Tabitha Errsule

Level 4 "Half-Elf" Phoenix Sorcerer


13 14 16 13 13 18

XP: 5293

Race – “Totally Normal Half-Elf Nothing to See Here Move Along”
Speed 30’
Darkvision – 60’
Celestial Resistance – Resistance to necrotic damage and radiant damage
Healing Hands – action, touch creature and cause it to regain [your level] hp once/long rest
Light Bearer – you know the Light cantrip
Languages – Common, Celestial
Radiant Consumption – searing light pours out of body (shed bright light 10’ rad and dim light 20’ rad), bonus action, lasts 1 minute or until end as a bonus action, at end of each turn, self and each creature w/in 10’ take radiant damage equal to 1/2 level (rounded up), deal (level) extra radiant damage to one creature damaged per turn, use once per long rest

Background –
acrobatics, persuasion
background benefit – [redacted]

Downtime: learning sign language, 25/30

Class – Phoenix Sorcerer
29 hp
HD 3d6
weapons – daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
armour – none
saves – Con and Cha
Ignite – use an action to touch a flammable object and ignite it
Mantle of Flame –
Has Pack Dynamics with Beau, Lucens, Raevorie, Rock, and Valarian against aberrations.
Has Wolf Spirit Blessing – You’ve been granted a limited ability to smell magic. You can’t discern school, but with a successful perception check you can determine approximate strength and direction. You can use this to try to track magical creatures or effects, even if you aren’t trained in survival.
Amazing High-Fives – Can add proficiency bonus to high-five checks

2 skills Arcana, Intimidation
Cantrips: Message, Mage Hand, Ray of Frost, Fire Bolt, Light
Spells: Mage Armour, Burning Hands, Shield, Scorching Ray
4 1st level, 2 2nd level spell slots / day
Sorcery Points: 3/long rest

Crossbow, quarterstaff, bolts x20, supplies, rations x6, potions x3

Stored Equipment:
cold gear

GP: 687.5
Carrying: 54.5lb

accurate except gold and feat/stat as of 2017/06/17


Tabitha Errsule

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