Expedition 42 - Got Milk?

August 6, 2017

[[Submitted on time — all attendees get +0.1 HP]]

Brier: 1342 xp, 650 gp
Lee-Jean: 1342 xp, 164 gp, kept 6 100 gp sasquatch pelts
Bugle 1342 xp, 759 gp
Linna: 1342 xp, 50 gp, kept 6 100 gp sasquatch pelts
Tabitha Loress: 1342 xp, 650 gp
Tabitha Errsule: 1342 xp, 615 gp, is now the proud mama of a 30 gp bossy blind belligerent beautiful bawling baby badger

Tabitha Loress levels to 2, becoming the 3rd abjurer of Sila.
Brier levels to 2!
Lee-Jean levels to 3!
Linna levels to 4!

(LJ won a 5gp bet with Tabitha Errsule)

LMFfAG: 236 gp

Notable Treasure:
glow tree poison x2 doses (50 gp each)
sasquatch pelts x12 (100 gp each – claimed by Linna and Lee-Jean)
purple mushrooms (55 gp – bought by Sovan)
handcrossbows x4 (37.5 gp each)
stalker poison quarrels x20 (5gp each – bought by Lee-Jean)
books (noted in Library)

Weather: Sunny, but that won’t be relevant for long
- New adventures: Tabitha (Beth) the wizard and Brier the Bodyguard
-LJ gives Beth a scarf and she spends the entire rest of the mission learning to rock it adequately
- Circle of boulders outside webtown: we can’t discover anything special about them.
- See people trying to stealth around with a light in the dark, but not doing so great. Linna and LJ sneak up on them (the dream stealth party for now) It’s a search party of LUA and we run away because we don;t want to get captured.
- Arrive at no spider den, Tabby hugging and high fiving everyone. People also thank Linna for the javelin trap upgrade and are treated to an inescapable hour long discussion about optimizing trap setup.
- Tabby convinces Fela to practice evacuation procedures but they aren’t enthused.
- Bugle spends the entire time trying to nap but everyone else is too loud
- Tabby convinces Fela friend (Vliblin) to wait around for us so they can escort us through dangerous spider terrain in a few days.

- Head out, and Brier senses an ambush of 6 lurkers
- Tabby starts off with a burning hands and Beth casts light for those of us who can’t see very well.
- Brier gets KO’d and takes 3 temp int damage
- Linna and Bugle rain arrows down on remaining foes. Tabby also takes one out. Victory.
- Take a short rest and arrive in hex 6.15

- Attacked by party of 4 lurkers (2 berserkers)
- LJ and Brier hammer one quickly
- Tabby fwooshes, double crits, and destroys a berzerker completely unassisted
- Bugle kills one and Linna shoots the other, it tries to run away but Tabby picks it off
- At one point LJ dropped their crossbow in order to switch weapons, Beth picked it up for them. Was very courteous, that’s all.

- Find poison tree, Linna retrieves 2 doses of poison
- See an odd mound of dirt on the ground. It’s obviously a trap but Linna is confident about disarming it.
- There is a sasquatch pelt underground, and upon Linna grabbing it, a cavernous 60 ft wide, 120ft deep pit trap opens up, revealing a network of lurker tunnels. Everyone avoids it okay, except for Linna and LJ who avoid it so well they’re able to grab some other sasquatch pelts that were tied to the trap.

- Ran into Fela hunting party. High fives etc.

- Find glowing purple mushrooms
- Arcana check form Beth, pick 110gp worth of vaguely magical shrooms.
- Buzzing, stirges, cowardly retreat where shrooms are dropped on the ground in favour of survival.
- Sneak party Linna and LJ go back to try and retrieve the shrooms, but the stirges are all perched in the trees around them so they leave.
- Settle in for night, come back next day and only half of the mushrooms remain (rest were drained of magical energy)

- Stumble upon home of blind dire badgers
- Steal a baby badger for Tabby and temporarily quiet it down. Badger will need milk to survive. Milk is now top priority for the expedition.

- LJ runs into a poison trap, goes down but gets up okay.

-Find a poison tree near a Fela residence. Can;t loot it because a dinosaur-like creature is nearby.
- Keep on exploring until bedtime. Find a place to rest.
- Run into a couple Fela rangers at night. They’re total goofballs and just seem to wander the woods a lot for fun.
- Tabby talks to them and learns of plentiful milk in webtown.

- Begin exploring, find an odd stationary tornado that is clearly magic but we don’t want to spend time on it so we just mark it.
- Hear foe approaching and duck into cover. It’s an 100ft long snake.

- Ambushed by Stalkers (2 regular, 2 berserker)
- Flame on.
- Berserkers run at Tabby like moths to a light.
- Beth hits one with a shocking grasp
- As is tradition, Linna hurts herself
- Tabby and Bugle deal hefty hefty damage
- Brier grapples a berserker and everyone hits them super hard (32 dmg from Linna lol)
- Victory

- Climb a tree to rest
- Some lurkers walk by and we pepper them with arrows like assholes
- Linna and Bugle kill one but the rest burrow away

- Continue on, and see the light of a K’shaan party toting a wagon full of stuff, which we decide would be better in our posession
- Sneak ahead of them and set up an ambush. See two priests who we immediately focus fire and defeat
- K’shaan run up to us with javelins and Bugle follows Linna tradition by shooting birdself.
- LJ gets taken down
- Linna blinds two with colour spray
- They all miss Brier and Beth revives LJ with a potion
- Linna closes with rapier to draw fire, but gets hit through shield anyway.
- Fire goes back and forth until Fela get in range of Beth who decides to burning hands a large group
- Finish off rest quickly
- Wagon full of gold-plated copper, which we are barely able to carry

- Find somewhat secure sleeping area
- Not secure enough, stirges approach and we have to leave all our tents behind to get away, (conveniently freeing up lots of room for treasure)
- Push a 2 hour walk to sleep with Fela

- Find area full of deep leaves with a trail
- Send owl to see where trail leads but it never comes back

- Ambushed by 7 stalkers in the treetops
- Tabby goes down and takes 1 temp CHA damage
- LJ spends fight chasing stalkers with dancing lights as we take potshots
- Tabby takes out stalker wizard after being brought back up
- Beth heals Tabby and goes down, losing the memory of this mission
- Brier heals Beth with a potion, and we manage to take out enough stalkers to get the rest to retreat

- LJ and Linna hear a commotion, and sneak up on it. It is a bunch of Fela being taken as slaves by K’shaan

Author’s note: Linna has omitted a lot of this from the log, but Tabby knows so everyone will find out anyway. LJ wanted to leave it alone, but Linna called for backup giving away our position, and igniting a huge argument between characters about tactical options, what is right to do, and who should make decisions in the group that came out. Punches were thrown and everyone got pretty mad

- Take out K’shaan until the few remaining stand with Fela in a hostage position. Bugle breaks the tension and a few fela are killed off. The rest are saved.

- Finally meet up with Vliblin (a few days late but we had a rough go of it)
- Get that hex 6.15 star baby

“it’s not about the stars on the map, but the friends you lose along the way.”

- Attacked by 9 spiders, finish them off pretty easily
- Find some rocks with minerals but we don;t investigate them much

- Find a lumber mill, decide to go inside and investigate
- While investigationg, a lit rock is thrown through the window and a K’shaan champion enters the fray with a henchman friend tthat gives it advantage.
- Linna abuses colour spray to blind the big guy for 3 straight turns, making him miss his attacks, not pick up extra hp, and not tpking the party. We finish it off.

- See large group of lurkers laying a new sasquatch pelt pit trap

- Find an elder webspinner web which we are told to avoid
- Owl explores and finds a library
- LJ and Linna sneak in anyway; steal 15 books then book it (heheh)

- Attacked by more spiders later, but they are dispatched quickly

- Find the ruins of an empire, with a dilapitated mansion
- Beth searches and finds a secret compartment, but also senses that there is something more she can’t see. Need to bring a skilled investigation party later.
- Get some treasure and more books

- Get Fela to summon an elder webspinner to where the stalkers were settign their traps. We make away with a bunch of free pelts like bandits.
-Also find a bunch of lurker treasure

- We decide to head home, and the Fela help us carry all our treasure because it’s soooooo much and soooooo heavy


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