The Adventurer's Guild

All player characters are members of the Adventurers’ Guild. The Guild is run by a council appointee, who is in charge of commissioning, paying and supplying adventurers.

Rewards of Adventuring

  • The Adventurers’ Guild will reward players in gold for exploration. If your party is the first to travel through a new hex and you return to tell the tale, the guild will pay you 25 gp * distance from the wall in hexes.
  • If you find a location of interest in a hex and report it to the Adventurers Guild, they will pay you 100 gp + 25 * distance from the wall in hexes. There are also locations of minor interest, such as smaller ruins that are useful to know about, but not likely to require extended adventuring / investigation. For these, you are awarded a flat 50gp.

If you report a location, you are making it publicly available to everyone because the manager of the adventurers’ guild will put it on the public map. If you want to keep something you found secret from others, you can do so. However, you run the risk of someone else finding it and reporting it first

  • Players can also keep the treasure they find while adventuring. This will be the main source of treasure for experienced players.
  • Shares of treasure from an expedition are negotiated among the group ahead of going. If you don’t negotiate in advance, it is assumed that the shares will be equal.
  • The Guild will divide the exploration rate equally among the players. Other treasure can be divided differently, but the Guild treats everyone the same for the purpose of exploration.

Services to the Guild

  • Del handles updating the guild map, for which their characters receive 100gp as thanks every time they make a significant map update (expected frequency 2-3 times / month).
  • Geoff updates the spreadsheet that tracks everyone’s progress. His characters receive 100 gp / month and 100 gp / major upgrade to the spreadsheet as a thanks for doing so.
  • Anyone who hosts a session earns 50gp for the character of their choice.

The Adventurer's Guild

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