[What follows is more like guidelines than hard and fast rules.]

When morale is checked, you have to roll your morale or higher on a D20 or else you will have a morale failure. If a natural 20, or a modified 22+ is rolled, the monster will experience a surge of courage, gaining CR x 10 (minimum 5) temporary HP, advantage on their next attack roll, and becoming immune to morale checks for the rest of the battle.

Check morale when (examples):

1/3 of your side drops

2/3 of your side drops

Personally reduced below ½ health

A significant number of allies fail a morale check

Leader goes down

What happens on morale failure (roll d20)

1-8 orderly disengage

9-12 terrified flight

13-16 panic (disadvantage on rolls until make will save)

17-19 surrender (drop weapons & cower)

20 Betrays allies

Morale Modifiers

+1-4 outnumber the enemy

+2-4 defending young

+2-3 defending home

+3 have personally felled an enemy

+3 cornered – have nowhere to escape to

+2 no allies down

+2 leader is still standing

+2 apparently winning the fight

+2 reinforcements coming

+1 / enemy down

-1 / ally down

-2 apparently losing the fight

-2 1/3 of allies have fallen

-2 personally ½ hp or below

-2 enemies have capabilities you do not understand

-2 enemy is visibly being reinforced

-3 leader has fallen

-5 2/3 of allies have fallen

-1-4 outnumbered/outclassed


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