Find Familiar, Invisibility, Web, Magic Missile, Flaming Sphere, Blur, Shatter, Alarm
(cost 200 gp, missing Thunderwave, left in town, obviously)
→ still beating troll heart, trimmed of regrowth + fed small amounts of nutrients occasionally, left in town for super obvious reasons (80 gp)
→ troll claws (80 gp)
→ two organs that digest magic from Antorem (150 gp each)
→gorgon petrification organ (250 gp, metal, weight 25 pounds)
→ hydra head regrowth organ (1200 gp)
→ 62 research points into researching blood magic (8 weeks, Sovan helped week 1, Lucens helped weeks 3+4+5+6+8, currently can do at most 8 weeks of research without new info, last research roll Sunday July 9th), 483.75 gp spent so far
→Arbora Ut Arcana: In Prexit Felii Mantua. Grants a wizard the ability to quirk a 3rd level spell or a ranger the ability to quirk a 2nd level spell. Single use, actually gave Raevori an extra spell prepared slot when she tried to re-quirk fireball. Purchased and used by Raevori. Kept around because it’s still an interesting read.
→ Runa et Razzia (240 gp), really really expensive memoir about an elven archmage
→research book on blood magic (170 gp), unknown properties
→ Danger Room Paragon of Magic Research: 100/100 points so far.

Physical attacks:
Crystal Dagger + 4 (1d4 + 2)

Total weight carried: 64.5 lbs
Carrying capacity: 70 lbs unencumbered / 105 lbs encumbered

Name: Aelthrun (resummoned twice)
Familiar: A short-eared owl (sometimes a gyrfalcon).
Passive perception: 14
Darkvision 120 feet

Sometimes (gyrfalcon stats):
Str 5 Dex 16 Con 8 Int 2 Wis 14 Cha 6
Fly speed: 60 ft
Passive perception: 16
Perception +6 (double proficiency bonus [Silanyan house rule], doesn’t scale with level)
Keen Sight: Advantage on perception rolls that rely on sight
Action: I may use the familiar’s senses if I am within 100 feet of it. I am blind and deaf if I do this.
Action: I may temporarily dismiss my familiar to a pocket dimension (at any range), where it will await my summons. Another action will summon it to within 30 ft. of me.
A familiar can’t attack, but rolls its own initiative and takes its own turn.
A familiar can deliver a spell with a range of touch that I cast as if it had cast the spell if it is within 100 ft of me as I cast. This uses the familiar’s reaction. If the spell requires an attack roll, use my attack modifier.
Aelthrun costs 10gp to resummon.

Raevori is also the proud companion of the noble Horse Justice.


Raevori, daughter of Leshanna

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