The Town of Sila

Sila Castle and the town around it are the only safe place on the Islands. They are surrounded by a protective wall 28 miles long. It encompasses the town & castle, crane wood to the north, and the northern and southern farmlands.

At present, Sila is a very small colony. It has about 1200 total residents, including the 75 soldiers, 1 cleric, and 1 wizard who are stationed there by the military. Most of the rest are fisher, farmers or small businesses (cobblers, blacksmiths, etc). The town of Sila proper has over half of the population, because the fishing industry is concentrated on Sila’s port, and much of the town’s food comes from the sea.

The main points of interest in Sila itself are the military shop where you can buy and sell gear, the wizard who can do minor magic for you, the chapel where the military chaplain (a low-level cleric) works, and the adventurers guild (detailed elsewhere).

Sila is not where the adventure is. It is a jumping off point for your expeditions. For that reason, we won’t be spending any in-game time there. The town of Sila is a political compromise, and is expected by all to be an area safe from direct conflict.

In OOC terms, this means that you should not expect any characters to suffer permanent negative mechanical consequences in town unless all parties agree that it is a possibility. If I am adjudicating in town, I will make it clear when a player does something that produces a chance of permanent harm, and players should expressly discuss the possibility in advance if that is something they want.

Many of the NPCs of Sila are characters generated by players whose stats fell below the minimum required to make them viable adventurers. These colourful characters are located on the NPCs of Sila page.

Much more important, that the NPCs of Sila, though, are the Horses of Sila.

QUEST HOOK: A lot of fishing boats are being lost. The fish-folk in Sirix may well be to blame.

The Town of Sila

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